Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 67

I went outside and placed down the circle for a rail.

All the material arrows pointed to the palace’s storehouse.

「I’ll go get it!」

Mira set off running and brought the materials to the circle one after another.

She brought iron ore and lumber.

After the required amount was gathered, light enveloped the materials and it was finished.

It was a three meter long rail.

「Is this alright Master?」
「Yes this is good. We’ll be making a lot of these connected together.」
「I see! Then let’s make some more.」
「Wait wait…it can’t be helped that we’ll need to make a lot of them…but we need one more thing to capitalize on this.」
「One more thing?」
「Yes. Menu Open.」

I took out the DORECA and checked the list.

There was a new item there.

「So it was unlocked after crafting the rail.」

I quickly understood thanks to my previous experiences.

I looked at it and watched the sample video.

Then I began to grin and laugh.
I took Lilia with me and walked into the wilderness.
We were following the material arrows.

Lilia was in a good mood. Her aura gave the impression that she was bouncing along and humming.

「You seem pretty happy huh?」
「I’m happy to be useful to Onii-chan. What did you bring Lilia out to the wilderness for desuno?」
「I’m not entirely sure yet. Maybe you won’t even have to do anything.」
「Is that so desuno?」

All at once her excitement seemed to leave her. Just looking at her she seemed to have the air let out of her.

It’s obvious since she was all fired up about being useful.

I need to do a follow up.

「Don’t let your guard down. Until we return to town it’s a job! Be ready to work at any time.」
「—–! Yes desuno!」

Her excitement was completely fired up again.

Just by a single order, her tension rose like this…this is truly part of what makes her so adorable.

When we get back I should come up with some reason to reward her.

Together we followed the arrows.

We proceeded through the wilderness and crossed a disgusting looking brook as we arrived at a prairie.

Though we call it a prairie it was practically barren.

It was incomparable to the lively forest that me and my slaves had created. It was practically abandoned.

From the grass I could see motes of light floating around.

They were around the size of marbles and fluttered around.

「Fireflies huh?」

I unintentionally muttered.

They looked like the fireflies in the countryside that I’d seen back in my original world.

However, the material arrows were pointing at those floating lights.

「Those desuno?」
「Should we defeat them desuno?」
「I don’t know…..but let’s give it a try. Let’s go Lilia!」
「Ok desuno!」

Lilia enthusiastically responded.

I touched the black gem and sucked her into my blade.

Black light enveloped my body like armor.

「Let’s go」
(Ok desuno! Ufufu, I get to see Onii-chan acting cool desuno)

I grasped the sword and faced the floating lights.

I approached to around 3 meters.

There was no point where I looked at them and could say 「yep these are definitely fireflies」.

It was literally a ball of light. In the center of them was a small bead that did not shine…but it was just a ball of light.

For now——-let me try cutting it!
I readied myself with the powerful slave sword——and cut down!

「It’s fast!?」

That ball of light was fast. Up until a moment ago it was simply floating around, but with powerful linear acceleration it suddenly dodged my sword.

I quickly turned to follow it.

「Ku, what is this? It’s too fast!」

by the time I’d fully turned it was gone.

I turned once more as fast as I could and barely made out a flash of light at the corner of my eye.

I finished turning and cut at the air again.

(It’s super fast desuno!」

Faster than our communication could finish I could feel a shock from the side.

Bam! I felt a strike to the side of my head.

「OW! —–…it doesn’t hurt?」

I was surprised.

In comparison to the shock, there wasn’t really any pain.

It attacked with enough force to snap my neck…but I didn’t feel any pain.

I looked and saw black light scattering.

「This is——Lilia?」
(Yes desuno)
「… it’s like a defense up?」

The black light once again spread out to cover my body like armor.

The ball of light circled around me at high speed.

This time there was a shock from my back.

I could feel the shock from the back of my head.

It was a level stronger than the previous attack.

But there was still no pain.

All that happened was the black light scattering a bit.

It was confirmed, Lilia was protecting my body.

I hadn’t had time to completely confirm what Lilia’s abilities were, but at least I could now confirm that they could increase my defensive power.

「Good job Lilia. I’ll reward you later.」
(Ok desuno!)

I pulled myself together and chased after the ball of light.

It was circling me with incredible speed.

If I’m not able to follow it like this then…..

I kicked the ground and leapt back.

It continued to circle that area for a bit.

From a distance away I was able to understand to a degree.

Within a few meter area from where I had been the light flew around.

It moved like a fly, but a couple times faster.

I focused myself——and watched carefully.


I aimed carefully and struck like lightning.

The slave sword cut through the air with never before seen speed and…

I received an attack with Lilia’s black armor.

(It’s a miss desuno…….)

Came Lilia’s disappointed voice.

I was discouraged.

Impossible. I can’t hit like this…

It was like going to the batting cages and being told to try and hit 200 KM pitches.

With that same feeling…it seemed impossible.

「Lilia…we’re retreating.」
(Retreat desuno?)
「Yeah, at this rate it’ll be impossible. We’ll retreat and bring Yuria with us.」
(Yes desuno, Yuria-oneesama is perfect for this desuno.)

Lilia honestly admitted.

Sensing power…foresight power.

With this type of enemy Yuria’s power was completely suitable.

I thought and so did Lilia.

We’ll head back and bring Yuria with us.

I thought and turned to leave.


…… feet stopped.


I turned back and looked at the ball of light.

(What’s wrong desuno?)

I felt Lilia’s presence.

Just leaving like this——would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

「I changed my mind.」
「We’ll do it like this.」
(We’re doing it desuno?)
「Yeah, let’s go.」
(Understood desuno.)

Lilia agreed and the black armor strengthened.

I leapt towards the light.

I swung my sword. Not a certain kill blow, but one that could lead into a stream of sword strikes.

However, that still didn’t hit.

Strike, miss, strike, miss.

Every time I’d receive a shock to my body.

After around ten times I’d gotten a better understanding.

This thing moved really fast. If I turned to where it was and struck, I’d never hit it.

So, I would need to read its movements.

I sharpened my senses and observed its movements.

Then I aimed for where it would be.


and unleashed a sharp blow.

(You grazed it desuno!)

Lilia cheered.

The blade of my sword had grazed the ball of light.

The ball of light was unsteady and I unleashed my finishing blow.

(It missed…….)

It was extremely disappointing.

No no no, as soon as I thought I could do it I used too big of a swing.

Take a deep breath and calm yourself.

Once again from the start——watching its movements carefully.



I stabbed with the least time and movement needed.


With the ringing of metal I hit it head on.

The ball was sent flying as it gradually dimmed and finally fell to the ground.

I held my sword in my hand and approached without letting down my guard.

I picked up the ball from the ground and finally relaxed.

(Amazing desuno! It was so fast and you were able to hit it! As I thought, Master is the coolest desuno!)

I heard Lilia making a big ruckus.

It seems I was able to show her my cool side.

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