Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 66

Nighttime, Mira came back covered in blood.

「…Good work.」

Just by looking at her you’d think she’d been through some sort of tragedy…but I could clearly imagine what had actually happened.

I had dispatched Mira to Nina’s home.

Nina had exploded like a whale’s spout with tears and nosebleeds.

Mira’s sorry state was almost certainly caused by this.

「Master…what the heck is with that girl!? She’s scary! As soon as I got there she started rubbing her face on my choker and dress with her nose bleeding.」
「That’s pretty much the same as I expected.」
「Please tell me beforehand! The nosebleed wasn’t even the creepiest part! She just stared at me muttering 「the king’s slave-sama, the second slave-sama……」 and such. That was really scary…….」
「I’m sorry. But it was necessary.」
「I know but…..」

Mira said unwillingly while pouting.

From her appearance it seems she understood why I had sent her, and had come back with a harvest.

I’m glad I sent her.

「I’ll listen to what happened in a bit. First we need to get you cleaned up.」

I brought Mira to the bath.

It was one of the things we included in the Palace’s construction. A private bath for me and my slaves.

The populace still used public baths, the private bath was mine.

I took Mira there and removed her bloodstained dress.

First we should start by washing her head.

I poured hot water on her rinsing off the red blood.
It was a bit horrifying.

「Umm, Master I can do it myself…」
「It’s fine. It’s fine.」
「But…….for Master to do something like this for me…」
「It’s a reward for you. You did well to withstand that horror scene.」

I said and Mira stopped resisting as she looked down.

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

I gently washed Mira.

Her beautiful hair, sharp ears, and white skin.

I washed the blood off of her.

In all honestly this wasn’t necessary.

We had experimented. If I put this bloodstained Mira inside of Eternal Slave and then take her out, she would be cleaned.

This would happen when we put them in and out of the sword.

So there wasn’t any need to wash her like this.

There wasn’t…but I wanted to.

This was my chance, the chance to spoil my slave!
I had to take it.

So I deceived her a bit and continued washing.

Hair, ears, shoulders, and arms.

As I continued to wash her, I continued to get magic charges.

This was definitely worth doing.

I continued to think about how I could make her happier as I washed.

「Today was truly troublesome. To think I’d be called slave-sama…」
「Did you not like it?」
「Of course!」

Mira leapt up and turned towards me.

「The only one worth of being called sama is Master! For a slave to be called sama is unbelievable.」
「And yet to be called Slave-sama…」

Mira said grumbling. It was a complaint that really seemed like an Eternal Slave.

「I understand so please hide your front ok?」
「Eh? Why?」
「Why? It’s embarrassing right? Being naked…」

I said, but Mira’s face was completely normal.

「It’s Master so it’s not embarrassing right?」

She answered as if it was natural.

Is that true? … might be so…

「I see. But it still makes it hard to wash you.」
「Ah, sorry.」

Mira said and hurriedly went back to her previous position.

She stayed in that position to try and make it easier for me to wash her.

Eternal slave…as usual is truly worth caring for.
After the bath I took Mira with me back to my room and asked her once more.
「Ok, give me a detailed report.」
「Un. First, as Master told me, I taught her about the things we haven’t created yet.」
「I see.」
「And after I showed her, she asked what would happen if you put in different materials.」

I was a bit impressed that her logic could leap that far just from that.

It made me remember something.

「That’s right……at that time you were there too. That time we made the Accel Shooter.」

It was a time around when Mira became my slave. We were making weapons. Bows and such, when Mira made an error and a different material was placed inside the magic circle.

From that a different bow was born.

From that error I ended up with the knowledge of how to make their green dresses.

The fact that you could customize the base magic circle with different materials.

However, since then we had been extremely busy without much time for experimentation.

「Un. I told her about it…..」

That was alright right? Her eyes seemed to ask.

I patted her head, she smiled, and my magic was charged.

「And then we experimented a lot. We mixed this and that into different circles.」
「Huh, but most of them failed right?」
「Un, they failed…….a lot of them.」

Mira started shivering.

「What’s wrong?」
「Uwaaaaa! It was scary Master!」

Mira suddenly started crying and I hugged her.

「What’s wrong? What’s wrong?」
「It was scary! That girl is scary! Every time we failed she went 「Another failure…a failure Ufufufufufufufufu」 and laughed every time!」
「Did she snap?」
「It’s different!」

Mira looked up at me teary eyed.

「She was entranced! She was completely entranced and delighted with each failure!」

That’s pretty abnormal.

I’d understand if you snapped and started laughing out of anger, but being happy about constant failure?

「Then we couldn’t understand each other at all! I asked her why she’d be happy and she said 「Why wouldn’t you be? We failed after all!」」

What the heck is with that?

「That was……scary and creepy.」

I patted Mira’s head more strongly.

It seems like Mira experienced some creepy and scary things today.

「You did well. Good girl. I’ll give you a reward. What do you want?」
「Yes, really. What do you want?」
「Then…a medal!」
「The medal that Risha got!」

I remembered, the origami medal that I’d made.

Once upon a time I’d given it to Risha as a reward and told them that I’d give them something good if they collected them.

Once again, it was something I’d completely forgotten in the rush and bustle.

「I want that.」
「I see.」

I made the origami and handed it to Mira.

She grabbed it with a huge smile.

「Thank you Master!」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

「Hold onto it. If you gather enough I’ll give you something good.」
「Ok then, all of the custom circles were failures?」
Ah, no. One of them succeeded.」
「Huh, what was it?」
「Umm…….the rail.」
「Rail? By rail you mean!?」

I took out my DORECA and checked the list.

I found rail, which wasn’t there until today.

I checked the video and saw that it was a train rail.

It was something that I’d always wanted.

It was one of the two things that I’d desperately wanted for my towns.

Something that could easily connect them all together.

Now with the appearance of this rail, many things now became possible.

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