Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 62

The next morning, Lord’s manor, Office.

Seiya’s slave had awoken and stood in front of me.

「Is your body alright?」

She nodded silently.

She would do no more than that to communicate.
She was looking at me, but would not speak.

「Do you know where Seiya went?」

She stayed silent but this time I could feel hostility.

「Don’t misunderstand, I’m not going to chase him.」
「If I don’t know where he is…I can’t return you can I?」

She looked astonished.
It was completely out of her expectations.

「You’re going to return me?」

I sat in my chair, leaned against the back, and stared at the ceiling.

「A Master is only a Master when he receives his first slave. That’s the same for the slave…if there is no Master then the slave isn’t a slave…am I right?」

She nodded silently.

「I won’t force myself into the middle of your Master-servant relationship. I didn’t intend to do so before and I don’t intend to do so now…but I need to return you. I couldn’t care any less about him if I tried…but if you lost your Master and purpose just like this…it’d make me feel bad.」

I looked down and stared her in the eyes as I said,

「You are eternal slaves…you require a Master don’t you?」

She nodded once more.

「If you know where he is then that’s fine. I’ll give you food, water, and medicine so you can go by yourself if you don’t want us taking you. I’ll ask once more, do you know or not?」
「…………I’m sorry.」

After a long silence, she apologized.

It looks like she really doesn’t know.

「I see. Then I will be looking after you for a while. Since I can’t have you doing the work that my slaves do, I’ll have you stay as a guest for now…bear with it.」
She hung her head.

「If I was your slave then…..that would’ve been great.」

It was the first time I’d heard her say anything like that.

No matter how much violence she was subjected to, she never complained…but once she was abandoned, she allowed it to slip.

I couldn’t bear this awful feeling another second longer and left the office as though I was running away.

All along the way I was praying for a proper ending for her.
(TN: he also doesn’t know how to transfer a slave from one master to another…though I’ll be really irritated if it turns out to be easy.)
Several days later.

Ribek was bustling with activity.

It wasn’t just Ribek, but all the towns that had been swept up in festival revelry.

Inside the Manor, I was in my room changing.

My slaves helped me put on my new clothes.

「Mira, pull that a bit more.」
「Like this?」
「Yes, Yuria the crown…」
「Risha-oneesama what about the mantle desuno?」
「That is last.」

Honestly I was leaving everything to them.

I think this was the first outfit that I’d put on that wasn’t made by the DORECA.

These were the clothes that my slaves had prepared for my coronation.

Since it wasn’t available in the DORECA, Risha took command and the four of them made these clothes.

When they finished dressing me, the four of them stepped back and looked at me.

They all looked satisfied.

「What do you think Master?」
「It’s well made, good job.」

The four of them were happy, even the normally expressionless Yuria looked happy.

「Well then, let’s go.」

They answered.

I took them with me as I exited the manor.

Outside was a huge group of people.

When they saw me an earth shaking cheer erupted.

「Your Lordship!」
「Your Majesty!」

Many voices called out.

I waved my hand in response as I walked.

They parted before me like the Red Sea.

When I looked more closely it was helped by Maya and the girls who were making sure that the path opened.

「Thanks, you really helped.」
「I don’t need any thanks. If you really want to thank us then complete your promise faster. (Give us kids)」
「I’ll keep that in mind.」
「We’re depending on you.」

I continued down the path that they’d opened.

The people thronged here.

It wasn’t just the people of Ribek, I could see the faces of various people from different towns.

I continued forward bathed in cheers.

My four slaves followed behind me.

The four of them didn’t react to the cheers at all, they just silently followed.

Even Mira and Lilia looked quite prim and proper.

It seems that they were appealing their positions as my slaves to the very end.

After a short while, I could see the plaza.

I could see a tall platform set up there. Plus a set of stairs made to let me climb up.

Madway and the rest of the town heads were there.


Madway stepped forward.

This was a pretty moving event.

「You were the first person I met when I came to this world.」
「I will never forget that I owe you my life. I will continue to work as best I can.」
「I’m counting on you.」

Then Agafon and Gerashim stepped forward.

「Agafon-san you have to call him Your Majesty or it’s no good.」
「Well I don’t mind as long as we’re not in front of people.」

Next was Martha.

「Akito, after the ceremony I need to talk to you.」
「Yes, the country needs an army right? That’s what I’m talking about.」

So she was recommending herself huh…

「As always, you guys are warlike…」
「Is that bad?」

Martha smiled.

「Ok then, I’ll listen to your council after.」

Last was Zawal.

「Umm…Akito-sama….Your Majesty?」
「Either is fine.」
「Then Your Majesty. Your Majesty, is it really alright for someone like me to stand here?」
「Isn’t it fine? If you really can’t handle it then nominate someone else. If they can do better then that’s alright. However,」
「From now on we will be expanding the country, I will have you continue your work. We need a forward positive thinker like you.」
「…I understand. Simply tell me what you need.」
「Ok, I’ll be counting on you.」

After speaking to them, I ascended the platform.

The platform was in the middle of the plaza and was around 3 stories tall.

I looked down at the crowd.

These were my people…my citizens.

I started from nothing.
Now I was ruling over 7,000 people.

The crowd cheered it was charged.

I could hear footsteps sound out behind me.

My slaves had arrived…….but they stopped on the stairs.

They all looked at me.

The looks they gave me each day…that of respect for their Master.

I saw them look at me with respect…but this wasn’t right.

They should be right here next to me like always.

I drew the sword from my hip.

True Eternal Slave.

I touched the four gems and sucked in my surprised slaves.

Fire and Ice blade, the aura of Light and Darkness.

The True Slave Sword.

I held the sword high and turned to the crowd.

That’s right they should be here…next to me.

If they weren’t here, then the country would not exist.

Above all, it is only with the presence of both Master and Slave that this relationship could exist.

There’s no way they shouldn’t be here for such an important day.

I sent them my feelings.

They sent theirs’ back.

Master and Slaves, our emotions mixed and became one.

—Eternal Slave—

I believed with all my heart that this country that was built on their smiles would grow even further.

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