Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 110

After the rain ended, I took Svetlana back to Ribek with me.

It was already late at night, but the distant sight of Ribek in the night had a special kind of charm.

The closely packed buildings and the lights that dotted the town.

I wasn’t an aficionado of city skylines, but I liked this view.

Well, it was my own town after all.

「Ribek is still bright even at night…」
「Does this count as being bright?」

Svetlana immediately answered.

「It’s bright and the town is brilliant. I was born after the Evil God dominated, but I feel like this town is reminiscent of the ones that came before.」
「I see.」

I guess this means that my revival of this world was progressing steadily.

I took out my DORECA and checked my menu. The number of people had increased to 9,904. It was almost at ten thousand.

It was going well.

「This is all thanks to sir’s power as well…」
「I guess so.」

I took Svetlana and continued forward.

「Who goes there!?」

As we approached the town entrance, the guards called out to us.

They probably couldn’t see me in the darkness of night.

「It’s me.」
「……Your Majesty! I-I’m sorry we couldn’t recognize you.」

The two of them panicked and pulled back their spears before kneeling down.

「Don’t worry about it. I’m going on ahead.」
「As you wish!」

The two of them stepped aside and allowed me through.

It was nighttime and the streets were sparsely populated.

As we moved along I felt that Svetlana’s movements were weird.

I turned to look and saw her looking around restlessly.

「What’s wrong?」
「I-I’m sorry. I was just fascinated by the town.」
「The nighttime shows me how prosperous this place truly is. So this is my Master’s power….」

Svetlana was entranced.

「I’m expecting great things from you as well.」
「More precisely—–this country and this town are all a result of my slaves working under my orders. From now on we will be enlarging this country. I will need to rely on you guys more and more.」
「That’s why I…….」
「That’s right. Can you lend me your strength?」
「Of course!」

She replied instantly again.

「Every scrap of flesh, every drop of blood, and every fragment of my soul is yours sir. Use me until I am worn down.」
「Until you’re worn down…huh?」

She was an Eternal Slave to the very end.

「That’s right! I was born to be sir’s slave. I can do anything for your sake——tell me to do anything.」
「If I can ask you for anything…then aim to be a long-lasting, long living slave. I don’t have a hobby of using people till they are worn down.」

I said lightly.

Though I say that, they probably won’t be able to do that perfectly.
Eternal Slaves are honored to collapse from overwork from their Master.

Even if I tell them to try and aim to be as long lived as possible…they’ll definitely push themselves too hard at some point.

I’d already pretty much resigned myself to that. I felt they were cute and lovable…but I had abandoned hope of getting them to not push themselves.

「Do your best.」
「I’ll do everything I can!」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

I took Svetlana to the Palace with me.

There weren’t any lights on. When we got inside there weren’t’ any people around.

「No one’s here?」
「I wonder if they went out somewhere?」
「Menu Open」

I checked my DORECA. The magic was decreasing slowly.

They were off doing something.

「Ok then, for tonight we——」
「Ah! Onii-chan is here!」

Lilia leapt in from outside.
She looked flustered and panicked.

「What’s wrong? Why are you so flustered?」
「It’s born desuno!」
「Born? What?」
「It’s being born desuno! Just come desuno!」

Lilia pulled my hand.

I don’t understand…what’s being born?

I stood there blankly, when Svetlana started.

「Could it be one of us slaves?」
「Yes desuno!」

Lilia looked at me.

「Onii-chan’s and Risha-oneesama’s child is being born!」
「Eh? Isn’t this way too fast no matter how you look at it? It hasn’t even been a day.」

I thought it was incredibly fast…unbelievably fast.

「We’ere Eternal Slaves desuno! We’re different from humans desuno!」


That’s right…even elves had different growth rates and methods than humans.

Eternal Slaves should be different as well.

That means……..this is really happening?

「A child….Master’s child……..」

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

「Someday I will too……..」

Svetlana’s face filled with joy seemed to strongly assert that this was truly happening.

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