Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 125

The moment I walked out of the palace there was another shockwave from the sky.

Seiya had attacked the palace again.


Seiya spat in annoyance. It looks like he was angry that he couldn’t put a single scratch on the palace.

The palace would be fine….but the attacks were getting the surroundings caught up in the crossfire.

In truth, the townspeople were screaming and running.

I couldn’t leave it be.


It was like two children calling to each other across the playground…but he had vicious and villainous expression on his face.

Seiya having spotted me leapt down from the sky.

He swung his right arm in an attack.

Ching! I blocked his attack with Eternal Slave.

What struck my blade were pitch black claws, the three black monstrous claws were coming from the three gaps between his knuckles. (think Wolverine)

「I was looking for you Akihito!」
「Shut it!」

I couldn’t let him stay here.

I strengthened my grip.

The gems on my swords glittered and an earth colored armor covered my body.

「Get out of my toooowwwwn!!!」

I pushed Seiya back using my sword.


I pushed with all my strength directly down main street on a straight line out of town.

I pushed him full speed out of Ribek then blew him through the mountain of garbage before continuing to push him.

Just like that——further and further away.

「Don’t get too full of yourself!!!」

Seiya’s body halted in midair as if it was fixed there and the sudden strong resistance repelled me.

I landed on the ground and fixed my posture before glaring at Seiya.

Seiya’s appearance was even more sinister than before.

His hair was bristling and moving and looked as if it was cast from metal.

From his back there were beast-like wings and now both his upper and lower half were bare. Instead of pants his lower half was covered in scales.

He no longer looked human. He was now a demon——the form of an evil god.

「What did you come here for Seiya?」
「You know already. How dare you get in my way.」
「You mean the Regrets huh?」
「That’s right. What do you think you’re doing Akihito?」
「I have a cooperative relationship with the Regrets so of course I’d help them if I knew they wer ein danger.」
「So you tried to steal a march on me?」
「I just wanted to protect them.」
「Don’t pretend to be a saint!」

Seiya attacked and a black aura flew out.

I set up my sword and defended. Everything except for the ground I was standing on became a crater.

Not wasting a moment Seiya leapt. He slashed at me with the hellish claws on both his hands.

I blocked them with Eternal Slave. The sound of ringing metal echoed as my body received the impacts.

I blocked before giving him a swift kick, sending him flying.

I felt something warm run down my cheek…was it blood?

I raised my hand to wipe it off——but I didn’t feel a wound.



I heard Raisa’s voice inside my head.

This brown colored armor was her special trait.

Was gradually healing wounds the special ability of this mother-daughter pair?

「Continue backing me up like this.」

We kept our exchanges to the minimum as I looked at Seiya.

Seiya cracked his neck from side to side.

I could see that the skin around his claws were badly cut and torn up.

However, they weren’t bleeding…instead something repulsive was leaking out.

You could tell it wasn’t human just by looking at it.

Seiya noticed my gaze and looked at his hands.

Then he began to grin and laugh.

「Akihito this isn’t enough for you to be proud of.」
「This kind of damage can’t even be considered an injury to me now.」

Seiya said as he gripped his fists tight. The wounds on them seemed to heal in an instant.

「So that’s another power of the Evil God huh?」
「That’s right. The Evil God’s power is awesome Akihito, it can even do things like this.」

Seiya gloated and waved his hand. Some kind of black ball fell into the earth.

The earth burst open leaving a hole.

Then after a short while a monster emerged from it.

It was a clay doll. It was barely human shaped as the mud on its body seemed to constantly move and warp.

However it wasn’t normal colored. It seemed to be the same black color as Seiya’s energy.

「So you can use monsters like that?」
「This isn’t even all of it.」

Seiya smirked as he once again waved his hand. Two magic circles appeared.

From the magic circle a black light flew out instantly and enveloped my body.

I blocked with my sword.

「Don’t even bother blocking…it’s not an attack.」

Seiya said, and true to his words I couldn’t feel any attack.

The black light quickly subsided and retreated back into the magic circle.

Then, from within the two magic circles two human forms appeared.

「Marato! Maxim!」

Two strong enemies that I had once defeated. The tyrant of Ribek Marato and the locust-like Maxim.

The two of them stared at me with wrathful eyes.

However, they didn’t move or speak.

They just glared at me unmoving.

Their eyes burned with such hate that it felt like they would leap over to attack at any time.

「…….summoning, what’s more it’s summoning that puts them under your control.」
「You understood quickly.」

I glared back at Seiya who had summoned them.

「How is my power? I became to do all this!」

He said gloating and laughing proudly as he raised his arms.

「I can even remake the dead!」
「The Goddess was wrong Akihito. That shi***y little card reviving the world little by little is stupid. I’m so glad that I can use the Evil God’s power. If I have this power I can revive the world all at once. Completely and instantly.」
「There will be no smiles in that or after it.」

I denied Seiya.

