Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 130

A short distance from the village location.

I walked together with Origa.

「Ah, a caterpillar’s hair is lying there~」

Origa scampered around gathering the Elka hair.

「With this we can make lots of clothes and cloth…I think」
「We’re missing a bit.」
「Then we should gather more desu」

Origa took her backpack off and started stuffing the white hair inside of it.

When we first left town the backpack had been empty, but now it was completely filled with materials.

「There’s more over here…..huh?」
「What is it Origa?」

She was going around gathering things and was now looking around restlessly.

「We’ve come pretty far.」
「Hm? Yeah I guess so.」

I looked around.

There was nothing unusual about this area of the wasteland, but I strangely remembered it.

We passed by here on our way from Ribek.

「So what’s wrong?」
「When we came here before…I don’t think these materials were here.」
「Ah, no they weren’t.」

Of course not.

The materials that had been dropped were all from monsters I had defeated while going around.

As they were building houses I was going around defeating monsters.

I see why Origa thought it was weird.

This situation was almost like a farming game. You close it and overnight materials and things pop up out of nowhere.

Well that was fine, moreso.

「You remembered well.」
「Mom said that I had to look out for Master properly.」
「Svetlana huh?」

I thought that Origa’s words were a little funny.

She looked to be 3-5 years old.

A newly born Eternal Slave grew up to this size so quickly and will maintain this appearance for a while.

In a way they were like butterflies.

Though they only had two forms chrysalis and butterfly.

Origa’s young appearance was charming and adorable. It was nice to watch.

I wanted to reward this adorable child.

I started thinking if I could do something.


As I thought Origa suddenly stopped and took a small bow out of her backpack. She readied herself and looked around.

She wasn’t just looking, I could feel some blood thirst.

The bow she was holding wasn’t a regular one, it was the Eternal Slave specialty one…the Gradik. It looked cute but it definitely had power.

「You brought that with?」
「Mom said so. To think about Master and make sure you don’t get bothered. This is a tool for that.」
It looks like she was properly listening to her Mother’s teachings.

She was more and more lovable.


As I was busy admiring her Origa let out a cute shout and fired an arrow.

The arrow she fired split up and slammed right into the white hairy caterpillar


After her shot hit the target she let out a breath.

The relieved smile she gave was adorable and looked just right for her age.

「Origa look out!」

The caterpillar that had been shot through was not dead.

It leapt up from the ground and charged at Origa.

I pulled her hand to pull her out of the way.

And so she was out of the way of the Elka’s charge. Origa fired another arrow.

She continually fired. Nock and fire, nock and fire.

Each arrow flew through the air, split, and pierced through the elka.

The elka had been turned into a slice of swiss cheese as it died and its body melted away to reveal a pile of white hair.

「I’m sorry Master, I let down my guard.」
「Don’t worry about it.」
「Oh……the clothes you gave me are…」

Origa’s expression changed.

My slaves’ trademark green dress had been torn.

It probably happened when the elka’s charge had brushed against her.

「Forget the clothes, are you alright?」
「I see. Then I’ll make you some new clothes. After all we have a ton of elka hair.」

I said and Origa took out her Slave Card.

「What will we be making Master?」
「It’s fine, put it away.」

I said and took out my DORECA.

Origa was surprised.

「Why do you have that?」
I didn’t say anything and just smiled.

There’s no way I would just leave it behind. There was no knowing what kind of dangers would appear in a new land like this so there was no way I was letting go of the major source of my power.

「Forget about that Origa, do you have a request?」
「Yeah, anything. If it’s something I can make, I’ll make it for you. Go ahead.」

Origa thought.

She cocked her head to the side and thought hard.

She kept thinking but it didn’t seem like she could come up with something. She thought so hard it looked like smoke would pop out of her head.

「You can’t think of anything?」
「I’m sorry Master.」

It looks like she wasn’t good at asking for things.

Eternal Slaves were mostly like that, but Origa seemed to be a hardcore case.

「Then we’ll choose from here.」

I opened my menu and checked the list.

Recently I’d left development to Nina and almost daily there would be a new item on the list.

I checked carefully.

Among the items was one interesting looking one.

「Origa. I have extremely suitable clothing for slaves…would you like that?」

Hearing those words Origa’s eyes glittered.
「You’ve returned your Majesty? ——Eh?」

When we returned to the village’s land Nestor came out to greet us and was promptly stunned.

He stared at Origa as if he was seeing something unbelievable.

「Th-this is?」
「This is for Slaves, one of their next generation uniforms.」

I purposefully exaggerated.

It was accurate in a sense…but it was definitely an exaggeration.

「The Slave-sama’s uniform?」
「Yeah, it suits her right?」
「Haa… that you mention it it does look like servant clothing so it may suit them as you said your Majesty but……..」

He said with a strange look on his face.

Well, I could understand.

After all, Origa was now wearing——a maid uniform.

It was black and white as the base with an apron and frills.

「Isn’t that nice Origa? It suits you.」
「It’s thanks to Master desu.」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

She said as she gave a dazzling smile.

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