Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 119

Inside the Battleship Risha. The room where I had laid with my elite guards.

Three women were waiting there.

Their names should be…Shinya, Katerina, and Renata.

When I fulfilled my promise to them, I made sure to learn their names.

The women who were Maya’s companions. The ones who had become bandits once upon a time.

When I entered the room the three of them all simultaneously went down on there hands and knees.

It was as thought they were greeting me like a new wife with feminine modesty.

「Thank you very much.」
「Thanks to your Majesty we were able to become mothers.」
「Thank you…truly.」
「That’s fine, please…stand up.」

I immediately went over and helped them to their feet.

Unlike ‘that day’ the bed and carpets were gone.

Right now it was simply an unrefined room inside the battleship, its original appearance.

The floor was cold and hard, it wasn’t a place for a pregnant woman to be kneeling on.

It’s why I got them up as quick as I could.

The three that I helped stand looked at me with emotional eyes.

Shinya was a girl that looked like a bright childhood friend, Katerina looked like an unsociable girl, and Renata was a childish girl.

In the time I hadn’t seen them, they had become more motherly.

They changed enough that it was surprising.

「We really, made a child…」

The thought was moving.

「It’s thanks to you Akito.」

Maya said from behind me.

I turned and saw that she was looking just as moved as the three girls.

「It’s because Akito was there for us. It’s because you accepted us. If not…..then we might be dead or dying somewhere out in the wastes.」

The three girls also agreed and nodded.
True, I had interfered in their lives like that. In this world even living normally was difficult.

「We might have become——like those annihilated guys.」


「Midolfan’s leftovers you mean?」
「That’s right.」
「I guess it is all…..fate.」

Somehow that word came out.

Maya’s group and Midolfan’s gang.

Thinking more about it, they had a lot more in common than I expected.

Both of them had been my enemies at first. Both of them had pillaged to eat.

Yes, Maya’s group had attacked my town first.

After I defeated them they obediently began to follow me.

On the other hand, Midolfan was my enemy at first. Even after I gave him favorable terms he refused and continued to pillage.

The result was that one side had their livelihoods secured and learned of the joys of becoming mothers.

On the other side they were destroyed and erased from the world.

It was black and white.

It was ironic to think that Maya’s group was the one to put an end to Midolfan’s gang.

「I’m glad we met you Akito.」

Maya said once more.

I listened to her and looked at all of them.

I began to care less and less about Midolfan’s group.

Maya and the three women.

Their happy faces was slowly making me not care anymore.

I wanted to make them happier.

「These three are the only ones who got pregnant?」
「Yeah, that’s right.」

Maya said.

「Unfortunately no one else did…including me.」
「I see. Then gather everyone.」
「I promised right? I’d give you all children.」

Maya was deeply moved.

Yes, I’d make them happy.

This had finally allowed me to understand what I wanted.

I wanted those who followed me to be happy.

「If it’s Akito then you can do it.」

Maya said as if she was reading my mind.

They were heartening words.

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