Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 116

Night, one story house on the outskirts of the village.

The six slave children were inside the house with me.

The children were all sleeping in one pile. They had all piled together like a litter of puppies, it was a little charming.

While checking for presences in the vicinity I gazed at them.

I too…..had been dyed by this world’s colors I thought.

These slave children, the Eternal Slaves born from Eternal Slaves.

They were both my children and my slaves.

Even so, their identities at the moment were strongly recognized as 「slaves」.

It was hard to say, but their identity as my own children was thin.

Their identities as 「6 slave children」 and, 「6 pairs of mother and child slaves」 was firm.

「Even though they’re my children.」

I couldn’t help but whisper this self-mocking phrase.

In the past I had thought that (though they were cute and lovable) Eternal Slaves were strange.

They felt honor from overworking themselves for their Master, and wanted to have their children become slaves of the same Master.

Deep in my heart I had felt this was strange.

But somewhere along the way I had begun to look at my children as slaves.

I thought that my title “Slave King” wasn’t just for show.


One of the 6 had awoken.

It was Vuela, Yuria’s daughter.

She was the only child that tried to act grown up amongst them as well as being the only one that did not have a childish lisp.

Add that on to her small stature which wasn’t too far off from Yuria’s petite size….they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.

「What’s wrong?」
「Master won’t sleep?」
「Yeah, I’ll be awake for a bit longer.」
「Are you waiting for something?」
「You could say that.」
「Why do you think that?」
「You haven’t let go of your sword.」
「Vuela’s clever.」

I praised her and reached out my hand to pat her head.

Vuela blushed bashfully.

「That’s right, I’m waiting for enemies. That’s why I had this house made in the entrance of the village. If they want to get into the village then they have to go through here.」
「Oh so that’s it.」
「I predict that Midolfan’s leftovers will come back a couple more times. It’s a wait and see tactic.」
「I heard from Mother.」

Vuela said with a serious look on her face. It was very childish, but it gave the impression of a child prodigy.

She seemed nearly the same as Yuria at this moment.

「That Master tried not to kill people even when they’re like that.」
「That’s true…but this village has changed my mind. If I let people like that roam freely then there will be further sacrifices. Villages will be destroyed.」

At that moment I realized.

This was not a conversation I should be having with a child.

「I’ve spoken too much and I’ve gotten thirsty. Make some tea.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Vuela stood up and went to the simple kitchen in the corner.

This house was one I had created using the save and load function. It was a home with all necessary items, tools, and furnishings within it.

Vuela worked with her small body as she boiled water and got the tea ready.

She may be clever and act grown up, but her body was still that of a child’s.

This sight was cute.

But even so I didn’t think to help.

I would let her do what she wanted.

「Thank you for waiting.」

After a short while she placed down a steaming cup of tea in front of me.

I accepted it……..but didn’t bring it to my mouth.

Because I felt a presence outside.

It was an ability I had learned from Veula’s mother, Yuria, back in the day. The ability to sense presences.

Five…… six of them?

I put down my tea.

「I’ll be right back.」
「You aren’t going to drink?」
「I’ll drink it afterwards——also prepare some sweets.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—


I went outside as Vuela nodded.

I saw them by the light of a burning torch, they steadily approached.

They walked straight down the path to the village imposingly.

Midolfan’s leftovers had appeared.

As I had sensed, there were six total.

I frowned.

They were all riding horses and some of them had women on them tied up like luggage. They all seemed to exhausted to move.

They looked to be spoils of war.

「Bastard, you’re Akito?」

One man called out my name and the rest of them got noisy.

「I was wondering why the Head and Vigochi hadn’t come back…….did you…?」

「…I’ll say this only once. Turn over a new leaf and live properly. You will have the basics of life guaranteed in my country.」
「Don’t f*** with me!」

The man took out a thick katana and came cutting towards me.

I swung True Eternal Slave sideways. I cut both the katana and the man in half.

Each man that attacked was cut down. I’d given them my final warning.

By the end…

「D-don’t come any closer. You come closer and this woman gets it!」

The final surviving man had drawn an innocent into the middle of this.

Wordlessly I threw True Eternal Slave.

The point of the sword stabbed through his shoulder and then through the tree behind him.

The man was nailed to the tree.

The woman was thrown to the ground. She groaned in pain, but I couldn’t see any bad injuries or signs of sexual assault.

I was relieved a bit as I approached the man.

「P-please spare me……..」
「Well, where are the others?」
「Th-the others?」
「The rest of you guys from Marato and Maxim.」
「Wh-why do care about th—–gua!」

I punched him in the face. The sword that nailed him to the tree moved a bit causing blood to flow out.

「Tell me.」
「O-ok I’ll tell you I’ll tell you….」
I returned back to the house. Vuela had prepared some sweets and was waiting.

I took a bite of the sweets and drank some tea.

「Ah ow ow.」

Looks like the tea had yet to cool

「I’ll blow on it.」

Vuela said stepping forward, but I stopped her by raising my hand.

「Instead of that, I have a job for you.」
「What is it!?」

Vuela said with glittering eyes.

Though young, she was an Eternal Slave, this was the thing she reacted the most to.

I used save and load to create a paper and pen and scribbled down the information the man had given me.

I handed it to Vuela.

「Take this to Maya. Battleship Yuria should be anchored to the west of here.」
「Just give it to her?」
「Tell her to annihilate the people there.」

After saying that I changed my tone.

「It’s night…but can you do it?」
「It’s ok!」

Vuela snatched the memo from my hand and dashed out.

I watched her disappear along the mountain path. She looked like a child that had been given her 「first errand」.

I looked on for a while and returned back inside.

Then I bitterly smiled.

It didn’t seem like we could have a normal Father-Daughter relationship.

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

But, Vuela wasn’t a normal daughter, so I don’t think it was too big of a problem.

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