Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 124

Ribek Palace, office.

I was sitting and Yuria stood before me.

She was looking like a secretary as always as she gave me her report.

The garbage processing facility was finished.

She continued her report.

「We brought some trash to test it and burn it.」
「I see so you tried it? How was it?」
「The rails were not complete so we didn’t have a lot…but it all burned. It burned until nothing was left.」
「I see.」

So it was a great success so far.

「But, there are still things left made from the DORECA. It seems to take more time than the other trash.」
「It takes time huh? Does it burn properly?」
「It will」

Yuria gave a small nod.

「I see.」

I held my chin and thought for a moment.

I don’t understand the logic behind it, but the things made with the DORECA was hard to burn so it would be best to separate the trash.

「See that the trash separation policy is carried out….also put some penalties and rewards for it.」
「We’ll make a rule and the people who obey it will be entered into a lottery to receive a high class residence from Master.」

Would that be alright? I wondered.

「Alright fine. I’ll leave the selection method up to you.」
「Got it.」

Yuria nodded and her mouth slightly turned up at its edges.

It looked like she was pleased that her suggestion was accepted. However, her magic charge hurdle was high.

Well, I’m glad she was happy anyways.

Yuria left and in her place Raisa came in.

「What is it?」

She had a serious look on her face but she was having a hard time bringing it up.

I wonder what she wanted.

I watched Raisa and waited for her to speak up.

Finally she worked up her courage and spoke.

「I-I heard that the E-evil God appeared.」
「Yeah, it did. What’s more Seiya turned into it.」

So that’s what it was.

……..was this that hard to bring up?

「Umm, and I…….?」
「I…can I still be Master’s slave?」

I clapped my hands together.

I finally realized….I remembered.

My Fifth Slave Raisa.

I had met her at the same time as my First Slave Risha, but she was originally Seiya’s slave.

Seiya died and she became my slave.

However, Seiya, who was dead, revived.

It was obvious that she would be worried about her future.

Except, it didn’t seem like that’s all it was.

Raisa’s face was…..somehow desperate.

It was a face that showed she was desperately clinging to me desperate not to be thrown away.

「You will always be mine.」

I first started by saying it straight out.

「Yeah. I will never abandon my slaves and I will never give them up. Didn’t I say so before? You had to have that resolve when you became my slave. To serve me for life. Did you not? Did you not have the resolve to be mine for life?」
「No no no!」

Raisa desperately shook her head from side to side.

「That’s what I want!」
「Then there’s no issue.」
「Ok…….thank goodness. I didn’t know what would happen if you told me to go back to that person.」
「I never had that intention.」

I stood and walked next to Raisa.

I puller her choker gently yet firmly and made her look into my eyes.

「Raisa is my slave, once you are mine I will never give you to someone else.」
「So don’t worry about it.」

Raisa smiled.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

She was happy from the bottom of her heart.
Ribek’s Palace, Svetlana’s room.

I entered the room and saw three Eternal Slaves.

My sixth slave Svetlana, her daughter Origa, and the awakened Khorkina.

She was in the bed sitting up.

「Yahho~ It’s been a while Akito-chan.」
「You never change.」
「Of course not. Khorkina-chan is the best Khorkina-chan in the world.」
「It’s amazing I could understand what you mean from that nonsense phrase.」
「Ahaha, Akito-chan is the one I can’t understand.」

When I arrived next to her bed Origa brought me a chair.

I thanked her and sat.

Once again I looked at the smiling Khorkina.

「Do you understand the situation?」
「Somehow. The terrible was revived right?」

So it was all summed up in the one word “terrible”. It was easy to understand.

「That’s right.」
「What are you going to do about the terrible?」
「Don’t worry, I’ll handle him somehow.」
「Yep. Leaving aside the Evil God of the past, I have a bond of destiny with Seiya apparently……at least that’s what he believes. That’s why I will do something about it.」
「I see」
「Besides, he’s an opponent I need to face if I want to restore this world.」
「Yep Yep Mhmm. That’s cool Akito-chan.」
「Don’t make fun of me.」
「I’m not. I was really thinking it was cool.」
「That’s why I was always telling you to fix how you speak.」

Svetlana said.

It seemed like advice that she could say because she was close friends with her.

「Ahahaha~ my bad my bad.」

She laughed as she patted the back of her head.

I wonder if she really understands?


Khorkina’s facial expression changed.

A rare serious expression.

「What’s wrong?」
「That’s right. He said 《That guy’s the King of Eternal Slaves, so I’ll take the Regrets》 so——」
「Ah, don’t worry. We’ve taken measures.」

Khorkina was surprised.

Just at that moment footsteps echoed from outside the room.

They approached closer and opened the door to enter.


It was Yuria.

「I have a report.」
「How is it?」
「A message from the Elite Troops. An army of monsters larger than expected has appeared outside the Regret’s Capital City. It needed 2 rounds of the main cannons before they were driven away.」
「Two shots? There must have been a lot of them.」

I could imagine. It must have been a lot of them to need Battleship Risha to fire her main cannons.

「Tell Maya this. Good job. Stay there and continue defending. Also tell her that the warrior people of Kazan will reinforce them later.」

Yuria nodded and left the room.

Khorkina’s eyes glittered after listening to our conversation.

「That’s amazing Akito-chan. You predicted and sent your elites to defend?」
「Awe~some. It kinda seems like a genius strategist.」
「It’s fairly simple based on Seiya’s obsession with me.」

Seiya would do things like this.

Try to destroy the towns I made.

Try to steal my slaves.

And now——he would try to make the Regrets his own.

That’s why after thinking, I could predict that Seiya, with his uselessly high pride, would want to defeat me in any way possible and attack the Regrets.

It was expected.


By the way, Khorkina was looking at me with increasing levels of admiration.

「Hey hey Akito-chan~」
「Make me your sla——」

Khorkina’s words were interrupted.

Boom! An explosion echoed from the sky.

I looked outside the window and saw the surrounding houses knocked down by some sort of impact.

「Woah~ what’s this? Why’s this place fine?」

Khorkina looked out the window and compared the palace to the surroundings.

「This palace has an absolute barrier. Rather than that…」

I opened the window and leaned out.

I saw Seiya flying in the sky.

「Get out here Akihito!」

It looked like after he failed to defeat the Regrets he came here to attack. Then after he failed to even damage the palace he got irritated.

「I’ll dodge him and run.」
「Stay inside the palace. No matter what don’t come out. Catch Khorkina and keep her from going out.」

Svetlana leapt out into the corridor and set off running.

Victory was certain.

Seiya could not currently compare to me. He couldn’t compare to all the things I’d built up.

The proof was this palace didn’t even give an inch when attacked.

That’s why……..the first order of business was driving him away.

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