Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 123

We followed the shining arrow on the way back to the incinerator’s location.

The mother and daughter slaves walked by my side.

Svetlana was patting her daughter’s head while at the same time touching her own choker.

It looked like she was caring for her two precious treasures.

「I’m so glad I met Master.」
「I see」
「Master is like my God. You didn’t only give me a new life but a life full of joy. You are a godly existence to me.」
「Well I was honestly just doing as I wanted.」

I shrugged.

I was just showing my love for my slaves as I pleased, that’s all.

Even having both mother and daughter serve me had absolutely no demerits.

In fact it was a happy thing full of nothing but merits.

That’s why I did it. That’s all.

Even so, Svetlana thought of me like a god.

「God huh? I don’t really know about the existence of a proper god in this world.」

The only ones I knew of were the Goddess and the Evil God.

Un, neither of them were proper gods.

If possible I didn’t want to be like them….but if Svetlana wanted to think of me as such I didn’t care.

It made her happy and satisfied after all.

If it made my slaves happy then maybe being a god wouldn’t be too bad.

As I thought that I made my way through the wilderness.

Unexpectedly a Slave Beast appeared.


I nodded and unsheathed my Slave Sword.

「I’ll defeat it and return them to a human. Prepare clothes, pushinee, and water.」
「Got it. Origa.」

They took out their slave swords and began their preparations.

I held my sword and advanced to defeat the monkey when…..

The ape was cut in half right before my eyes. Something black flashed right in front of my eyes from overhead and cut it in two.

I was shocked, I looked at my two slaves.

They both shook their heads.

It wasn’t them…and it wasn’t me.

Then who?


Svetlana looked at the ground in shock and cried out.

「It’s Khorkina.」

I followed her line of sight.

She had turned back from a monkey.

Silver hair and brown skin, a long eared dark elf.

Svetlana’s acquaintance, the Regret Khorkina.

What happened?

「Kukuku, Ahhhahahahahahaha」

The sound of laughter poured down from the sky.

I looked up and saw a black cloud descending.

The disgusting looking black cloud eventually dissipated and I could see a person’s form.

This was——someone I recognized.

「It’s been a while huh Akihito!」
「You…..why do you look like that? And you should be dead…..」

Yes, Seiya should be dead. Maya reported that to me.

She said she had done it herself.

I trusted Maya and that she had done it herself.

So Seiya should be dead for sure.

But he was here.

And even more so…his appearance.

It was ominous.

He stood before me with his upper body bared and black designs running along his skin.

I didn’t understand what they were…but I understood they weren’t anything good.

That was for sure.

「Don’t be so worried…I came here to thank you today.」
「Thank me?」
「That’s right. It’s thanks to you killing me that I was able to get the Evil God’s power.」
「The Evil God’s power!?」

I was stunned.

At that moment Seiya reached out his hand.

The black designs moved and gathered at his fingertip.

This is bad!——I thought and at that moment I was attacked.

The black smoke gathered and flew at me.

I immediately drew my slaves into True Eternal Slave.

I held up my sword and the armor formed.

I wielded those two powers as a shockwave hit my body.

It felt as if I had been hit by a huge mattress at full strength. It didn’t hurt but I definitely felt the impact.

The strike sent dust exploding into the air.

Finally it subsided.

What I saw was a large hole in the ground.

The only safe area was where I had been blocking. It looked as if a crater had suddenly formed.

With one strike……I couldn’t help but hold my breath.

I looked at Seiya and his face warped with satisfaction.

「It’s thanks to you Akihito. I have this great power thanks to you.」
「Seiya…if you only have power then you’ll end up like before again.」
「Did you think I only got some power?」
「Look at this.」

Seiya pointed his finger.

I looked and saw Khorkina. Her neck twisted around completely….it was clearly fatal.

Khorkina had just turned back into a human but she was killed in a single blow——or so it seemed. She suddenly transformed into a Slave Beast.

She was killed and turned into a monkey.

I had heard about this happening…but it was my first time actually seeing it.

「It isn’t just power, like this I have all the abilities and powers of the Evil God. HOW DO YOU LIKE IT AKIHITO!!!? You see what I have now?」

Seiya said in ecstasy as he cut the slave beast in half as it tried to run away.

Then——it turned back into Khorkina once more.

Then he killed her again and changed her into a slave beast.

「Don’t play with her life like that!!」

I frenziedly cut at Seiya with my blade.

He blocked it with his arm and counterattacked.

The black smoke transformed into a dark blade.

「That level of attack is useless!」

(I won’t let you!)

The mother and daughter moved smoothly to protect me with the wind armor and repelled the dark blade.

I swung my sword once more at his arm.

I had increased the magic power in my blade as it sped towards his right arm and sent it flying.


He showed an expression of anguish for a moment.

Seiya took two steps back as his arm regenerated.

It seems like it didn’t work.

「Stop it Seiya! I don’t know much about that power but it’s from the Evil God that destroyed the world. It’s absolutely nothing good for you!」

Seiya laughed.

「Don’t try to scare me Akihito.」
「That’s not it! I’m trying to say that—」
「You scared? Hmm? Then I’ll tell you something good.」

Seiya’s body became fainter.

He was becoming so faint I could barely see him. Was he disappearing somewhere?

「I haven’t finished fusing with even 10% of the Evil God’s power. You understand what I’m trying to say?」

I frowned. I definitely understood.

In truth… was very important.

「Kukuku. I’ll see you again Akihito. When we see each other again I’ll show you my full power.」

Seiya said as he disappeared as if merging with the atmosphere.

……….I can’t believe it came to this.

Seiya was revived and what’s worse he obtained the Evil God’s power.

「I have to do something.」

I said as I removed my slaves from the sword.


Once Svetlana was out she ran towards Khorkina who was a slave beast.

The monkey had awakened and swung its sharp claws at Svetlana.

But, it didn’t hit.

The weakest monster…Slave Beast. Svetlana slipped through its attack and restrained it using its arms.

「Svetlana catch it. I’ll at least turn her back into a Regret.」

Svetlana said pitifully as she prevented her best friend from moving.

I apologized to Khorkina.

「…….I’m sorry for getting you involved with that bastard.」

And then I cut off the monkey’s head.

Then I sheathed my sword.

Now, since Seiya is attempting the revival of the Evil god…I need to think about many things.

First is——


Svetlana cried out in shock.

What is it? I wondered as I looked and was soon surprised myself.

The monkey had turned into a white skinned, golden haired……elf-like appearance.

Eternal Slave Khorkina.

Umm….what happened?

「Is it because of Master?」

Origa murmured absent-mindedly.

When her daughter said that Svetlana seemed taken aback.

「It’s the same as what happened to me.」

and I remembered what happened back then.

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