Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 64

The palace was completed before noon on the next day.

This building that had taken me and my slaves the entire day was miniature but that didn’t mean it didn’t look like a palace.

You could say it was a mansion in the style of a palace.

At first I was thinking 「I don’t need something like a palace」, but now that I look at it I’m glad that I made it.

I turned around to thank the four slaves who had stuck with me through this.

「Good work all of you, especially Yuria.」

I specially thanked Yuria who had helped plan the palace.

「I’m thankful for your praise.」
「I think it would be nice if it was a bit bigger though…」
「This is how big onii-chan wanted it desuno, we should just obey desuno.」
「That may be so, but to demonstrate Master’s greatness it should be more…」
「The greatness isn’t in the building, but in Master.」

Yuria said with her usual attitude.

Risha seemed taken back a bit.

「That’s…right isn’t it…」
「Lilia thinks so too desuno. The power and glory is Onii-chan’s.」

Lilia’s thoughts slightly colored that statement.

Well, anyways…I could tell she was praising me.

「Hey Master, let’s go in and look.」

Mira said with a look on her face that told me she couldn’t wait.

「That’s right, let’s go in.」

I said and they all nodded.

However, none of them stepped forward, they just looked at me.

It looks like I’m going in first.

I stepped forward and began climbing the stairs.
I reached the entrance that was about the height of a second story.

I opened the gate and entered when suddenly,

the DORECA in my pocket lit up.

This is—a rank up?

「What’s wrong Master? —Ah—」
「What? What? —-huh?」
「….My slave card is shining.」
「Lilia’s is shining too desuno.」

When we were outside nothing happened, but once we walked up the stairs and entered our DORECA began to glow.

At first they flickered weakly, but as our cards got closer to each other, they flickered more intensely and quickly.

The light flashed every few seconds but eventually it began to seem like a strobe light, it was as if it was counting down.

Finally our five cards flashed with a bright light and then calmed down.

「I-I wonder what that was?」

I opened the menu and looked at the creation list.

「… I thought there are more craftable items.」

There was no precedent for this, but I thought it was the most likely result.

「What are you able to make now?」
「A Barrier.」
「A Barrier?」

Yuria looked confused and the other three looked at me as if I had babbled nonsense.

Inside the menu was a new thing called 「Absolute Barrier」 in bold letters.

I couldn’t tell how it should be used from just that, so I looked at the tutorial video.

Surprisingly, the video included our newly created palace.

In the video, light wrapped around the palace and then various magics, arrows, and missiles hit it…but the palace was completely unharmed.

I watched the video and inspected the walls and ceilings.

It seems that this barrier was meant to be attached directly to the palace.
「Ok then, this should be fine.」

I payed 1,000,000 magic and attached the barrier to the palace.

It functioned similar to 「Deconstruction」 in its use, but once attached to the palace, the option disappeared.

This was the first time this happened…is this something that can only be made once?

Well, let’s put that aside for now.

「Let’s try some things out. Risha」
「Ok! Everyone help out!」

All of my slaves began to move.

They all ran off, and a few minutes later came back carrying nitoka.

They were the ones that were placed around Ribek for defense.

They set down the four nitoka and looked at me.

I nodded at them and they fired.

Three of them hit the palace and one missed.

The palace was completely unharmed. The three stones didn’t even leave a scratch. Just like in the video.

The one that missed crushed a nearby storehouse.

「I really did it this time…….」
「Go fix it Yuria.」

Yuria nodded and ran over.

I looked at the remaining three and said…

「Fire arrows at it, you can even use fire arrows.」

The three of them got their bows and began firing at the palace.

The arrows fell to the ground uselessly and the flame arrows didn’t even cause a burn mark as the flames burnt out.

As it showed, neither arrows nor missiles worked.

I was more and more interested in how far the defensive power would go.

I waited for Yuria to return and took out True Eternal Slave.

I sucked them into the sword and put 100,000 magic into the sword and tried an all out attack.

The result.

「Nothing happened huh?」

It caused a shockwave which kicked up a lot of dust and sand, but the building itself was unhurt.

It could take an attack from True Eternal Slave with 100,000 magic inside of it.

It was an attack that could even take out a dragon.

But not even this could break it.

「This is quite a strong barrier.」
(For it not to break even under Master’s attack…)
「Well it was called an Absolute Barrier after all.」
(It’s like you have the strongest spear and the strongest shield!)
「I think the shield is stronger though…」
(With this, then we can be more at ease.)
「That’s for sure.」
(But but…what about disassembling it desuno?)

Lilia raised a question.

Can we not destroy it…have we lost the ability to disassemble it?

「Hmm…I wonder.」

I took out my DORECA and chose 「Deconstruction」 and cast it at the palace.

「I can’t select it…Deconstruction doesn’t work either…」

I tried from different locations and angles.

I failed over and over again…but only when I entered inside the palace was I able to cast it without interference.

「I see…if you’re not inside then you can’t deconstruct it.」

I’ll put my thoughts in order.

This barrier is most likely invincible to normal attacks. Furthermore, if you do not use a DORECA while inside the palace itself then it doesn’t work.

In other words, as long as someone with a DORECA or slave card can’t get in…then they can’t destroy it.

This is an incredible barrier.


As I was thinking various things I heard a voice call out to me.

I opened the door and looked outside to see Maya standing there.

Maya approached and started to enter the door but…

「Huh? What is this?」

She couldn’t enter.

The doorway had an invisible wall in front of it and she could not enter.

She pushed at the invisible barrier.

But she couldn’t come in.


Maya seemed troubled…but I was as well.

What should I do now?

I was thinking when…

—Would you like to admit this visitor?—

The same voice that spoke when I charged magic spoke up.

This can’t be…

「Permission granted.」

I said and instantly the invisible wall disappeared. Maya had been pushing so she pitched forward.

She tripped her way inside the palace.

In my mind I once again adjusted my knowledge of the barrier.

It would not allow unauthorized people inside.

In many ways it was invincible.

Indestructible except from the inside.

Unauthorized people not allowed inside.

Isn’t this amazing?

This was perfect for a stronghold, the strongest barrier.

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