Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 55

I was walking through the wilderness alone.

I was covered from head to toe in a cloak in the form of a child.

If I was found out on the way there, then there would be no meaning to any of this, so I took the medicine before I left.

That was a bit of a mistake.

「Walking as a child doesn’t get me very far…」

I muttered in complaint. It was surprising how little distance I’d covered.

It was pretty obvious now that I thought about it…my steps were half as long as usual.

(Umm, Master)

I heard Risha speak up in my head.

My four slaves were inside my sword. Everything would be ruined if they were spotted as well…so they had been placed in the sword from the beginning.

The sword had been concealed by the cloak as well.

Me and my sword were concealed by the mantle and I was in child’s form…in this situation no one would think that I’m the Lord, Akito.

I answered Risha.

(Is there anything that I could do to help?)
「Don’t worry about it, just stay there. There’ll be an opportunity for you to do something when the time comes, but until then just wait.」

Risha seemed like she still wanted to say something, but she held it in.

She had received my order and understood the current situation.

So she withdrew.

I continued to walk.

I had Maya search around to find where Maxim’s army was and to confirm that he was there…but it was still some distance away.

My sense of distance seemed to be off in this form so I thought I should ask Yuria.

「Yuria, about how much further is it?」

I called out twice but received no answer.

This was uncommon for Yuria. Usually if I called out to her she’d answer immediately.

There wouldn’t be much emotion in that response, but she always made sure to respond.

But now she didn’t.

I stopped walking and felt around for Yuria’s presence.

(She seems like she’s spacing out.)

Lilia answered in place of Yuria.

Just like Lilia said, Yuria appeared dazed.



(Sorry. I was spaced out.)
「It’s alright, but what’s wrong?」
(I’m together with Master)

I tilted my head in confusion.

「Yeah…of course we are?」

Physically you could say all of my slaves were attached to me by the hip.

(It feels good to be so close to Master. I’m melting………)
「Eh? Wait wait wait wait wait!」

I panicked a bit…it seemed like things were going in a bit of a bad direction.

I hurriedly released my slaves from within the sword.

They returned to their standard appearance wearing their chokers and green dresses.

Yuria was red in the face and her eyes were moist.

It was easy to see that she was aroused.

Mira was the same.

She had the same aroused look to her face and had a spaced out atmosphere about her.

Before I’d realized it, it had become like this.

「Isn’t this…a pretty bad situation?」

I looked at them and had a bad premonition.
We stopped moving and I looked around for a tree of some sort to lie under.

I had Mira, Yuria, and Lilia lie under that tree.

I took Risha out of the True Eternal Slave once more.

She came out with the same aroused look as the rest.

She looked the same as Mira and Yuria did.

「How is it?」
「I saw the light……Master’s light…」

Her eyes were pretty unfocused and she was saying some pretty crazy things.

Mira and Yuria…then I tried it with Lilia and now Risha.

They all ended up with the same condition.

After seeing how Mira and Yuria were acting, I decided to do a little experiment with Lilia and Risha.

What I understood after that was…after my slaves had stayed in the sword for a long time they had the feeling that they were going to 「Become one with Master」.

That was a bit scary.

In truth, when they were taken into the sword, they were already able to talk directly into my mind.

If they were to further 「Become one with Master」, then it might not be the sword, but myself that they get sucked into.

That would be…….I don’t think it would be good.


As I was thinking, Mira called out to me.

It seems like she’d recovered.

「What’s up?」
「I’m sorry for causing you trouble.」
「It’s fine, don’t mind this little trouble. Just try and explain what happened.」
「Umm, there was a light.」

Just like what Risha told me.

「It was Master’s light.」

Completely the same as what Yuria said.

「It felt good and was right that I melt and become one with Master.」

I wasn’t completely sure, but I still say it’s no good.

Melting and becoming one with me is NG, definitely NG.

If we were able to separate afterwards then it wouldn’t be a problem, but I could definitely sniff out the feeling that this would be permanent.

If that happened I’d never be able to love them like normal again…definitely NG.

I sighed and asked Mira.

「Mira, are you recovered?」
「Un, pretty much.」
「Then help me out.」
「What are we doing?」
「Enter the sword once more and talk with me.」
「That’s all? Ok.」

Mira nodded and I sucked her into the sword once more.

It became an ice blade and I began to talk.

「How is it? Can you hear me?」
(I can hear you)
「One plus one is?」
「The materials for the panacea are?」
(Abunoi grass x5)

Mira answered me properly as I asked her these questions.

I quizzed her, talked to her about making things, received information about what she’d done with her slave card, etc.

I talked with her about a lot of things.

At first we were conversing normally, but after about an hour her responses got suspiciously absent.

「Mira? Are you sleeping?」
(Master’s light…….the warm light…..the supreme light)

She was saying some really dangerous stuff, I panicked and took Mira out of the sword.

Mira appeared lying on the ground limply.

I looked at her and collected my thoughts.

Hmm…so the time limit is about 1 hour?

Then I had Yuria, Lilia, and Risha recover and test this hypothesis.

I found that all of them began losing it at about one hour.

Beyond that it was too scary so I wasn’t going to check.

All of them said that they’d 「melt together into one」 with me…Lilia said that with bliss on her face but it was soon followed by dislike.

At that point I decided…I wouldn’t pass that deadline.

I decided that 1 hour would be the time limit within the sword.

….well there shouldn’t be a problem with that.
At night, my slaves were resting, but I was awake.

I was sitting next to a bonfire that I’d set under the boughs of the tree. I was drawing on the ground using a stick.


Risha called out from behind me.

「Risha? Come sit down.」

Risha answered and sat down a short distance from me.

It was the distance between Master and slave.

「Are you alright?」
「Yes, thanks to the panacea you gave me.」
「I see.」
「But…is that alright? I used some of the needed stock of it…」
「No problem」

My stock had decreased, but my slaves were more important to me.

I’d use it on them without hesitation.

「What are you drawing?」

Risha asked as she peeked at the drawing on the ground.

「Hm? Oh it’s a battleship.」
「Battle Ship?」
「It’s a vehicle that I’d put nitoka on and using the improved version of the nitoka for the main battery…though I haven’t been able to find the material for it. The inside would have a living space….it could even be similar to the Lord’s Mansion. The problem is how to move it…」
「This moves? Something that big?」

Risha sounded surprised. When I said it would be like the Lord’s Mansion on the inside she could predict how large it would be and was surely shocked.

「An unmovable battleship huh….」

Then it’d just be an anti-aircraft fort…

「Master…are you going to make this?」
「Eventually…I probably should.」

As a strategic weapon.

Risha looked at it seriously and said.

「Umm, this is made by Master right?」
「Then…couldn’t I just pick it up and walk with it?」

I couldn’t stop that little laugh from coming out. It was kinda funny.

That was possible. It would be made using the DORECA, so we would be able to pick it up and walk with it.

Just imagining such a portable Battleship was pretty funny.

「Master, do you have a pen and paper?」
「Hm? I can make some….why?」
「I wanted to write this down and draw it…..」

Risha nodded and seemed a bit embarrassed.

I don’t really understand why, but this was one of Risha’s rare requests.

Furthermore it was a request for something other than work or orders.

I created a magic circle and set it so it would only use magic power and not materials, then gave the items to Risha.

「Thank you very much!」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

I wonder why she’s so happy….but as long as she’s feeling alright it’s fine.

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