Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 108

「Menu Open」

Type: Common Card
Magic Lvl: 34/51
Magic Use: 18/100

From the open menu I chose Encounter Up and Luck Up.

I paid 2 magic and create the circles.

With these two magics together the thing I want should appear.

I waited a short distance from the rocky mountain I had moved to.

「It came」

I was a bit excited and unintentionally spoke.

From the shadow of the mountain a scorpion appeared.

It was now an enemy I could identify by sight.

When it discovered me, it came ran over.

It seemed like this one was more aggressive compared to the first ones I had fought.

It scuttled over quickly and jumped powerfully!

It flew through the air towards me.

I turned my body and dodged while simultaneously grabbing its tail.

The scorpion struggled.

Without waiting I used my hand as a sword and struck.

With a soft sensation and a cutting sound, its body was cut in two.


A voice full of wonder spoke up from behind me.

Svetlana, my short haired slave, looked at me with surprise.

「To be able to kill something called the devil of the wasteland with a single strike…….」

It seemed like she was exaggerating a bit, but I didn’t disabuse her of it.

I knew it was a strong monster. Just one of them could decimate a town.

「What’s more……to do it with bare hands.」
「It has an extreme weakness at the base of its tail that you could poke through with your finger. You can’t tell just by looking, but the spot is the same for all of them. If you know that then you can defeat them barehanded.」
「No, that’s impossible. It was moving so fast and you’d need to catch it so accurately.」 (TN: Svetlana calls him anata-sama which means either “Dear” or a very respectful way to say “you”)
「Well I’ve defeated quite a few of these so I can pretty much tell their movements.」

They were strong, but I could see the pattern in their movements pretty easily.

It was like in a game there would be enemies that utilize tactics in rotation.

For the scorpion…if it begins running like that I could defeat it even if I had 1 HP.

If I missed it’d be dangerous, but since I was used to it that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

「Well anyways, we’re gonna do this. Do you remember how?」

I asked Svetlana.

「Yes I remember.」
「Ok then, do it.」

I took a tone of command to act properly as her Master.

Svetlana took out her Slave Card.

I had made it for her before we came here. A card of her own.

「Menu Open.」

She took out her menu and chose from the list.

The circle appeared on the ground.

The arrows split into two different directions.

The materials that were left behind Svetlana and the scorpion in my hands.

Svetlana put the materials inside.

I handed her the scorpion.

「Place everything in yourself.」

Svetlana nodded seeming excited.

After putting in the last material it changed into a dress.

It was a dark green dress. It was basically the uniform for my slaves.

She picked it up with an emotional look in her eyes.

「I made it…..too.」
「It is because you possess that card. It allows you to borrow a portion of my powers. You are able to do what I can.」
「To be able to use…….your powers.」
「Hmm…….try it on.」
「Got it.」

Svetlana nodded and started changing right there.

I’d gotten used to it.

Eternal Slaves…my slaves don’t have much of a sense of shyness when they are in front of me.

It was like how princesses and princes don’t feel shame from the looks of their servants…except in reverse. But my Eternal Slaves recognize that they are mine and don’t feel much shyness.

Svetlana was the same. She naturally undressed and changed into the dress.

「I changed.」
「It’s light isn’t it?」
「Yeah it is…… actually…it’s not light it’s like….」
「It doesn’t weigh anything right?」

Svetlana nodded. Her face seemed to ask “Why?”

「My DORECA and the Slave Cards allow people who own them to carry things they have created as if they weigh nothing. Haven’t you seen it? Haven’t you seen my slaves carrying the houses they made?」
「No, I haven’t.」
「I see, you didn’t have that opportunity.」

I nodded. She had been an envoy from another country so it was understandable.

「Anyways…you should be able to use that ability as well.」
「What’s wrong? What are you brooding over?」
「I was just thinking that there wasn’t any armor inside the card.」
「Yeah, I as thinking about heavy plate armor. If you or us slaves use it, the weight wouldn’t matter at all right?」

I unintentionally clapped.

It was just like Svetlana said. We wouldn’t feel the weight of things we made.

I could even lift Battleship Risha with one hand if there weren’t any people inside.

Armor wouldn’t be any trouble.

「Preferably we could make super huge armor. I’ll ask Nina to develop it.」
「Super huge armor?」
「Like a robot——-I mean like a golem. Do you understand?」

I didn’t know if she knew about golems, but it would be easier to understand than robots.

「I see!」

It seems like she understood.

「I think that’d work.」

Actually I’m excited by that.

Actually, instead of a robot it would be more like a power suit since I would wear it without being hampered by the weight.

Either way……..I look forward to it.

I’ll have Nina work on it.

I looked at Svetlana. I had to thank her for the fun idea.

「Menu Open.」

I looked in my menu and created a piece of paper.

Then I folded an origami medal and handed it to Svetlana.

「I’m giving this to you.」
「Can I take this?」
「Yeah with ten you can——-」
「I’m so happy.」

I was about to tell her I’d give her something good after collecting ten, but she spoke up happily before I even finished my sentence.

—Magic has been charged by 150,000—

The usually strong-hearted Svetlana was as happy as a girl in love.

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