Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 122

Ribek Outskirts, a short distance away from the trash mountain.

I took out my Black Card DORECA and checked the video function.

A panel above the ground that opened to an airtight space.

Inside of it were wooden houses and lots of pushinee.

The amount illustrated that this space was about the size of a tennis court and around 10 meters tall.

The seemingly airtight walls then shifted and spouted out flames which completely filled the space.

The flames burned fiercely truly befitting an inferno.

The things within this space were completely burnt to nothingness.

It was an amazing sight. After all, not even speaking of ashes and cinder, not even smoke was let out.

After the flames receded there was nothing left besides for the airtight space.

「It looks like if we throw the trash in here it should burn it all.」

Truly this was the thing I wanted the most right now.

After making sure of it, I closed my DORECA and looked at my slaves.

The twelve of them stood in front of me. All of them wearing their chokers. They were lined up in two lines

The children stood behind their mothers.


Yuria stepped forward.

「Take Vuela and find a place to build the thing I’m about to show you. An out of the way and open place is best. If by any chance something happens then there won’t be any damage.」
「There’s a barren hill some distance from here」

Yuria quickly came up with a suggestion.

As expected of her.

「That’s fine. Make a fountain there plus you should be able to make this thing with a Bronze Card. Place down the circle and follow the arrows.」
「Got it.」

Yuria nodded. As always she calm and quiet, but she gave a sense of security and stability.

I gave out my next order.

「Risha and Lilia.」
「I’ve been waiting desuno」

My first and fourth slave stepped forward.

「Take Chasri and Arisa and begin constructing railroads. Don’t use the preexisting ones, make a line for transporting garbage specifically. Connect each town to the barren hill that Yuria spoke about.」
「Kids let’s go desuno~」

This time I called Mira.

「You and Irina should go to Nina’s place. I’d like her to develop a train specialized in moving garbage. Since we already have the trains as a basis it shouldn’t take too long.」
「Isn’t this the hardest one?」

Mira said but her face looked pretty happy.

It was like this recently because she specialized in dealing with Nina.

Since it was her own exclusive job, it was clearly something that made her happy as an Eternal Slave.

「Bella too?」

Raisa’s daughter Bella stepped out as well.

It seems they understood the pattern.

I nodded with satisfaction and said.

「The two of you will travel to the towns and give out an official notice. All trash must be separated between those that can and can’t be 「Dismantled」.」
「Should it also be the stuff we’ve already collected?」
「That’s right, tell them.」

The once oppressed and fearful Raisa was now working with a smile along with her daughter.

And so my slaves moved out one after another.

The five teams of mothers and daughters went off to accomplish their tasks.

All that was left was the Svetlana mother-daughter pair.

「Master, what will we be doing?」
「We can do anything.」

They said in a similar tone.

The two of them were the most similar amongst the pairs. Their eyes seemed to say ‘give us work’ as they looked at me.

「You two will be hunting materials with me.」
「There are lacking materials? ……so it’s an enemy strong enough to need our help?」

Svetlana said and braced herself.

「Not really, but there is something I want to test.」
「Come with me.」

The pair was confused but they didn’t question my orders and followed me.
I brought them out to the wasteland.

It was still a wasteland, but it was slightly different.

Unlike before, it wasn’t all wasteland.

There were now weeds growing here and there.

The world seemed to be recovering…..but it was slow.

Really slow. At this rate it would take years and years.

As I thought, I’ll have to do it.

「Master, light is…」

Svetlana was pointing to my bag.

As she said, it was shining. It was the True Raba Soul that I’d obtained a little while ago.

At the same time an arrow appeared and pointed to the Raba soul.

「So Yuria put down the magic circle. Now we know how to get back.」

The DORECA and Slave Cards had the ability to point out the closest available material with an arrow.

That was what was happening. Yuria had placed down the circle for the garbage incinerator and the arrow had pointed all the way here.

「I see, so that’s why you had her place down the magic circle early…….amazing Master, I didn’t think you could use the arrows like this.」
「It’s just a bit of practicality. It’s nothing much.」

I truly thought so. Risha, who’d been with me the longest, should also have figured this out too.

「I don’t think I would have ever realized it. I can definitely understand why Master was granted this power.」
「I think it would’ve been useless if it wasn’t Master.」

Not only Svetlana, but her daughter Origa said so.

Both of them were praising me.

The praise was pretty normal, but the combination of both of them saying it together was fresh.

It felt pretty good.

It made me feel like it was true. That it wouldn’t have been good if it wasn’t me.

In truth, the one who had been summoned at the same time as me, Seiya, had completely and utterly failed.

You could say that this was a type of proof.


I thought about that person who was no longer here as I walked towards a small valley.

「But Master, the arrow doesn’t just end here. There’s more arrows over there.」
「We’ll do those later. Right now we focus here.」

I said and took out True Eternal Slave.

I had brought these two here with a certain expectation.

A certain…anticipation.

I hoped that something would happen if I put both Mother and Child inside the sword.

「Right now we fight. I’ll be borrowing your power.」

I took Svetlana into the blade.

The emerald green gem in the sword began to shine. It was the same color as her choker.

「Next, Origa.」

I took in Origa as well.

Then I waited for a bit.

Without doing anything, I waited.

(Something wrong?)

Hm, nothing’s happening?

If it was the Mother-Daughter pair I thought something would happen.

But it looks like I was wrong.

Well, it can’t be helped…

—I thought when…


Origa spoke up sounding surprised.

「What’s wron——huh?」

I couldn’t help but speak up. There was a change in the sword.

Something was coming out of Svetlana’s gem on True Eternal Slave.

It emerged and wrapped around my body becoming——armor.

It was the color you’d imagine of a whirlwind and was light and airy, but it was armor without a doubt.

In a word—-Wind Armor.

「This is……..」

The armor talked.

(Origa? You are…)

Svetlana spoke from the sword with surprise.

I see, so that’s what it was.

The mother was left inside the sword and the child was turned to armor.

I was satisfied. Something had happened.

「Just as I wanted.」
(Is that so Master?)
「I was wondering if something like this might happen. I thought it would if I put both mother and daughter in the sword. That’s why I brought you along this time.」
(Is that so? Master is amazing. I never imagined…)
(Master amazing)

I was praised by the two of them.

「Ok we’re going to test this girls.」
(With pleasure!)
(Leave it to Origa~)

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—
—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

With this new usage pattern and the new cute mother daughter pattern, I was excited to give things a try.

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