Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 133

I chose the newest item from my DORECA and put down the magic circle.

The arrow pointed at the recently defeated Zumiya and I saw that its fangs were glowing.

I plucked out the fangs and placed them inside the magic circle.

The circle transformed and a stain appeared on the ground and started spreading quickly.


Lyra and I panicked and leapt out of the room.

「W-what is that?」
「It’s not a stain….is it a bog? It’s bubbling and roiling purple……’s a poison bog?」
「Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhh! Poison bog!?」
「Looks like it.」

I used the DORECA to create a pushinee and tossed it into the bog.

The block-like foodstuff fell into it and started melting with a sizzling sound.

「Yup, a poison bog.」

I looked inside the room. The poison bog had spread out to the entire floor.

The entire room was now a poisonous swamp.

「For an enemy repelling room this should be pretty good.」
「But I’m scared………」
「Scared huh? I suppose you would be.」
「I can’t get through here anymore…..」

I thought for a bit.

I looked inside the room, then Lyra’s home behind it, and finally around at the planned area.

I could use this poison bog, I was confident of that but having it here would be inconvenient.

I should move it.


I went to lift the poison bog………

It looked absolutely impossible, but since it was made with the DORECA I was able to easily lift it.

「L-Lord Emissary! You can do things like that too!?」

Lyra looked on in shock as I carried the swamp. This impossible sight made her look at me with even greater reverence.

「Well yeah. Ok then, I want to move it, but I don’t really have a place to put it.」

I had only dug out a few places so I didn’t have a place to put this temporarily.

If I left it here while I dug it would be a hindrance.

「It can’t be helped…I guess I’ll erase it.」

I used my DORECA and erased it.


Lyra was at a loss for words.

Her eyes looked similar to my Slaves’ eyes.

That’s why I said this.

「Do you want to help?」
「Can I!?」

Her reaction was pretty much the same as my slaves as well.
「Ok, this should be fine for now.」

I dug out another room underneath Lyra’s home.

For now I had finished digging the upper and lower floor of her home.

Wherever the enemy intruded there would be enough space to control them and take action.

If not, they would be able to intrude directly into the core. In all directions the intruder would have to pass through at least one room before reaching the main part of the home.

Now what to do with those rooms.

Hmm? Actually…are there foreign enemies?

I know about the giant snake Zumiya…but nothing else.

「I guess I’ll ask Lyra.」

I thought and started moving. Lyra should be upstairs.

I used the stairs I had created and climbed up.

「Lyra? Where are you?」
「L-Lord Emissary?」
「Oh you’re there, I have something to ask…..」

As I approached Lyra let out a small scream.

She was hiding her half-naked body.

She had removed her dirty clothes and was in the middle of changing.

Wait…isn’t she actually completely naked?

Her snake lower body never had clothes on it, and now her upper half was nude.

The only thing she was wearing…….was the ribbon on the end of her tail.

Naked Ribbon——that phrase popped into my head.

I was staring blankly.

「P-please don’t stare at me Lord Emissary!」

I panicked for a second before turning my back to her and leaping into the room I’d just left.

I could feel my heart pounding.

「Nude Tail Ribbon……….」

For some reason my heart sped up.

No no, why’s that making me more worked up?

I don’t have that kind of hobby. Lyra’s cute and all, but it’s different.

……….it’s different right?

「See no evil, hear no evil. See no evil, hear no evil.」

I chanted like a spell and used my imagination.

I imagined Risha in the forest by the spring.

The bathing Risha stroked her choker lovingly.

Nude Slave Choker. Tail Ribbon=Slave Choker.

I calmed myself.

I had calmed myself down some, but I had complex feelings.

Well it couldn’t be helped. Getting a sense of security from remembering my slave was proper.


Suddenly I heard Lyra scream.


I called out and ran back up the stairs.

There were two men there.

Lyra had put on her clothes, but the men had caught her.

「We got good luck ehehe. Can’t believe there was a snake girl this shallow.」
「Yeah, what I can’t believe is we got a Maiden Queen. She hasn’t made her nest and laid eggs. She’ll sell for 3 times the price.」
「Hehehehe, we’ll be able to play around tons——-」
「What’s wrong——」

I had leapt in and immediately liberated their heads from their necks.

There was no need for any questions. I could tell they were scum from the start.

I cut off their heads and saved Lyra.


Lyra was blank for a moment before she flew into my chest and started crying.

「I-I was so scared… scared…..」

She cried and clung to me.

「I’m sorry I didn’t save you immediately.」

She stuffed her head into my chest and shook her head.

‘Don’t say that’ it seems like she wants to say.

「I’ll make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.」

Lyra raised her face. Two emotions were mixed in her gaze.

The fear of her previous encounter and hope.

「I have to think of how to prevent human invasion as well.」

A smile of hope appeared on her face overwriting the fear.

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