Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 121

In front of me were Anna and the original villagers.

All in all there were ten homes, it was a small village of around 20 people.

All of them were gathered in front of me.

「Thank you very much.」

Anna said and bowed. The rest of the villagers did as well.

Looking out over everything, nearly all of it had been made with my DORECA.

Living quarters, food and storage, and the clothes they wore.

All of it was from the DORECA.

The things that they used had been replaced by higher quality versions and they all seemed fresh faced.

「It’s thanks to your Majesty.」
「Don’t worry about it. If you run out of Pushinee send a message. Before long we’ll connect the rails here so you can use the train.」

Anna said confused. It looks like she doesn’t know what that is.

「You’ll understand when you see it.」
「Understood. Thank you again for your help.」

Anna and the villagers once again bowed.

I waved my hand and set off.

The six slave children were at the entrance…..but they didn’t see me.

They were all gathered at a single location doing something.

「What’s going on?」
「Ah, Mathter.」

Chasri responded. She seems to have taken up the position of leader.

「Twash cleanup~」
「Trash cleanup?」

I peeked over their shoulders.

There were some pieces of wood lying there.

They looked to be leftover materials and trash from creating the houses and storehouse.

Vuela was in the process of using her Slave Card to 「deconstruct」 them.

「I see, trash from the DORECA is being erased by the DORECA.」

I watched over them as they continued their cleanup.
I walked with my slave children through the wilderness.

We were making our way back to Ribek from the village and the children were walking in front of me.

They were holding hands and singing some song.

Whenever something caught their eye, Lilia’s child Arisa would set off running then dig up a rock and look at it seriously.

Whenever I hadn’t given them a job they acted like children their age.

I couldn’t decide what was better, the sight of them playing innocently or when they went off to do work.


Svetlana’s child Origa looked straight at me.

「Create a chair, it can be with magic.」

Origa took out her card and made a stool.

She placed the stool on the ground. The ground was uneven so it wobbled a lot.

I didn’t mind it and sat down.

「Massage my shoulders.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

She blanked out for a moment but then her eyes sparkled as she ran behind me.

She started joyfully massaging my shoulders while the other five looked on enviously.

The delicate feeling of her trying to beat on my shoulders properly wasn’t the point.

………It was adorable, but that also wasn’t the point.

They were children, but they were Eternal Slaves. Slaves.

It would be best to give them something to do.

I suddenly stood up straight.

I took out True Eternal Slave and touched the jewels, sucking them inside.


Chasri sounded puzzled. I could also feel the others’ confusion within my mind.

「This method is faster.」

They felt even more confused.

「We’re going to hurry and return to Ribek—I’ve got jobs for you.」

The moment I said that, I got a charge from all of them.
The sun had mostly set by the time we made it back to Ribek.

I saw a familiar silhouette in the distance before we entered town.


We’d known each other for long enough that I knew her by her silhouette.

My first slave Risha was standing there.

The hair that she had cut when I made my Slave Sword, the 「Slave Gift」 had grown back completely. She was the one amongst my slaves that looked most Elf-like.

「Ah, welcome back Master.」
「I’m back. What were you doing?」
「Umm, garbage disposal.」
「Garbage disposal?」

I tilted my head.

Risha glanced over and I glanced in the same direction.

The surroundings were pretty dark so it was hard to make out, but I could see a large amount of garbage.

A mountain of it.

「………this much?」

It was a surprising amount. It was so much that I couldn’t take it all in at once—a size almost as large as a baseball field.

「There was a garbage mountain here?」
「Yes, all of Ribek’s garbage is carried here. Then sometimes we come here and erase it with the DORECA.」

(Chasri learned that from mommy.」

I see, so that’s where they got it from.

「Good work, continue please.」

Risha returned to taking care of the garbage.

There was a half broken wood house that was clearly made with a DORECA. It was cleanly erased with 「dismantling」.

There were various things that were erased one after another.

After watching over her for a while we continued into Ribek.

By the time we entered, the sun was completely set.

The night of Ribek was still lively.

The main street had many stalls and stands where the men who had finished a hard days work were eating and drinking.

That was good, keep on.

But, there was a problem.

The things my slave children had done and the thing Risha was doing.

Just looking made me realize.

The town was………dirty.

There was trash here and there.

It wasn’t spread everywhere, but it was gathering.

It was most likely trash that hadn’t been carried away yet.

At that moment a citizen passed by the garbage and pinched his nose trying to get by quickly.

I need to take care of this.
Ribek Palace Office.

I called Yuria over.

「What is the present situation with garbage?」
「Show me how much there is.」
「………then, like this.」

Yuria said with her usual deadpan expression and drew on the blackboard.

She drew a garbage meter below the other meters.


Clothes ■■□□□
Food □□□□□
Trash ■■■■■

「Oi oi. It’s gotten this bad?」
「More accurately……it’s like this.」

She said and started drawing on other areas.

She drew a sixth, seventh, and eighth……..and 8 out of 5.

「Oioi……the other towns?」
「Like this」
「Most of them are sevens? ………I need to resolve this trash problem. If we leave it then there’ll be a health problem…..illnesses will become an issue.」
「It will be fine if we make panacea.」
「It’d be best if people didn’t get sick in the first place. Even without that I don’t want to let the towns become like that.」

I was trying to revive the world, I couldn’t let trash just build up like this.

「Trash disposal.」
「Burning or burying it?」
「Throwing it in the sea?」
「That doesn’t sound like these will solve it.」

I smiled bitterly. That wouldn’t have any meaning whatsoever.

「Burying it would be bad…..maybe burning it?」
「Burning that much would be problematic. It increases every day………if we used proper oven flame then we would need at least 1,000 Raba Souls.」
「Raba Souls?」
「Yes. The ones for the burners and the bath boilers. If we were to use those to burn the trash then we would need around 1,000. That’s why it’s troublesome. If you made it with magic, it would take all of our magic.」

Yuria said with a difficult look on her face.

It was the distress of someone who knew the numbers.

But, I was different.

I had just obtained the trump card that would solve the difficulties.

「We’ll make an incinerator. Gather all slaves who are free.」

Yuria looked confused, but she obeyed my orders and gathered everyone.

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