Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 118

In the middle of our village creation I heard the sound of heavy running from the distance.

I looked around restlessly trying to identify the sound and where it was coming from.

「Y-y-your Majesty!」

Anna ran over in a panic.

She tripped and fell along the way and skinned her knee.

「Are you ok? Here have some medicine.」

I held out one of the panaceas I had in reserve.

「Eh? But….」
「It’s fine.」

I said forcefully since she didn’t need to be so reserved.

Anna looked apologetic and nodded as she nervously accepted the panacea and drank it.

Her wounded knee healed visibly until there wasn’t a trace of it left.

「Thank you very much Your Majesty.」
「Forget about it, what was so important that you were in such a panic?」
「That’s right! Your Majesty!! There’s a huge metal thing attacking! I haven’t seen it before but I think it’s a monster!」
「Giant metal thing?」

I asked with a frown.

Now that I paid attention that Dodododododo sound was still happening.

「Oh so it’s that…」

Anna’s report had cleared up what it was.

「That’s a battleship, not a monster.」
「Yeah. It’s a…..weapon I made. It’s for fighting monsters and things.」
「I-is that so?」
「So Maya’s here? I’ll go see her.」
「Ah, I’ll come too!」

Anna said as she followed me.

We traversed the village and moved to the edge of the newly constructed Fount of Ilia’s range.

From there I could see Battleship Risha. (The author made a mistake in the previous chapter in calling it Battleship Yuria)

It’s gigantic form moved forward as it climbed the mountain.

It was considerably majestic and dignified.
The proof of that was that the entire village had come out to watch with wide-eyed open-mouthed shock.

I stepped forward. Battleship Risha came to a stop and shortly after Maya came out.


Maya ran down to the exit and dashed towards me.

I wonder why…she had a higher tension than usual.

「What’s wrong? Why did you run over so quickly?」
「There’s things I need to talk to you about. Good news or boring news, which should I start with?」
「How novel…then I choose the boring one.」

I have the habit of saving the best for last.

「I see.」

Maya calmed down for a moment.

「We cleaned up Midolfan’s leftovers with a bombardment.」
「I see. That is pretty boring.」

The moment I had handed down the order I’d expected this result.

In another meaning, it was that they weren’t even the opponents of Maya and the Battleship Risha so it was an obvious end.

As she said it was boring.

So maybe the good news would actually be pretty great?

「The good news?」
「We made one.」
「We made one!」

Her tension had gone straight back up to how it was when she appeared.

But…….what does she mean?

As I was thinking Vuela appeared from the exit Maya had come from.

She ran over to me.


She stood in front of me with the composed face she inherited from her mother.

「I conveyed the message.」
「You did well.」

As I praised her I saw the corners of Vuela’s lips twitch.

—Magic has been charged by 3,000—

Well it was obvious.

I stretched out my hand to pat Vuela’s head.


My hand froze in the air.

Gigigi, I slowly and mechanically turned my head to Maya.

She was still filled with excitement.

I see. That was it.

「We made a kid!?」
「That’s right! It’s Akito’s child!」

We made one——We made one.

We made——a child.

Maya and the women of my elite troops on Battleship Risha.

The one’s who badgered me 「to give us children」.

I made……children with them.

It was a different feeling than with my slaves.

I couldn’t identify which felt better.

It was like comparing top class sushi with high class steak.

「What’s more is there are three! Three of them!」

I was feeling incredible.


「Hey hey Chasri…what happened?」
「Mathter’s children were made.」
「Master’s children with humans so….Young Masters?」
「Or Young Ladies…」
「New Masters are amazing…」

I was feeling ecstatic and missed the exchange between them.

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