Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 100

Ribek outskirts.

The sky had cleared and with it a large crowd had gathered.

A simple wooden fence had been erected and the crowd was on one side of it.

A short distance away were various stalls.

They were selling food and drinks, it was almost like the grounds of a festival.

I was on a raised grandiose chair that had been made for me…it was pretty much a throne and I was watching what’s going on.

「It’s time Master.」

My five slaves were serving me by my side. Risha was the one who had spoken up.


Risha stepped forward and raised her hands.

Then at that moment… moved.

The giant metal form a distance away moved.

It’s unrefined form tickled my boyish heart as it began to move.

First Slave Class Warship Risha.

It was a magical battleship created by the magic from my slaves’ smiles and my country’s power.


The crowd let out a cheer.

The cheers of over a thousand people set the hem of my clothes vibrating.

「It might be a bit slower than the train’s slow setting.」
「At full speed it should be about as fast as the train.」
「It’s unexpectedly fast.」
「If it does that then it soon loses power to move.」
「I see. That’s a problem that should be solved for the second iteration onwards. Nina should be able to do something about it.」
「Ok, next.」

Risha said and raised her hands again.

Then from the opposite side a train rushed out.

On top of the rails was an unmanned train running at low speed.

The crowd stirred at the unexpected appearance of the train.

Immediately after a huge sound echoed out.

The battleship fired the nitoka that were fashioned on its flanks.

The cannonballs fired and impacted around the train.

「It missed…once more.」

On Risha’s order a second volley was fired.

This time they hit.

With a thunderous sound the train was crushed to bits.


Another cheer went up.


With the third order a loud sound came from Ribek.

The crowd all turned to look.

What they saw were the defensive nitoka all firing on the battleship.

In response the battleship Risha fired back at the nitoka volley.

The cannonballs were shot down with other cannonballs.

Some missed and fell to the side of the battleship.

「They missed.」
「It seems like they need training.」

It was clearly a miss, but other than me the townspeople didn’t mind.

They applauded and cheered the battleship that had blocked the bombardment.


The fourth order.

The battleship suddenly counterattacked.

All guns aimed at Ribek.

Unrest spread amongst the people.

「Let’s go」

My five slaves all answered simultaneously.

I took them into True Eternal Slave.

My magic slave sword with five gems now.

I gripped it in my hand and jumped down.

I jumped over the people in a moment and ran towards the town.

I ran to the impact point before the bombardment reached and used my magic sword to knock them all down.


Another cheer.

「As I thought his Majesty is amazing.」
「Dummy of course his Majesty is amazing. That’s not the point.」
「Then what is it?」
「It’s a demonstration that if the battleship wants then it can defeat enemies or towns mobiley.」
「I see!」
「I’m not an enemy…but I pity them. They don’t have his Majesty to block that.」

I could hear what the citizens were saying. They seemed to be getting the point.

They understood what I was trying to do.

It was spread amongst them rapidly.

The voices got louder and louder.


I hoisted my sword.

I put magic inside and it began to shine with five different lights.

The battleship with Maya and my elite troops piloting it began to move.

From the warship’s bow a long gun barrel gradually rose.

It was nearly half as long as the battleship. It was a ridiculously long and thick gun barrel.

A flash from the Main Battery!

At that instant the world shook as if there had been an earthquake.

A monstrous sound unlike any that had come before exploded out along with a gigantic shell.

It flew in a parabola.

It flew towards a hill in the distance.

It was something that Risha and them had made with the experience of creating the forest.

That hill——exploded.

Around 2/3rds of the hill was cruelly and utterly destroyed.

As the sound of the main battery faded away, the townspeople began cheering the loudest they had today.

「Just as planned.」
(It’s obvious when you see such firepower in front of your eyes.)
(Even if it was the Evil God, it would still get blown away!)
(That’s too exaggerated.)
(That’s right desuno. The only one that can send the Evil God flying is Onii-chan desuno!)
(That might be…….right.)

My slaves’ voices popped into my head one after another.

With this the planned demonstration of the Warship Risha was complete.

I’d showed off its mobility, usefulness, and overwhelming firepower.

I looked at my citizens.

They all seemed to be smiling, male and female alike.

They looked at the battleship while eating and drinking.

It was just like a festival.

Ok, we should be about done…….

A cheer went up.

It was a cheer that seemed to be looking forward to something as they looked at the Battleship Risha.

It was as if they were wondering what it would show them next.

I could understand how they felt.

If I was in their shoes.

「What is this? What is Maya doing?」

I didn’t know anything.

Unlike the citizens I was bewildered, not full of expectations.

Finally, the warship’s bow pointed towards us.

It was pointing right in this direction.

They were aimed at us.

「It can’t be…」

I muttered when at that moment it happened.

A second monstrous roar and the ground shook.

Another shell flew out.

Cheers and screams flew out in equal measure from those who were optimistic and those who had realized something was wrong.

Their voices twined together.


My body moved before I could think about it.

I filled True Eternal Slave with magic power and gripped it tight.


I leapt out and attacked the cannonball.

The five colored rainbow clashed with the projectile.

At that moment a shock ran through my body.

It was like the sensation of striking the ground with a bat with all your strength——but a hundred times stronger.


I put all my strength into my hands and gripped tightly.


I sent the cannonball that was nearly the size of my body flying away. It drew a parabola through the air and fell ten meters away.

It had lost its driving force, but its mass hadn’t changed.

The cannonball fell to the ground and made a crater.

The sounds quieted.

Then ten seconds later.


A huge cheer went up from the crowd.

Voices praising me came up from the crowd.

They seem to have believed it was part of the battleship demonstration.

「What the heck was that!?」
(It was Maya’s suggestion. While showing off the battleship’s power we could also demonstrate that Master was even stronger.)

Risha explained.

The cheers still continued unabated.

「I suppose I should be thankful for this….」

I muttered while acknowledging the townspeople with a wave of my hand.

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