Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 128

I exited Ribek and walked slowly.

It was a calm pace, a carefree walking pace.

I hadn’t usually walked around like this since I came to this world. I usually needed to get somewhere quickly and rushed through the wilderness and more recently I had used the newly built trains more often.

……….I felt restless.

As I looked at the ruined earth I felt restless. A feeling that I had to do something.

「What would be good?」

If I didn’t keep my wits about me I’d end up unable to continue this high speed slow life so I turned to the side and asked Nestor.

「What do you mean?」
「What kind of place would you like to live in? What kind of village? What do you want to make? What kind of life would you like to lead? That kind of stuff.」

「…………………a life without competition.」

After pausing for quite a while Nestor answered.

「A life without competition?」
「Yes. Thanks to your Majesty the country has become affluent. You can work as much as you please to improve your lifestyle and everyone is doing their best. However, everyone working so hard——is making work hard to get and there’s a scramble for employment.」
「I see?」

Is that how it was?

I hadn’t really observed that.

The blackboard in the office that Yuria kept updated only kept track of 「Clothing」 「Food」 and 「Housing」.

There wasn’t any parameter for job demand.

The public works was supposed to create jobs.

However I hadn’t thought about the amount of those jobs.

Next time I should ask Yuria.

That aside I looked at Nestor.

He continued to speak.

「We’ve become exhausted by this constant pressure. Though, we can continue to live in Ribek……..thanks to your Majesty our basic necessities would be met, but if we didn’t work at all……the gazes of the other citizens it too hard to bear.」
「They look at you wondering ‘why isn’t this guy working?’ or the like?」
He nodded back silently.

I see.

「Got it, I’ll keep that in mind.」

How much I reference it…would be unknown, but still.


A young voice echoed out from behind me.

I turned and saw Origa and the other men.

Origa was carrying a huge house on her shoulders.

We had stuffed most of the things that we might need and that had been made with a DORECA inside of it.

And since Origa had her Slave Card she was carrying it.

A child that looked around four years old carrying a house ten to twenty times her own size.

It was a bizarre sight but Origa was doing it.

——she was doing it but….



The wind blew and Origa staggered.

The house’s weight had been invalidated…but now it was being blown about by the wind.

It was the same difficulties as if she was carrying a huge balloon.

「Slave-chan Slave-chan, put it down, let us carry it.」
「That’s right Slave-chan, leave it to the adults ok?」

The men said to Origa.

It seems they couldn’t leave her as is.

「It’s ok because I’m a Slave.」

Origa refused with an answer that didn’t seem to make any sense.

Well in any case, Origa was the only one who could actually carry it.

After all…….

「Haa, haaa…….so heavy….」
「His Majesty’s slave-chans are amazing……」

——-if it wasn’t my slave, then even twenty men wouldn’t be able to lift it.

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