Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 107

Just in case something happened I had Maya guard Khorkina back to her country.

Svetlana, who had turned back into an Eternal Slave, was left behind.

I returned back to Ribek with her and went to the palace.


I entered first when I heard a sound from Svetlana behind me.
When I turned I saw her stuck as if she had hit a pane of glass.

After I thought for a bit, I remembered.

「Sorry, there’s an absolute barrier around the palace.」

I reached out my hand to her and helped her up.

「Absolute barrier?」
「It keeps anyone I don’t give permission outside. It is indestructible from the outside.」

Even using a full power strike from True Eternal Slave didn’t work.

It might not be an accurate comparison, but I don’t think that a shot from the battleship Risha’s main cannons would break it either.

「There’s such a thing……but I came here before and could get in?」
「I gave you permission back then and…huh?」
I thought for a moment.

The permission for entering the barrier was as simple as turning it on or off.

However, there shouldn’t be a time limit. At the very least there hadn’t been any proof of a time limit on permissions.

Martha’s permission hadn’t ended even though I had given it to her so long ago. She had no issue entering.

And yet Svetlana was repelled.

…..Is it because she was reborn?

「Whatever, just wait a moment. I’ll let you in.」

I gave her permission and allowed her inside.

She walked through and we went to the office.

I sat down in my seat and looked at Svetlana once more.

Golden hair, pointed ears, smooth white skin…she wasn’t any different looking than a regular Eternal Slave. However, her impression before was of a calm and collected girl, with her short hair, long sharp eyes, and tone of voice. You might have even said she seemed cold hearted.

But right now——–she was blushing while looking at me with moist and teary eyes.

It was different from a look of sexual excitement…it was more like the look a fan would give an idol when they finally met them in person.

I could understand. It was her way of showing that she wanted to be mine.

「Ok then, where to start the talk…」
「P-please make me your……」
「Don’t worry, that’s already been decided. You’ll be mine.」

Actually I have absolutely no reason to refuse.

I knew that Eternal Slaves were the most admirable and lovable creatures in this world.

As I said that, Svetlana was visibly relieved.

I continued speaking.

「You will be my slave, I was just wondering how to teach you the rules and tasks and other things.」
「I’ll never disobey Master’s orders.」
「That’s obvious. It doesn’t even need to be said…right?」
「……N-no. that’s how it should be.」

Ok then, where to start.

Should I start from my objective?
Then maybe I should make an example with my DORECA while explaining the theories and principles of things? Until a while ago that was the best choice, but maybe now it would be easier to make her a Slave Card and have her learn by experience.

That’s right, for now let’s make her a Slave Card.

I took out my DORECA.

「Menu Open」

I chose the Slave Card (Normal) and created the magic circle.


I looked at Svetlana’s face and stopped.

She seemed very uneasy.

This was wrong, all wrong.

The order was incorrect.

「…….man what was I thinking. I was mistaken.」

I smiled bitterly.

「Eh? Mistaken?」
「It’s just I’d forgotten my initial resolution.」

Svetlana tilted her head in confusion.

…….that was no good.

I made her uneasy, I made her feel nervous.

I need to set her at ease.

I can’t do things like this to my slaves.

I chose something else from the list.

Slave Choker, I created it from nothing for 10x the magic power cost.

Then I held it out to her.

「Please smile.」
「That’s the most important thing if you are to be mine. You should be smiling and happy as much as you can.」

I placed the choker around her neck as she seemed a little troubled.

This type of troubled face wasn’t bad but…..before that I want her to smile.


Svetlana said making an awkward smile.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

Svetlana, who wasn’t used to smiling, was both adorable and lovable.

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