Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 132

I went with Lyra to her home.

We went through a few underground tunnels till we finally reached it. What greeted me was more of a child’s secret base than a home.

It was basically just a hole/cave that was dug to become larger.

In a way it was suitable for a monster girl living underground.

But, what was bothering me was…

「Is there no one else here?」

The house was solitary with no one else around.

「In truth…..our people sends out a girl from the village to make a new village and learn.」
「We make a new colony, give birth, and raise the children.」
「In a way you’re like ants or bees.」
「But…..I’m so awkward.」

Lyra nodded and entered her home.

I followed her and entered…then I understood.

Her house had a table, bed, and various furniture but all of them were poorly made.

The table legs were all uneven and the bed was basically just stuffed with leaves.

I take it back…a child’s secret base would probably be made better.

「I see, so that’s why you asked if I could make other things.」

Lyra quietly spoke in embarrassment as she hung her head.

Well, if that’s the case then that makes things easy.

「To make a house…the materials….would be too annoying to grab from the surface so I’ll make it with magic. Next would be——」

Suddenly Lyra screamed.

「What’s wrong!?」

Lyra pointed at a portion of the tunnel wall that was crumbling. From it a huge snake appeared.

It looked even bigger than an anaconda. It seemed to be nearly a meter in thickness, a giant snake.

It wasn’t just big, the fangs in its mouth seemed to fairly drip with venom.

It looks like it was a venomous snake.

「Wh-why is a Zumiya….」
「It’s called a Zumiya?」
「It’s not your friend?」
「Not at all! Don’t lump me together with something like that!」

Lyra strongly denied. A giant snake and a snake girl…I thought they might be allies, but it looks like I was wrong.

「Anyways let’s run!」

Lyra said preparing to flee.

「You don’t have a Fountain of Ilia?」
「If I did then I wouldn’t be able to approach either.」

Oh right, she’s a monster girl after all.

……though she seems different from a monster.

As I thought that the Zumiya approached.
I dodged the open mouthed strike and punched the side of its head.

Bam! It felt like I punched a hard rock.

「It’s hard huh…」
「It is! That’s not all if you approach it’ll constrict you, melt you with venom, and slowly eat you. Let’s run Lord Envo——」

I drew True Eternal Slave and put magic in it before striking.

It was a little harder than I thought, but once I put in more magic I was able to cut its head right off.

「I wonder if this is some kind of material. Lyra, is it just an individual? Or is this Zumiya the name of a race?」

Lyra was at a loss for words.

「Oi, what’s wrong?」

I waved my hand in front of her eyes.

「What’s wrong?」
「L-Lord Emissary is strong.」
「……Did you think an Emissary from God would be weak?」
「Umm…..I was….scared of the Zumiya so…..」

So she thought even an Emissary of God couldn’t beat it?

Well, whatever.

「Anyways, is this an individual or a species?」
「Umm, there are few of them, but they are a species.」
「I see, then I’m relieved.」

If it was only a single creature then it would only be able to turn into a single item. As long as it is a species then, even if they are rare, it won’t be a problem.

Thinking that I unintentionally spoke out my 「relief」.

「You’re relieved by that…..could it be that Lord Emissary is a more amazing person than I thought?」

Lyra seemed to murmur.

For now I’ll ignore it and focus on what I need to do.

Since I couldn’t make a Fountain of Ilia, then I should give some thought to a defensive system.

I should probably make it with the feeling of an underground fort.
I put magic into True Eternal Slave and began cutting at the wall. It gave off a dissolving sensation like a hot knife through butter as I widened the cave.

Length, width, and height.

I made all of them larger——I made the cave huge.

I made it so at least half a basketball court could fit inside.

The space was nearly 5 times its original size.

Now that it was bigger I could build as I pleased even if it was castle-like.

Listening to what Lyra said, she would be like the Queen of the new colony, her standpoint would be as such.

I stood in front of the hole the Zumiya dug and began cutting with my sword.

From that one meter large hole I dug out a space around a fourth the size of the previous.

Then I took out my DORECA and placed a magic circle at the entrance.

「What is that?」
「Lyra, bring that table over here please.」
「Ah, yes.」

Lyra did as she was told and brought the awkward table over.

「I need to use this.」
「Use it? I don’t understand but go ahead.」

Now that I’d gotten permission, I cut up the table and placed it inside the magic circle.

With the materials gathered…it became a wood door.


Lyra was clearly surprised.

「It turned into a door!?」
「This is the power of God, my power.」
「We’ll incorporate an attack system in this space. Since this cave is underground making this an easy path to get through will guide enemies to this particular area.」

I thought and muttered.

This has become kind of fun.

It was different from my usual town building, it was kind of like dungeon-making.

It was close to what I’d done before, but the location and needs were different.

Tetris and Puyo Puyo. (TN: These were hell because of the censorship especially cause I didn’t know he was talking about games)

Mario Cart and Gran Turismo.

Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter.

It was that kind of feeling. They were in the same genre but were different. It was a fresh feeling.

I took out my DORECA and placed magic circles around using only magic creation.

「What is that Lord Emissary?」
「This is——oh something perfect came out.」

As I was about to explain the wall broke and a hole opened. A monster invaded the room.

It was the size of a large dog and looked like a mole.

「Wa, another came out.」
「Come here.」

I grabbed Lyra’s hand and brought her away.

「Y-you’re not going to fight?」

If it didn’t go well then I’d fight, but until then I would wait and see.

I took Lyra deeper inside the room as we watched.

As the monster entered the room to chase us and passed the center——

Dododododo! A large number of arrows fired out from the walls.

The monster became a hedgehog in moments, fell to the ground, and died.

「It’s an automatic defense system. Nina developed it by chance and we were going to put it on the Battleship, but it didn’t work out. With this you won’t have to fight and the monster will be taken care of.」
「For my sake……thank you very much Lord Emissary!」

Lyra said with glittering eyes and a big smile. I thought further.

Securing the basics of living and other things that a dungeon would need.

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