Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 112

I entered the cabin and saw Risha holding her baby.

Her current state seemed to be overflowing with maternal love.

At the same time she seemed to be desiring something.

「That’s the child?」
「Show me her face.」

Risha carefully held the child so that I could take a closer look.

She looked like her mother. Her eyes, mouth, and nose all looked like a mini version of Risha.

There wasn’t a single part that looked like me.

It might be obvious when you think that only women…only Eternal Slaves will be born from Eternal Slaves.

「She’s adorable. She looks just like her mother.」
「Thank you very much. Umm…so…….」

She seemed happy from the praise, but her face looked concerned.

I could understand what she wanted.
I didn’t plan on going back on my word.

「Risha hold her carefully.」

Risha gasped and her face split into a smile.

She joyfully looked at the small necklace/choker that I was holding.

「This is a Unique Personal Item.」
「Unique item?」
「I made this with the DORECA, but only one of them can be made. After making it it disappeared from the list. This is her personal choker.」
「Personal…….aren’t you happy?」

Risha said turning an affectionate smile towards our child.

The child was still crying. A baby-like wailing as she continued to cry.

「I’m putting it on.」

I approached with the choker.

At that moment she stopped crying.

Her round and adorable eyes looked at the choker I was carrying.

This was strange…….she was just born but she seemed to understand what was going on.

I placed it around her neck.

It didn’t fit her perfectly yet.

But…at that moment she laughed.

A bubbling and babyish laughter and smiling face.

—Magic has been charged by 10—

「Good for you, just born and you’ve already found your destined one…」

—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—

The mother daughter pair is mine.

Honestly I’d had doubts.

Was this something they really wanted? That was one such doubt.

But at this moment those worries disappeared.

A child that had just been born couldn’t lie to me.

The DORECA couldn’t lie to me.

Eternal Slave.

A race that seeks their Master at a genetic level. When they find their Master, they feel joy.

「Ah, Master…」
「I would like to ask you to name this child if you’d be so kind?」
「A name? That’s already been decided.」
「Yes. Chasri.」
「Chasri…….how nice…….」

Risha poked our child’s cheek.

「Aren’t you glad? You even got a name from Master.」

Chasri answered with burbling giggling.

「But still, the birth was very fast.」
「Yes. We are very fast. After we’re born we grow up to about the body of a 3-5 year old within a few days. Then after a little longer period of being that size we enter a second stage of growth. During that Eternal Slaves grow to our size.」
「Is that so?」

They’re that type of living thing…..that type of race.

「Then Chasri as well?」
「Yes! Within a week she should be able to help a bit!」
「I see, I’m looking forward to it.」
「Please give this child some work as well.」
「I’ll think of something suitable for a small child.」

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

Risha was happy and the baby giggled freely.

I watched them with happiness when I heard a sound from behind me.

I turned and saw my other slaves looking in.

Mira, Yuria, Lilia, Raisa, and Svetlana.

All of them were looking on with incredibly hopeful faces.

I didn’t even have to ask what they were so desirous of.

I took out my DORECA as I moved deep inside of the cabin.

My slaves looked at me confused. I made a bed with pure magic.

The bed was large enough to accommodate everyone. It was gigantic.

「Come here.」

The moment I said that…

My Black Card DORECA’s magic reached the limit.

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