Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 114

「N-no…..don’t come closer」

Inside a run down home a young girl shivered fearfully in a corner.

Among the mountains was a poor village of people that had escaped the destruction from the Evil God. They didn’t have much but their lives.

Right now a man and his subordinates were attacking this place.

This man’s name was Midolfan. He had gathered Marato and Maxim’s subordinates under his influence and laid waste to the surroundings. That man now had a disgusting and perverse look on his face as he approached the girl with the BGM of the village being destroyed.

「Thought this village din’t have sh**. But this little thing’s got a pretty good body on ‘er.」
「Don’cha be scared this boss’ll be nice. I’ll teach ya how a real man an’ woman have fun.」

Midolfan said as he slowly approached the girl.

「Please God……..」

The girl curled herself up and desperately prayed.

The youngest girl in the poor village.

Her very existence seemed to illustrate the helplessness these people felt before these wolves in human skin.

「Kufufufu. Thanks for the treat~」

At that moment…


Midolfan’s subordinate ran in panicking.

Bam! Midolfan didn’t even hesitate and bashed him with a backhanded strike.

「Ga, ahhh…….」
「Didn’t this lord say…that from now on it would be my enjoyment time? I said not to interrupt me right?」
「I I’b so sowwy. But dere’s a pwoblem.」

Midolfan’s face already looked sour, but after hearing that he looked even worse.

「The Slave King is——」
Six gems glittered as a single man holding True Eternal Slave cut his way to the center of the village.

There were about ten homes in this village. Half of them had black smoke pouring out of them and half of them had doors or walls broken down.

There was a pile of things burning and a small pile of valuables.

「Damn iiiiittt!」

One of the perpetrators—another of Midolfan’s subordinates came attacking him again.

His slave sword flashed and he was divided in two.
I continued walking past the man and his body fell to my sides in two halves.

I continued cutting my way through the small fries and Midolfan walked out of the only building that was still intact.

His eyebrows showed how surprised he was.

「Bastard……why’re you here?」
「A coincidence…though it may also count as magic.」
「What did’ya say?」
「P-please help me!」

Midolfan got angrier.

From behind him a single girl leapt out.

She slipped past him as quickly as she could and tried to make it to my side.

However, she was stopped midway.

Midolfan caught her and wrapped his arm around her thin neck.

「Ohho don’t go movin’ around ok? If ya do…then I dunno what’ll happen to this little girly here.」
「A hostage huh?」
「The Slave King’s kind isn’t he…so I think this kinda thing should work?」
「Ohh no, I’m not such a bad guy. I don’t even have a grudge against ya guys. How ‘bout it, why don’tcha let us slide this time?」
「Can I take ‘dat as a yes?」

He tightened his grip on her and she groaned in pain.

If I didn’t accept then her life wouldn’t be guaranteed.

「Let her go.」
「I’ll let this girly go once I’m good and safe. I keep my words ya know?」
「……you’d best.」

Midolfan began moving.

He held her as he continued walking and was about to slip past me when at that moment…

A swiping sound and a cold light flashed.


I blocked his blow with my slave sword.

Midolfan had attacked first and he once more swung his blade.

He tried to attack me from surprise.

「…..aren’t you going to run?」
「It’d be better to kill ya off here ya dumba**!」
「I see.」
「Ohho, don’t think about attacking back ok? If you do then…」

Midolfan said as he started to attack again…….but he suddenly stopped.

He coughed up blood and his sword fell from his hand.

「W-wha……..what is this?」

He looked at his body in fear and shock.

He saw six children.

There were six semi-transparent and adorable girls.

Golden hair and sharp ears…Eternal Slaves.

They all held short knives that were stabbed in him.

「Kids…? When did they…?」
「Well it’s like this. Everyone come back.」

The semi-transparent little slaves turned into light and disappeared back into True Eternal Slave.

Then I once again swung the sword as six lights flew out. They turned into the 6 of them which surround Midolfan.

Then they took their knives and leapt in.


The second attack added another six holes in Midolfan. He was now filled with a dozen different holes in his body.


Midolfan’s eyes showed absolute disbelief as he slowly crumbled to the ground.
「You can make the panacea using pure magic.」
「Ok, let’s go everyone!」

Chasri ran off with the other kids.

Once finding an injured person they used their cards to make medicine and healed them.

The cost to performance was poor but I could leave it to them nonetheless.

So I let them do it and turned to the girl.

「Are you injured?」
「I see. You were lucky then.」

My coming here was mostly coincidental.

I had gone out to test my little girls’ power and used the magic Enemy Search which guided me here.

I lent her my hand and had her stand up.

I looked around the town.

It almost couldn’t be called a village. It was only slightly better than Madway’s original rotten shack.

「You’ve always lived here?」
「Umm, before that man…called you the Slave King.」
「Oh, he did didn’t he?」

I was called that pretty often.

「Could it be that…’re the King of the new country?」

The girl started to say something.

She opened and closed her mouth like she wanted to say something but didn’t know if she should.

「Do you want to come under my jurisdiction?」
「Yes…but this village doesn’t have much to offer……」
「I don’t need stuff like that.」

She was surprised and looked like she couldn’t believe it.

「Chasri, Irina, Vuela, Arisa, Bella, Origa.」

I called out loudly and they ran over.

「Did you call uth Mathter?」
「Make a house a short distance from the village. We’ll be working here for a bit.」
「I underthtand.」

They ran off once more.

The girl turned still dumbfounded.

It’d be better to demonstrate rather than explain. First off we should help rebuild this place a bit.

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