Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 127

Inside the office I was checking my new Rare Card’s magic list when Yuria entered.

「What’s up?」
「There’s someone here to consult with you.」

I tilted my head in confusion.

This was the first time I’d heard Yuria use this term for a meeting.

There would be 「requests」 and 「wishes」 from the citizens. Those things came daily, but a consultation was a first.

「They want to meet you directly and talk Master.」
「I see」

Yuria’s face was as stiff as always but I could tell she didn’t know what to do.

She would gather normal 「requests」, organize them, and bring them to me.

It was clear that the request to 「meet me」 stumped her.

「I got it. Let’s meet. Where is he?」
「He’s outside.」
「So he’s already here? Then let him in. What’s his name?」

I heard his name and gave him permission to enter the absolute barrier.

After a while Yuria returned guiding a man into the room.

He looked to be around 40 years old.

He had a squarish beard and looked quite gentlemanly.

「Thank you very much Your Majesty the King.」

As he entered the room he gave a crisp bow.

「Nestor right? Take a seat.」

I indicated the chair across from me and my desk.

He sat down as I leaned my elbows on the desk and held my chin with folded hands. I then spoke up.

「You had something to ask?」
「In truth……..I’d like to move from Ribek.」

This was out of my expectations.

「You want to move from Ribek……..what do you mean?」
「I have been living in Ribek for quite some time.」
「You mean you lived here during Marato’s rule?」
「Yes and even before that.」
「When I was born, Ribek was a farming village. It developed slowly but surely until it caught Marato’s eye and he took over. After that Your Majesty arrived and rapidly developed the area to this point.」
「Huh, this place used to be a farming village…I never knew.」

That was quite interesting. I had no idea of Ribek’s history so I had no information about this.

After all, by the time Marato arrived this place already had the atmosphere of a trading town.

It didn’t have any vestiges left of an agricultural community.

「It is thanks to your Majesty that Ribek has grown so much, that is a joyful thing. Even now everyone is living happily….…..but」
「For someone like me Ribke’s current everyday life is too lively…..the pace of living is too fast.」
「… short you prefer a rural area over a city?」
「Speaking frankly, that would be the case.」
「…….I see.」

I sat back in my chair and stared at the ceiling.

In short he wanted to move from the city and live in the countryside..…

Up until now I had been developing my country with my DORECA.

In order to revive the world I had used the seemingly endless magic from my Slaves’ joy to develop at a rapid pace.

The entire thing was going smoothly and each foreign enemy was driven away. My population had surpassed 10,000 and we were becoming more prosperous.

I had thought that that was best, people like Nestor hadn’t entered my thoughts at all.

I hadn’t thought of them before…but I could understand.

「I understand what you want to say.」

I nodded.

「I….will make it for you.」
Three days later outside of Ribek.

There were around twenty people with Nestor at the center.

They were all young men and had not brought anyone with them. They appeared to be unmarried.

「These are all the interested people?」

I had sent out an official notice after my talk with Nestor.

I said that I would be making a new farming village so the interested people were welcome.

The ones who had come were these 20 people.

「I see」
「Um….Your Majesty?」
「Are you coming as well your Majesty?」
「Yeah. I told you I’d make it for you right?」
「Umm….I’m extremely sorry to have to say this but——」
「—I understand what you want to say.」

I stopped Nestor from saying anymore.

「If I’m there the rhythm will speed up again and make it hard for your lifestyle right?」
「W-well…….I’m sorry to say….but yes.」
「You don’t have to apologize. I understand what you’re saying. I’m self-aware enough for that.」

Nestor and the people around him wanted to live a slow life.

They wanted to get away from the city and live at their own pace.
If I came along then their new area would become a high speed slow life and they couldn’t live at their own pace.

They didn’t want that.

I understood.

「Be at ease.」
「I left behind my DORECA. The only one I have is this child’s Normal Card.」
「Nice to meet you.」

Oringa said as she peeked out from behind me.

It was Svetlana’s daughter, my twelfth slave.

She was the only one I had brought.

「I myself have an interest in a carefree and slow lifestyle.」

After my words and actions, Nestor and the others seemed pretty relieved.

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