Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 111

Lilia brought me to the thriving forest.

We entered more deeply till we reached a wood house.

It seems like it was newly created.

Mira, Yuria, and Raisa were all there waiting outside.


A scream of anguish echoed out. I could tell it was Risha.

「You can’t go in desuno!」

Lilia stopped me.

「I can’t?」
「Yes desuno. Eternal Slaves are different from humans, it is better for us be far from humans when we give birth desuno. So please wait here.」
「I see. That’s why she came to a place with very little people huh…」
「Yes desuno.」
「Then why did you bring me here?」

I was technically a human.

「Risha-oneesama’s child will be Onii-chan’s slave too. To be with her Master at the time of birth is a once in a lifetime happiness.」
「Once in a lifetime happiness.」
「If it’s Onii-chan then they will be happy.」

I was surprised.

But, I felt that those words were good.

They will be happy——they will smile.

I looked at Svetlana who had come along with us.

She had become a Regret, that was considered a great misfortune by Eternal Slaves.

Of course, once she came to my side she began smiling much more than before. However, it still wasn’t close to being 100% of the time.

But, the child that would be born now…

「Would be happy always………」

That was………something amazing.

「Thank you Lilia.」
「You’re welcome desuno?」

Lilia responded sounding confused.

「Lilia will go back to helping out desuno. Onii-chan should standby here to bless the baby once it’s born desuno.」
「I-I’ll help too.」
「Of course desuno」

Svetlana followed Lilia towards the other girls.

Outside the cabin there were five Eternal Slaves.

The five of them bowed their heads and placed their hands together in prayer.

At that moment their bodies began to cast light.

Mira was blue, Yuria was white, Lilia was black——

The colors of their gems…the colors of their souls shone.

I didn’t understand what was going on, but I felt like that might be the case.

I waited there.

I waited to give my blessing as Lilia said.

I firmly stood there.


That word caught my attention.
I looked at my five slaves.

Something didn’t feel right. I started thinking.

…….as a father it was enough for me to be here.

Eternal Slaves would give birth to Eternal Slaves.

A child that would stay by my side from birth and 「would always be happy」.

I once again looked at my slaves and felt that doing nothing but waiting was no good.

I took out my DORECA.

My Black Card DORECA.

I held it tightly.


I felt something. Something within me. Something within the DORECA.

I strongly wished and prayed.

I put all my heart into it.

Finally the DORECA began to shine.

The light I’d seen many times before.

The Rank Up light, the light that indicated more things appearing.

It was very close to the light I saw when I became able to make the Bronze Statue.

「Menu Open」

I checked the list and saw the thing that I wished for.

I approached my slaves.


Lilia noticed my approach and raised her head.

「Lilia, about how long till the child is born?」
「Umm, around one hour desuno.」
「Ok, I’ll be back by then」
「Eh? Onii-chan!?」

I shook off her surprised call as I set off running.
Out in the wasteland the magic circle’s light had guided me to a monster I’d never seen before.

It looked like a huge eyeball with human legs attached to it. It was around the size of a medium dog and had a shield of almost the same size. It was a warrior-like eyeball.

It was toeing the line between disgusting and cute.

The arrow was pointing at it and its body was shining.

It was what I was seeking.

It swung around its shield and attacked me.

「Sorry, but I’ll have you become the materials I need.」

I used True Eternal Slave and cut it in half, shield and all.

The eyeball fell to the ground twitching and died.

「… didn’t come out huh?」

The material didn’t drop and the arrow pointed to a different location.

I ran in that direction and found another eyeball.

Without any words I cut it in two.

It collapsed just the same and the material didn’t drop.

I ran around fighting and defeating them.

After ten I still hadn’t gotten the material.

I furrowed my brow.

「Could it be…..a rare drop?」

There had been times when mats hadn’t dropped.

It couldn’t be helped.

It was fine, it was only a matter of time.

If it was like normal…there wouldn’t be any problems.

「Only enough time for about ten more…」

Coming here took time and it would take just as much time to get back.
Thinking about the one hour time limit Lilia had given I should still have very little time left.

A life of happiness.

I moved within this time limit to fulfill this goal.

「I just have to do it!」

I gripped my sword tighter and strengthened my body.

Find enemy, certain kill, search and destroy.

I pulled out all the stops to achieve this.


As I began to run to find the next eyeball I suddenly stopped.d

Something was glowing on my chest.

I took out my card.

The new card.

「Menu Open」

I took out my Common Magic Card that can control phenomena.

「Encounter Up!」

A paid 1 magic and used it. I didn’t have enough time to search everywhere, I’d have them come to me.

All at once the effect appeared.

Three eyeballs appeared.

「……not enough, Luck Up!」

I paid another magic and increased my luck.

A magic that could cause the best results to come out 70-80% of the time.

For a rare drop this should work.

「……Luck up, Luck up, Luck up, Luck up!」

I stacked the magic several times.

The angular magic circles enveloped my body.

I was going to put my remaining magic into Luck Up!

I don’t know if it’ll work like this but…

「……..It has to!」

I strongly thought and grasped my sword leaping at the eyeballs.
「I made it?」
「Yes desuno. It’s almost time desuno.」
「I see.」

I was relieved once I reached the cabin in the forest.

All that was left was to make it.

「Menu Open.」

I chose the item from my list.

I placed the items inside the circle.

A new item, her exclusive item.

「I’m waiting for you.」

I began to speak.

「I’m here. As your Master.」

I placed all my feelings inside of it.

「I will give you a life of happiness.」

The materials were all inserted.

—Slave Choker Chasri—

A baby’s cries were heard from the cabin as I finished creating the exclusive named item.

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