Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 131

One night passed and in the morning Nestor and the men continued their building.

They hadn’t finished creating homes for everyone. Even though the materials to make them was wood and grass they could find almost anywhere, the amount was more than usually necessary so it made it feel more difficult.

「Nestor-san I found these when I was looking for wood.」
「Oh aren’t those fruits? And they’re fresh. So you found some.」
「Yeah, I was wondering if there was stuff like this out there.」
「Leave that tree there. Once we eat the fruits we’ll use the seeds to plant those trees.」

Even so, Nestor and the men were acting leisurely.

At this pace they would be developing more slowly than my first town 『Akito』.

They didn’t worry about progress and just slowly went along with their lives.

Among them was the maid uniformed Origa who was running around here and there.

「Slave-chan be careful, don’t get hurt.」
「How cute, these clothes really suit Slave-chan.」

I felt like her adorableness was further degrading their carefree nature.

……..I’m so bored.

After coming here I was fine for the first day…but pretty soon I’d gotten bored.

「…..wonder if I should take a walk or something?」

I separated myself from the group.

I walked around at random.

In the depths of my heart I was hoping for something…hoping that a monster would appear.

A monster would be good for killing time.

I walked.

And walked.

I looked around restlessly and walked.

After around 30 minutes I was about to return to the new village after making a large circuit. Along the way I hadn’t seen a single monster.

「……….why do they always appear when I don’t want them and disappear when I do…」

I was a bit disappointed.

No monsters had appeared.

Maybe I defeated to many of them.

Well, for Nestor and the men’s slow life it would be good that I got rid of all of them.

Maybe the monsters had spread around that approaching this place was dangerous.

Well that might be a bit much.

「Menu Open.」

I took out my Rare Card and used encounter up.

Then I wandered again.

Walking walking…….wandering here and there.

「Encounter Up」

I walked some more.

I wandered aimlessly.

「…….Enounter Up」

I was on the verge of tears. I don’t care if it’s a ghost or demon just something show up.

I piled up the magic as I kept walking and…….an elka appeared!

The elka looked at me in shock.

Then it clumsily turned itself 180 degrees and started running.

「Sorry, but I won’t let you get away.」

I joyfully chased after it, caught up, and defeated it with my bare hands.


It was only one, but it was a diversion.

I grabbed the dropped white hair and stuffed it in my pocket.

「But still, even using magic it’s at this level? I even layered them…」

How afraid are they? I guess this is what you call reaping what you sow.

It can’t be helped, I guess I’ll just return to the village.

At this point I’ll just give Origa some love.

It’d basically be removing the Eternal Slave’s help from those guys so it’d probably help their pursuit of the slow life.

I thought and started to head back when…

My entire body felt like it was floating and the scenery flew by at high speed.

It felt like my body was falling down!


I calmed myself and righted my body in midair so I could land.

「What was that?」

I checked my situation.

Above me was a hole with dried grass and ivy growing off of it. Apparently I fell down here.

The hole was around 2 meters in diameter and from the appearance it hadn’t been dug recenly.

It’s probably been here for years… tens of years.

A hole that had been here long before, and I’d stepped in it.

Well, it was in a field.

「Well anyways how do I get up——huh?」

As I was about to scale the walls to return I looked and realized something.

The hole was almost straight down, but there was a passageway extending out to the side.


I unintentionally spoke up while knowing I was smiling.

I had been so tired of the tedium and despite not knowing what this was it was at least a change.

Right now I was very thankful for such a change.

「Whether a demon comes out or a snake…either way I’m fine with it.」 (TN: A way of saying ‘you never know what’s going to come out’)

I murmured and entered the tunnel.

The ceiling of the tunnel was fairly low and unless you stooped over you couldn’t enter.

I squatted down and entered the hole.

After continuing on for a while I suddenly fell again.


The second time I was able to deal with it much more easily.

Then I was about to land when…


I heard a woman’s scream from below me.

I didn’t have time to readjust myself when we hit!

「Owowowoww…..wa. Oi are you ok!?」

I got up in a panic.

Underneath me was an unconscious young woman.

She wasn’t only unconscious, there was blood coming out of her head.

I took out my panacea and poured it into her mouth.

The blood soon stopped and I was relieved.

That was fine, but I was bewildered at her appearance.

It was a woman I’d never seen before and frankly she didn’t look like a normal human.

Her upper half was a beautiful girl, but her lower half was a snake!
「My name is Akito」
「My name is…..Lyra.」

I named myself once the girl with the snake lower half woke up. Once she awoke she immediately took some distance from me vigilantly.

Well, it was less vigilance and more fear I suspect.

She took her distance and looked at me with eyes like a small animal.

「Why are you so afraid?」
「Well, you’re a human.」
「Humans capture us and do horrible things……」

I didn’t know anything about that, but did the people of this world do that?

Were therianthropes like Lyra persecuted by humans?

It was a story I could understand.

「Please don’t worry, I won’t do that.」
「Because I’m a bit different from the humans you know about Lyra.」

Lyra was surprised. I wanted to show her some proof to set her at ease.

I took out my DORECA and opened my menu.

I looked from Lyra to my creation list and thought for a bit. Then I laid down magic circle.

I put in the elka hair that I had previously gotten and made a ribbon.


Lyra was surprised once more as I approached and tied the ribbon onto her tail in a bow.

Her tail now had a red ribbon tied like a butterfly on it.

「Un, it suits you pretty well.」
「How did you do that?」
「It’s my special power, it’s something like magic. Humans can’t do that, can they?」

Lyra shook her head.

Her fearful eyes had begun to glitter instead.

「For you to be able to do such things…..are you a God?」
「No…….but I guess you could call me an Emissary from God.」

I’d never really thought about it, but the Goddess had told me to come down to this world and restore it…so I could be considered an Emissary from God.

When I said that, Lyra’s eyes were gleaming.


I had done this to dissolve her caution, but it was more effective than expected.

I listened to what Lyra had to say.

Apparently she was a demi-human from a race that was living underground.

Long ago many things had happened, they were chased by humans and ended up going deep underground.

「It’s been almost a hundred years since a human came down here, but if you’re an Emissary from God I can understand it.」

It’d been 100 years since a human had arrived in this place to interact? Then why had I come here?

………Oh, it was Encounter Up wasn’t it?

This was probably the result of layering it several times which led me to fall in here and meet Lyra.

「U-umm……Lord Emissary…」
「Lord Emissary…..can you make other things?」

She timidly asked, eyes filled with expectation.

「I can make anything besides living creatures.」

I was embellishing a bit, but it shouldn’t be incorrect.

「Th-then…….can you make houses and buildings….?」

「Yes I can make an Underground Empire.」

I said before she finished her words.

This kind of thing was my specialty.

Lyra’s eyes glittered with hope and joy.

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