Charging Magic with a Smile – After-Story 2 – Mira

Mira was standing in front of a path that was blocked by large rocks. It was completely sealed.

It wasn’t only this location, each path in this area had been blocked by boulders and rocks.

Behind Mira was a young man named Igor that was looking at her with hope.

「Can anything be done Slave-sama?」
「Don’t worry, leave it to me.」
「Really!? Ahh…..thank goodness now the town can be saved.」
「It was the rain that caused this blockage right. It’s been 3 or four days…」
「It has been five so far.」

Mira began counting when she was informed by the young man.

「By the time they sent me out for help food was already running short. The adults were rationing to allow the children to eat full meals.」
「I see, then it’s urgent.」

Mira took out her Black Card and created a dark globe using the infinite magic.

Its size and color made it look like a bowling ball. It had a symbol of a white skull depicted on its surface.

It was the absolute spitting image of a cartoon bomb.

「It’s dangerous so please step back.」
「Ah okay.」

She checked that he had taken cover and held the bomb against the rock before making it explode.

A boom echoed out and the rock was removed leaving smoke curling up into the sky.

「It’s alright. This explosion is from our Master’s power so it doesn’t affect us.」

Mira said calmly.

Igor sighed with relief as the smoke dissipated and the path was opened.

「Ok, let’s go save them.」
「Thank you! Thank you so much!」

Igor thanked his savior over and over.
The heavy rain had caused several issues with the pah up the mountain, but God’s Slave Mira found no issue getting past them.

Large rocks were destroyed by bombs and destroyed paths were repaired with magic.

Before long they were able to reach the village deep in the mountains that had been isolated by the heavy rains.
「Food is in this, medicine is over here, and clothes and tools are in this wood house.」
「We also need to do something about the houses. Rebuilding them completely is quicker, but if they have some emotional attachment we can repair them.」

As soon as Mira arrived in the village she began crafting the necessary items and rallying the people.

The few hundred people of the village that had endured this disaster needed aid. She was managing to do it all on her own.

「I heard the rumors about you Slave-sama, but you’re really amazing. Doing all this by yourself.」
「Well I am one of God’s twelve slaves after all.」
「How wonderful.」

The people surrounded her with gratitude as she ran around giving aid.

Most of the job was finished within half a day and the people of the village were extolling it as a miracle from God.
Within the evening light Mira went around the village.

She went around to check whether there were still things that need doing.

It was disaster relief, but honestly what she was doing now was practically the same as what she did to restore the world with her Master.

As the Second Slave she had plenty of experience. She managed to complete her task without any oversights.

All that she needed was to make a few more items and things would be fine…or so she thought when…

「That is….」

A short distance away she saw a small silhouette.

A small boy was climbing on a cliff near the newly maintained road.

A small mischievous boy.

He was completely focused on climbing up the cliff and extended his hand to reach for something above him.

「Look out!」

Mira cried out and set off running.

Above him a large rock was about to tumble off the edge of the cliff.

The boy was so focused on his task that he didn’t realize it.

Mira ran with all her might and clambered up the cliff.

At the same time she created a bomb as well.

「Grab onto me」

She grabbed the dumbfounded boy and switched places on the cliff.

At the same time she threw the bomb at the falling rocks.

The explosion sent the rocks flying away and Mira’s body protected the boy from the impact of the explosion.

She quickly made her way down with the boy and landed.


She sighed in relief and let the boy down from her arms.

Then she asked.

「Are you okay?」
「Good. But you shouldn’t be doing something so dangerous.」
「I’m sorry………」

The boy hung his head in shame.

Looking more carefully he was protecting something in his hands.

It was a flower.

Maybe it was from the tight grip or the bomb…but half of its petals were ripped off.

「That’s what you went to get?」
「Then we can get one more——」
「I wanted to give this as a present to you Angel.」

Mira stopped as she was reaching for her black card.

「For me?」
「Un, you saved our village. I thought these kinds of flowers would suit you so I…..」

The young boy murmured before halting.

It was half destroyed, it could no longer be considered a beautiful flower by any stretch of the imgagination.

Mira patted his head.

「Thank you. Can I have it?」
「Eh? But…」
「Give it here ok?」

The boy hesitantly held it out and Mira took it before placing it behind her ear.

「Thank you.」

In the light of the setting sun, the young boy smiled.

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