Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 56

A mountainside an open location.

The moment I saw them, the image of a polyergus samurai ant colony popped into my head.

The army ants were relaxing dominating as the worn out worker ants with different colored hair worked desperately.

It had the same feeling.

「What is that? Awful!」

Mira said filled with anger.

Mira was usually pretty reserved in front of me, but with matters unrelated to me, she was the one who expressed her emotions the clearest.

She was sympathizing with the people down there…they were working themselves to death…they weren’t even eternal slaves who might get some sense of satisfaction from it.

「If they’d taken them, the people of Pelmi would’ve become like this.」
「That’s terrible!」
「Apart from that…what are we going to do Master? Attack head on?」

I thought about it. Even if we were going to attack like this it’d be fine.

But, it wouldn’t hurt to go about this more intelligently.

It’s similar to that time with Marato.

In this world, 9 times out of 10 things would be decided if the leader was defeated.

At the very least I believe Maxim’s army would be like that.

The soldiers under him had already tasted the power of my weapons, all that’s left is to defeat Maxim to finish everything.

It’d be fine as long as I beat Maxim…so I though of a smarter way to go about things.

「Master, that?」

Yuria said.
I looked at where she was pointing and saw a portion of Maxim’s forces had broken away and were fully armed. They were setting off.

「Where are they going desu no?」
「They’re going to find more worker ants.」
「Just like what they tried to do to Pelmi!」

I see…that makes sense. They are going to steal people to replenish their ranks and workers.

Several hundred soldiers had left, leaving Maxim’s main base much lower on people.

I looked at that and thought about various things.

Finally, I thought of an idea.

「Let’s bombard them.」
「Bombard? We haven’t brought any nitoka though?」
「We’ll do this.」

I took out my DORECA and opened the menu.

I chose a wooden house and payed 10 times the magic power, 25,000…the emergency only magic creation.

I made 5 of them.

Then I lifted one of them and said to my slaves.

「Here, each of you take one.」

I urged, and they all seemed a bit confused but lifted the houses as I’d ordered.

From a distance you’d see the strange sight of one man and four women lifting houses with one hand.

「On three we all throw them.」
「Ah! So that’s what it is!」
「Leave it to Lilia desuno!」

The four of them nodded, it seemed they understood.

I lightly wound up. 1, 2, 3! I threw the house!
It went flying into the sky.

My slaves threw the houses one after another.

Five houses went flying.

They began to fall and Maxim’s encampment was the 「impact zone」.

The houses crashed to the ground with explosive force as they broke to pieces. Immediately, the sounds of screams and angry cries flew out of the camp.

「Let’s go.」

I sucked all four of them into my sword and sprinted with all my might.

「E-Enemy attack!」

The gate guards called out, but reinforcements didn’t arrive.

I used Mira alone and froze their feet to the ground.

I entered inside and continued to charge.

Most of the soldiers were panicking, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t do a preemptive attack. I froze their legs as well.

Freezing them and the houses falling from the sky…it’d become quite chaotic.

There was barely any resistance as I arrived in front of the most extravagant.

I broke down the door and entered, Maxim was inside.


Maxim screamed as he stared at me with bloodshot eyes filled with hate.

「You’ve made it all the way here huh!?」
「I said it before and I will say it one last time. I will cooperate with you if you will cooperate and restore this world.」

Maxim screamed as he ripped his two swords from their scabbards and stood.

「I see.」

I would no longer give him any more chances.

At this point there was no meaning to it.

I had invited him three times…and was refused three times.

I’ve already given you more than you deserve.

I readied myself with the four jeweled true slave sword.

With all four powers in hand I sprung at Maxim.

Maxim was truly strong.

But it was the strength of a cornered rat.

The blue of ice, the red of fire, the light of foresight, and the darkness of barriers.

I fully used the four powers at my disposal. Maxim was unable to hold out for even five minutes.

I broke his two swords and pierced his chest with the sword.

Maxim fell to his knees.
He was merely a shadow of the glorious image he’d projected on that golden horse.

「This is the end.」
「Ku, Kuku, Kuku kuku………..」
「What’s so funny?」
「I’m laughing at…..your naivety.」
「Saying you’ll fix this world….cough. That stupid nonsense……」

He smiled viciously as he stared up at me coughing blood.

「The stupid garbage you speak….you’ll eventually be like me….then you’ll end up six feet under.」
「Like I said I——」
「That won’t happen!」

My slaves leapt out of the sword.

They’d materialized and intervened between Maxim and I.

Risha immediately objected and the other three continued.

「Don’t confuse Master with yourself.」
「If it’s Master then he can do it.」
「Instead of whining like a loser, I’d prefer if you’d hurry on your way desu no」

My slaves spoke sharp pointed words to Maxim one after another.

Maxim was taken aback.

I stepped in front of my slaves and spoke again.

「You said that, this world’s resources were scarce and that you had to take to survive right?」
「Do you still….insist they’re infinite?」
「Where….where are they then?」

I looked at Maxim with pity as I turned to look at my slaves.

「desu no」
「Here they are. These girls are my strength.」

—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—

I didn’t need to look back.
I could tell what kind of expressions were on their faces.

Then I looked at Maxim.

He was dumbfounded, but then his eyes became clouded by loathing and hatred.

「So you make fun of me till the end huh…..?」

He gathered the last of his strength and leapt at me.

My slaves entered the sword.

I gathered power within the sword and swung as I split Maxim in half at the waist.

His momentum carried him past me as he fell down to the ground dead.


A soldier who had heard the commotion and come to look cried out.

I pointed my blade at him and said.

「As you can see, Maxim has fallen…What will——」

—you do? But without listening to what I said, the soldier ran away.

He ran away while screaming.

Within the twinkling of an eye, the knowledge of Maxim’s death had been spread.

I waited for a bit. I thought that someone might come to counterattack or take revenge but…no one came.

I was bothered by it so I went outside…to see that not a single soldier was still there.

They had left behind the workers and ran away.

After Maxim, who had suppressed them all with strength and fear, died…it all fell apart.

The final act…ended quickly and unexpectedly.

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