Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 103

「A new card.」

I took out the card as I lay next to Risha in the forest.

I opened my menu and checked the status.

Type: Common Card
Magic Lvl: 42/51
Magic Use: 10/100
Two things had changed.

The max magic level had increased and the magic amount had increased.

The cause was obvious. It was because I had laid with Risha.

By the way…many of the things I had been holding back and resisting…as well as how adorable Risha was, ended up with us going at it twice.

That may be why the max value increased by one, but the amount had increased by two.

「Um, Master…」
「This is magic for making things?」
「No, this is magic for creating phenomena.」
「That’s right……can you make some dice?」
「Dice? Wait a moment.」

Risha said and took out her slave card, placing a magic circle and making some dice.

They were made using stone, so they were fairly heavy.

「What are we doing with these?」
「Roll them…hmm…100 times.」

Risha rolled the dice as I told her.

After 100 times, the results were all over the place.

We had gotten each number roughly 1/6th of the time, that was proof that the dice were evenly weighted.

Once she finished, she looked at me as if asking 「what was this about?」.

「I’m going to use some magic, Risha 『is unlucky』 activate.」

I used one magic and made an angular magic circle.

The light enveloped Risha.

「Roll again, 100 times.」
「Ok I will」

Risha did as I told her seeming curious.

Roll, pick up, roll, pick up.

After the twentieth time she clearly understood.

「The results are……….low? All of them are ones and twos.」
「This is Master’s magic?」
「Yeah, as I said, this is magic that makes you unlucky. Keep going.」

She continued on.

After 100 rolls, over 80% of the dice came up as ones or twos.

The dice were the same, and the method of rolling was similar.

There was no special trick to what she was doing.

Once again I used the magic.

This time I gave her 『improved luck』.

「100 more.」

Risha began rolling with an expectant look in her eyes.

The effect of the magic was clearly shown.

As if in direct contrast, fives and sixes appeared over 80% of the time.

「That’s a lot」
「Yeah, it’s that sort of thing.」
「Is there anything else?」
「Hmmm…… about this?」

I placed the magic without telling her what it was.
Risha tilted her head in confusion.

After a little while, something changed.

The animals of the forest began gathering one after another.

They had previously gathered near Risha under the racial effect of the elf-like Eternal Slave…but this time was different.

Animals of all shapes and sizes approached me.

The squirrels and birds perched on my shoulders and the boars sidled up to cuddle my legs.

The deer and fawn rubbed their cheeks against me.

They didn’t even care about Risha who was just a step away.

「Th-this is?」
「I made myself more loved. The effect is as you see.」
「And…I can do the opposite.」

I used magic once more. This time it was 『become disliked』.

The animals immediately ran away.

The animals who had just been cuddling up to me disappeared like the tide going out.

They ran as fast as they could.

The boars pushed away from me hard and left.

「Just like that.」
「That’s amazing. The animals liked you so much before…」
「It’s that kind of magic. Actually…are you ok?」
「The magic should have an effect on you too.」

The effect was placed on 「myself」.

It wasn’t specified to certain creatures, I had used magic to turn 「like」 for me, into 「dislike」.

So Risha should be affected as well.

「I hate you, but you’re Master after all——Huh? Eeehhhhhhhh?」

Risha seemed surprised at her own words.

「That……but I……I…Master I…….huh?」

She seemed very conflicted.

She seemed to be struggling between the magic’s effects that made her hate me and the fact that I was her Master.

It seemed painful.

I didn’t like seeing her like this…so I undid it.


Risha was visibly relieved.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

Somehow…….I did something bad.

I should apologize.

「I’m sorr——」
「I’m so sorry Master!」

She apologized first.

「I’m sorry for saying that I hate Master. I’m so sorry!」
「Don’t worry, it was the magic.」
「It was my magic.」

I interrupted her and emphasized.

「Do you think you can just easily resist my magic? Hmm?」
「Ah, of course, it’s Master’s magic……..」

Risha seemed surprised and relieved.

Un, it seems she understood.

I don’t want her to get weirdly depressed, this should be good.

「Master is amazing.」

It had been changed into admiration as she looked at me with sparkling eyes.

I thought so too honestly.

It was magic that could even affect an Eternal Slave. Eternal Slaves find honor in overworking for their Master, and even desire to work for the same Master with their children. Magic that can affect them like this has got to be strong.

「Menu Open」

Type: Common Card
Magic Lvl: 38/51
Magic Use: 14/100
I once again opened my menu and checked the status.

I had previous experience with the DORECA…so I definitely had some expectations.

This card was already really strong….but it should be able to grow even stronger.

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