Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 120

I left the village and climbed the mountain in search of materials.

After climbing up near the summit I took out my card.

The card that can manipulate phenomena.

「Menu Open」

Type: Common Card
Magic Lvl: 53/56
Magic Uses: 52

I was checking my magic level.

Yesterday it had gone back up to 51/56.

Mira, Yuria, Lilia, Raisa, and Svetlana.

After laying with each of them my maximum had increased by five.

That was good.

However, yesterday I had made love with Maya’s group. I left out the three who were pregnant, but that still left 47 of them.

The maximum value didn’t increase but the current value did.

So from that I hypothesized that it would only increase the Maximum the first time, however the current value can be recharge many times.

Well, there could be exceptions to it.

For example, if it wasn’t a 「virgin girl」…would it increase the maximum or not?

I’ll have to remember that going forward.

「Ok then, let’s do it.」

I muttered and prepped myself.

I used Encounter Up and Luck Up.

Then I waited for a bit.


The ground shook and I was unbalanced for a moment.

Then here and there holes opened up in the ground.

From the holes lava poured out and became monsters.

It was the Raba monsters that I was aiming for.

I obtained Raba Souls from them that would become energy sources for various things.

The Raba souls seemed to always give off heat——at the very least the ones we had first used to make ovens hadn’t run out yet. So, they must have a fairly long life-span.

In fact, from my perspective it almost seemed like 「perpetual motion」.

Their appearance clearly showed that my magic had its effect.

「…….aren’t there a few too many?」

Rabas continued to pop up one after another.

But it didn’t end there.

Lava comes out, becomes Raba.
Lava comes out, becomes Raba.
Lava comes out, becomes Raba.

One after another.

Another hole opened.
Another Raba came out.

「Oi oi oi…」

It was enough that I was starting to get shaken.

There were already 30 of them and they still haven’t stopped.

The lava creatures continued moving around.

With the smell of burnt grass, a considerable heat wrapped around my body.

「What should I do? Should I call some rain?」

I thought with my card in hand. Would calling rain accomplish anything?

As I was thinking the Raba started sticking to each other.

Two of them crashed into each other and started melting together.

It looked like oil combining on the surface of water.

One after the next melted together and became one.

Again and again, becoming larger.

It increased in size and volume and the larger it got, the faster they melted together.

Before long the Raba had all combined into a single form.

It was about the size of a tennis court.

It had become a gigantic monster.

「Oioi, this can happen?」

I murmured.

When I thought it was finally over, I was proven wrong.

The gigantic Raba moved around as if searching for further nutrients and stretched its body into one of the holes.

Then from there it started sucking out lava.

It’s body started getting even bigger.

Then, the mountain started burning.

「……..feels like, I’m guilty of this?」

I broke into a cold sweat——that sweat evaporated in the heat.

「Menu Open」

I used my Common Card and summoned Rain.

The clouds appeared in an instant and started pouring rain.

「………like pouring water on a hot stone huh?」

It was almost a literal application of the saying.

The rain that was pouring down evaporated above the creature.

As the flames began to spread to the trees, the giant Raba’s heat didn’t seem like it had gone down at all.

The trees burnt and collapsed.

They were sucked into the Raba’s body and burnt out in a moment.

So that’s what happens when you touch it directly.


The trees had been cleared so my view had opened up.

I could see the village.

The village that we had been working to remake and was nearing completion.

And, the gigantic Raba that was meandering its way towards it.

The trees that were burnt to cinders in a moment were a foreshadowing of what would happen to the village.

「I have to stop it.」

I couldn’t just let it burn up the village I’d nearly finished fixing up.

I took out True Eternal Slave.

I’d have to use powerful attacks——I ran in front of the gigantic Raba.

I put magic into my blade and swung.


The gigantic Raba was scattered as if hit by a hammer.

If it was a normal Raba then this would be the end, but this one was different.

One part of it had been splattered, but the main body (that I could see) was pretty much intact.

Furthermore, it took the scattered parts back inside itself and was pretty much back to normal.

It was annoying.

But, I had to do it.

I renewed my grip on my sword and took a deep breath.

And I continued to hit and beat it with reckless abandon.

I smacked it over and over like a child hitting a puddle with an umbrella.

I was pressured.

It felt like no matter how I hit it, it wouldn’t decrease.

It could regather the scattered parts and suck up more lava from the holes.

It expanded and slowly advanced as I was slowly pushed back.

However, after around 30 minutes something changed.

The giant Raba’s body stopped.

I looked and saw that no new lava was coming out of the holes.

It couldn’t increase anymore.

My attacks had continued to decrease the lava it had and had exceeded the amount it could regain.


I could do this, I felt and increased my speed.

True Eternal Slave danced through the air as I beat the giant Raba.

Then the situation changed even further.

It was being pushed back.

More accurately I was cutting it down little by little and it was getting smaller, but I could feel my hope rekindling.

I continued cutting it down.

More and more and more I kept going.

The Raba got smaller and smaller until it reached the size of a normal Raba.

「This is it!」

I put magic in my blade and slashed down powerfully.

Finally, the Raba was extinguished.

It disappeared without a trace.


I heaved a huge sigh and looked around.

The summit was partially destroyed——it was burnt black.

There was also a path dug down the side of the mountain.

That Raba had dug the path down the mountain just by moving.

Well, it was fine in the end.

What was important was the results of the battle.

The main cause was the combination of Encounter Up and Luck Up.

At least one Raba soul would pop out.

I looked around the ruins.

Then I saw a single soul sitting there.


It was similar in shape to the ones I’d found before, but it was golden in color.

The moment I grabbed it my DORECA lit up.

It was the light that appeared when I could create a new item.

The thing that I had obtained was a True Raba Soul.

And, several new things had appeared in my DORECA.

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