Charging Magic with a Smile – After-story 1 – Risha

Risha arrived in the town of Akito alone.

Long golden hair, green dress, and choker that strongly asserted its presence.

In this restored world the famous and incredible Eternal Slave was called out to by people everywhere.

The children called out,

「Hello Onee-chan!」


The adults called out,

「Look at this Risha-sama, we put this 3 story building up all by ourselves!」

with respect.

A part of the population with special preferences said…

「S-s-s-s-slave-sama please punish this unworthy pig!」

They said with devotion almost reminiscent of perversion.

The townspeople all faced Risha with smiles.

Risha made sure to speak at least a word or two to each who called out to her as she walked down the main street.

Akito had developed to the point you couldn’t imagine it was a small shack in the wilderness before.

Thanks to the name given to this town 「Akito」, all the townspeople had worked hard to make it into a city worthy of his great name. Now it was a city of tens of thousands that compared to the capital city Ribek.

In this new world it was one of the most creative cities.

「Do you have things you need made?」
「No I think we’re alright.」
「That’s right, we can’t be causing Risha-sama trouble.」
「This town received the name of God, we’ve made plenty to make ourselves worthy of the name!」

The rest of the people surrounding Risha agreed.

The town had the name 「Akito」 they were plenty conscious of this and made the decision not to rely on the DORECAs and Slave Cards.

That was all well and good, but it caused Risha some trouble since she now had nothing to do. She gave a wry smile.

Within the group of moving people Risha noticed something.

The group was normal, but there was some strange noise.

Risha pushed aside some of the people surrounding her and moved towards that direction.

Her golden hair streamed out from behind her and she entered a different throng of people.

She saw a ten year old boy.

He had fallen on the ground and was clutching at his leg.

There was large amounts of blood pumping out of his leg.

「What’s wrong? Are you ok!?」

The boy was screaming and crying.

He didn’t answer her question, it seems his pain wouldn’t let him.

In exchange the surrounding people answered instead.

「He was bitten by a dog. He was chasing it and stepped on its tail.」
「A dog…..」

Risha looked at his leg.

She could see the bite mark faintly beneath the blood.

Plus it wasn’t shallow. She could faintly see some white….probably a bone.

「I will make it better.」

Risha said with a dignified expression and took out a Black Card.

It was a Black Slave Card with most of God’s powers and authority allowed for it.

Using that she could create panacea from infinite magic.

She took the bottle of panacea and lifted the boy.

「Risha-sama the blood is….」

Risha didn’t mind the blood and lifted the injured boy before feeding him the Panacea.

After finishing the entire bottle the blood stopped.

「It’s okay now, does it still hurt?」
「Just a bit…….」
「Un, it’ll stop hurting in a bit so just hold on for a bit.」

Risha patted his head while still holding him.

She looked almost like an affectionate mother.

The surrounding people couldn’t help but gasp at the divinity she gave off.
「Thank you very much!」

The restored boy thanked Risha energetically.

「Be careful from now on, don’t step on another dog’s tail.」
「Un! Thanks Angel-sama!」

Risha tilted her head confused.

「I’m wrong?」
「A little I think? Why call me that?」
「Well the King is now God so…」
「Since you’re God’s servant then you’re an Angel everyone says.」
「Oh I see. But I’m not an Angel.」
「Ehh? Then what are you?」

The child innocently asked as Risha thought of her beloved Master.

「A slave I was and a slave I remain.」

The First Slave smiled a smile filled with love.

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