Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 109

「Is this how you have created your country sir?」
「That’s right. Basically I did this sort of thing over and over.」

Svetlana and I were looking outside the window of a wooden house.

Outside the rain was pouring down.

We had seen the sky looking ominous so we rushed to return to Ribek, but we didn’t make it in time. We hurriedly set up a wooden house.

I let Svetlana do it and we both gathered the materials.

We had just finished it when the rain really started coming down. I had gotten a little wet, so I changed into some clothes I made.

Svetlana was also a little wet, but she refused to change out of her dress. I didn’t mind though.

And so the two of us were now taking shelter from the rain.

「I’ve seen so many of these in the capital. I thought they were wonderful from how well they had been built, but for them to be so easily created…」
「Easily huh?」
「At the very least it’s easy for you sir.」

She looked at her slave card, then at me.

Well certainly it was easy for me.

「How long would it usually take to make a house like this?」
「If you had around 5 adults it would take at least a day.」
「It’s like that huh?」
「I fell like it was only a matter of time before sir rose to become the King.」
「Is that so?」

Svetlana suddenly panicked and spoke to qualify what she’d just said.

「It’s not just because of this card! I wanted to say that it is because sir can utilize the card well and….」
「I understand, don’t panic. I taught you about magic charging right?」

I had explained much to her.

The things I wanted to do and the things that Seiya had done.

That’s why I believed we wouldn’t have such misunderstandings between us.

But even so she apologized. I didn’t need her to…but she did.

She looked at me desperately.
A desperate appeal to not abandon her.

It must have been because she had once become a Regret who was unable to find a Master.

She definitely had the mindset of not wanting to lose something she’d finally obtained.


She started, it looks like she was still afraid.

「There is only one way for my slaves to stop being with me.」
「That’s right. There is no other way I will let you go. As long as you live you will be with me. You’re not allowed to quit. No matter what.」

It was a bit roundabout, but I got my point across.

Svetlana seemed visibly relieved.

As I succeeded in calming her, the rain outside began to fall more heavily.

It was raining cats and dogs.

Somehow the wooden house was holding out under all this…but,

「It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to go back for now.」
「Maybe not even until tomorrow.」
「Seems like it. Well, just think of it like God gave you a day off.」

The main point was that the rain was keeping us indoors.

If I was in town then I would probably still have work to do indoors.

But out here, I have no place to be and nothing to do.

I opened the DORECA.

My magic occasionally decreased and the population occasionally increased.

It was proof that my slaves were working and my country was progressing.

My five slaves had the power of their cards. They could handle things for one night.


I heard loud stomach growl.

It wasn’t me…it was Svetlana.

She held her stomach as she blushed bright red.

「I-I’m sorry.」
「It’s fine, don’t worry.」

I held up my DORECA.

「I’ll make some food.」
「I’ll do i——-」
「Normal Slave Cards cannot use magic alone to create things. We don’t have any materials so just watch.」
「Menu Open. What would you like to eat?」

I opened the list.

There were various types of food within the Black Card.

If I had enough magic I could make almost anythign.

「Then the same thing as me?」
「Th-that would be wonderful.」
「Then we’ll have the same.」

Having the same thing as her Master is “wonderful”. That’s so cute.

I used the DORECA to create warm bread and soup.

I gave one of each to Svetlana and I began to eat.

Svetlana stared at me.

「What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to eat?」
「No! I’ll eat! I’ll eat but……there was something I was thinking.」

She strongly denied what I said and quietly continued speaking.

「I was thinking that you were amazing sir…」
「This house, the clothes you wear, this bread and soup…you made each and every one of them in an instant. I was thinking even if you were to be sent to a barren island in the middle of nowhere you could surely create a new country on the spot…」
「Hmm, well I do have confidence in surviving if I was sent flying to an uninhabited island.」
「I was just thinking that amazing.」
「However, I would need two things with me.」
「Two things?」
「First is the DORECA, and the other is……」

I tore off a small piece of bread and stuffed it in her mouth.

「my slaves smiles.」
「I-in that case!」

Svetlana shouted with enthusiasm.

「Then I’ll stay next to sir’s side forever smiling! If it’s part of your amazingness I’ll keep smiling.」
「Ok ok.」
「Fu, fu HaHa HaHa HaHa」

Svetlana started laughing.

It was pretty forced. She faced the ceiling as she laughed loudly.


I couldn’t help but let out a snort of laughter. That’s not exactly what I meant.

It wasn’t…but…

She was truly an Eternal Slave.

「You’re so cute.」

I said touching Svetlana’s cheek.

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

She blushed as red as if she had been boiled.

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