Charging Magic with a Smile – After-story 3 – Yuria

Location, Royal Capital Ribek, Royal Palace Administration Office.

Third Slave Yuria was inside receiving a stream of visitors.

「Slave-sama I’ve finished my deliveries. I did the west block all by myself.」
「Yuria-sama, this, I found this flower on the way back. There are many of them blooming to the southwest of Ribek.」
「Give me more to do, as you can see I’m still able to work.」

Many people came to speak to her.

Men and women of all ages each saying different things.

However, they all had one thing in common.

They adored her and wanted to work for her.

Yuria gave her instructions one by one.

While God was still King he depended on her intelligence and capability, leaving much of the administration to her.

Even now that hadn’t changed as she continued to manage the restored world.

Yuria continued to calmly give out orders.

The devotees gathered by her side and worked with all their might in an attempt to make her happy.

That was Yuria’s everyday life in the revived world.
In the dead of night Yuria continued to process the last of the paperwork.

She had finished everything she needed to do til noon tomorrow. Now she’d be able to take a rest.

She massaged her shoulder as she headed to the sofa.

She wanted to take a little nap.

The moment she sat down on the sofa, *creak* the door opened slowly.

A woman slowly opened the door late in the night and peeked in timidly.

Yuria looked at who it was as she sat on the sofa.

It was Jenna. She was the woman who had practically forced herself into the position as Yuria’s secretary (though Yuria hadn’t really asked for it).

Of course she was one of the people who strongly idolized Yuria.

「Wawawa—I’m sorry Onee-sama. Did I wake you?」

Yuria answered with a voice void of unpleasantness.

Jenna sighed with relief as she stepped inside and stood in front of Yuria.

「I finished my investigation and returned. Would you like my report now?」
「Go ahead.」
「Understood. Umm, recently something strange has been circulating.」
「Something strange?」
「umm….it’s spreading amongst men and woman and….uhh」

Jenna blushed but managed to continue.

「In truth it’s a tool you use like this…」
「……I see.」
「It’s causing a disturbance in the sex industry so I think we should manage it. I came to get permission to do so.」
「…it’s fine.」
「It’s fine…to leave it alone.」

Yuria said with barely a pause.

「I-is it really fine to leave it!?」
「It’s because there is free time that it can be developed. The night is peaceful so there is space for that kind of thing.」
「That…….may be so.」
「As long as the peace continues it will continue to evolve.」
「E-evolve!? More than this!?」

Jenna cried out in shock and looked slightly doubtful.

She didn’t know the exact details so she felt a bit doubtful.

But even so she believed in Yuria.

「That’s right. It might be like this now, but it’ll continue to develop as peace continues.」
「I understand, I’ll leave it alone.」
「Un, anything else?」
「Everything else is fine.」
「I see………」

Yuria nodded and let out a sigh.

She had been dealing with official business all day so she was already tired out.

Even Jenna could see that she was exhausted.

「Onee-sama it’s about time to rest.」
「That’s right, I’ll prepare you some hot milk. If you drink that you’ll be able to sleep tight.」

With that, Jenna started to leave the office.

She wanted to relieve even a bit of Yuria’s fatigue if she could.

She couldn’t take everything on herself, but she made her bed and did various things like placing fatigue relieving incense.

She was about to head out to do that and various other things when she realized Yuria was gazing outside the window.


What was she looking at?

If there was something out there she should deal with it Jenna thought as she turned to look outside.

But, at that moment.

Outside the window, the royal gardens lit up.

No it wasn’t the gardens that were shining, but something shining came down from the sky.

「W-what’s that light? Ah Onee-sama where are you going?」

Yuria wordlessly ran out of the room.

Jenna sulked for a moment with lips pouted.

However, she soon heaved a sigh.

「That’s just how it is. Can’t be helped.」

Jenna sighed in resignation.

Yuria ran towards the light, towards the place of her Master’s descent upon the world. She ran as if the tiredness she had displayed never existed with a smile bright as the sun.

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