I didn’t know how far the Evil God’s powers went…but now I could understand.

Monster summoning and reviving the dead…

Among them not one smile would be found.


Seiya snorted in laughter.

He looked at me as if he had just heard the funniest joke ever.

「Smile? You said smile right Akihito?」
「Yes…….yes I did.」
「So you’re still saying that nonsense?」
「It isn’t nonsense.」
「Akihito…look at reality. Look at the time you’ve spent. What kind of thing is this country you’ve made?」
「What are you trying to say?」
「With the Evil God’s power it can all be revived…….let’s see this country could have been made within one night.」
「I say the same thing……there will be no joy or smiles within that.」

“He just doesn’t get it” Seiya’s face seemed to say as he shrugged.

I let Raisa out of True Eternal Slave.


Upon seeing her, Seiya’s face changed.

Next Bella came out.

Raisa’s daughter who was her spitting image. A small Eternal Slave.

I stroked Raisa’s cheek and patted Bella’s head.

「I’ll be borrowing your strength.」

They spoke together and smiled.


Seiya screamed as he pounced towards me.

He swung his demonic claws at me.

I knew he would so I instantly took them back into the sword and repelled him.

「Akihito! You fu**! How dare you steal slaves!」
「You were the one at fault. You were the one who used them incorrectly.」
「Slaves obey your power what’s wrong with that!?」
「That’s wrong! You should care for each other!」

Sword and claws entwined along with the ringing of metal.

Seiya and I clashed countless times.

We questioned and answered in parallel.

「You just keep on speaking bullsh**! Now that’s it come to this…!」

In the next moment attacks came at me from the right and left.

The brown armor blocked…….but was broken through.

My shoulder and side were cut, but they retreated before I could counter.

It was Marato and Maxim.

They were able to move, but they still didn’t speak.

They attacked again.


Seiya screamed as he charged at me as the other two attacked.

It had become a one-sided defensive fight within moments.

Seiya, Marato, and Maxim.

As expected I was at a disadvantage facing all three at once.

I was being pressured.

「What’s wrong Akihito!? The power of smiles is only this much! You can’t do anything with it!」

He struck my shoulder and cut it deeply as Marato’s sword struck me flying.

I slammed into the ground and rolled.

Seiya approached and stared down at me gloating with triumph.

「This as far as you go Akihito. That dumb crap about smiles is about to disappear from this world. It was too weak.」

Seiya raised his claws overhead.

I held True Eternal Slave and tried to block……but…

The claws didn’t come falling down, instead a cannonball flew out.

Several cannonballs flew over.

They all slammed into the ground with explosive sounds.

Seiya dodged and blocked in a panic.

However, Marato and Maxim couldn’t.

They tried to block but were struck by the cannonballs and crushed with a strange sound.

「Wh-what is this?」
「…….Bombardment from Ribek.」

I said to the panicked Seiya.

「Remember you tried to steal them. The nitoka…that’s where they’re coming from.」
「Seiya. I may be weak in comparison with the full power of the Evil God…but that’s fine.」
「I’m not a warrior or hero…….I’m…a King.」
「The King doesn’t have to be the strongest on the battlefield.」
「Quit saying bull——」

Seiya attempted to object but was instead blown away.

He was hit directly in the side by a giant cannonball.

It was a cannonball even bigger than a person——It was Battleship Risha’s main cannon.

I turned and saw the Battleship aimed right over here.


Seiya said as he rose, body in complete tatters.

For him to be able to move even after taking a shot from Risha’s main cannons….as one would expect from an Evil God.

But, the Battleship wasn’t the only thing that came.

From the other direction the sound of pounding feet echoed out.

A large cloud of dust followed the people of Kazan, the number one warrior-like people of our country.

I could see Martha at the vanguard.

Then, the bombardment from Ribek continued.


Furthermore I heard a voice behind me.

I turned and saw my other five Eternal Slaves.

Risha, Mira, Yuria, Lilia, and Svetlana.

Their daughter’s were there as well.

It seemed they ran all the way here.

「……Svetlana…you’re getting a lecture after this.」

It seems she was prepared for it when she disobeyed.

My slaves, the battleship, the warrior people, and the town’s bombardment.

「Seiya…this is our power.」
「As you wish I’ll show it to you. The view of all our laughter.」

The next moment I heard a loud clamor in my head as announcements poured out one after another.

It was the sound of 12 people’s magic charging.

I didn’t turn to look, but I knew they were all smiling.

「Are you more powerful than this Seiya?」
「DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!」

Seiya flew forward to attack.

His speed had lowered…it was a weak charge.

I blocked it with True Eternal Slave and cut him.

At that moment I flooded Seiya’s entire body with 「my power」.

I flooded it and erased the Evil God’s power.

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