Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 134

I was completing the defenses with my DORECA.

The room where I got rid of the poison bog, the queen room, and the south room.

I set a magic circle in the middle of this room and used the emergency magic creation.

It looked like a completely normal floor, but when I threw in a scrap of wood…

Shing! Sharp blades erupted from the floor.

The scrap wood was pierced through and made into swiss cheese.

「Ok, next is the other room.」

Teku teku teku

I headed past the Queen’s room and to the eastern room.

There I placed more magic circles with emergency magic crafting.

Six magic circles appeared and turned into a squad of six puppets.

Each of them wore armor and wielded a long sword.

Then I took a piece of scrap wood and tossed it between the puppets.

They reacted and moved as one as they struck out with their longswords.

Vertical slash, horizontal slash, and stab.

The piece of wood was cut into pieces while still in the air.

I once again threw a piece of scrap between them and it was attacked with the same movements.

The Six Direction Puppets could only use vertical slashes, horizontal slashes, and stabs. Those three movements were their entire repertoire.

It was a simple trap.

「How good is it for anti-personel?」

I was worried so I took out True Eternal Slave and approached the center of the puppets.

The six longswords flew at me at once.

Vertical Attack x6, Horizontal Attack x6, Stabbing Attack x6.

Clang clang clang clang clang——

The clanging and clashing sounds echoed out as I exchanged blows with the puppets among sparks and flashes of light.

「Un, with this they should be able to repel most enemies.」

I picked up my DORECA and headed over to the next room.

Teku teku teku

Next was the north room…..maybe a nitoka.

I stopped my feet and turned around.

Lyra was there.

「What have you been doing since a while ago? You’ve been following me.」
「It’s fine. Lord Emissary don’t mind me and just continue please.」
「Well, even if you say it’s fine…….」

After thinking for a moment I exited the room.

I arrived in the southern room at the trap floor.

Teku teku teku. Lyra followed.

I didn’t do anything there before leaving and going to the Western room’s trap puppets.

Teku teku teku. Lyra followed.

This time I returned to the Queen’s room.

And as I thought, teku teku teku, just like a puppy she followed me. She had a smile on her face as she stuck with me.

In truth she didn’t make the sound teku teku…she didn’t walk that way.

After all, Lyra’s lower half was a snake, instead of teku teku, it would be slither slither.

However, her movement gave off the feeling of teku teku like a puppy.

I was moving around the rooms pointlessly, but she happily followed teku teku without asking anything.

「You don’t have to keep following me you know? I can do it myself so you can go rest.」
「Is it bothersome to follow you Lord Emissary?」
「It’s not really but………」

It weighed on my mind a bit, but it wasn’t that big of a problem.

I was wondering what I should do when I realized something.

Lyra’s tail was wagging.

The tip of her tail where I tied the ribbon was definitely wagging back and forth.

……she really reminded me of a puppy.


I laid down a magic circle and created a ball.

It was a completely normal rubber ball.


I threw it into the distance.

Lyra looked at me, then at the ball.


She tilted her head and seemed to be wondering what I was doing.

Well, I guess she isn’t puppy-like to that degree.

「Sorry it’s nothing. Forget about it.」

Lyra raised her voice with a surprised look.

「I understand!」

She slithered along the ground quickly and grabbed the ball.

Then she brought it back——with a smile on her face.

「Here you are Lord Emissary.」

Lyra said with a smile.

It wasn’t her instinct, it was done after she thought about it.

Her thought process was probably 「I’ll do anything」 or so her facial expression displayed. Her tail was wagging furiously.

Oh no….this is bad.

I thought that Lyra at this moment was almost dangerously cute.

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