Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 135

After completing the traps in the other rooms I took a break with Lyra.

I sat on the ground, created a pushinee magic circle and moved the dirt away from it.

The magic circle’s light arrow changed position and the light changed. I used it in a different way than intended.

As I looked at the light I thought.

For now I had created the basic defensive system, but I felt it was a bit lacking.

Listening to the evil guys who tried to kidnap Lyra made me realize that if I did this unskillfully this would end up poorly.

Maya and the other people close to me would be fine, but I was uncertain about other humans.

「As I thought, I should make a maintenance free cave…a dungeon would be best.」
「What do you think Lyra? Did you have anything you noticed or something you wanted? Tell me anything.」

Lyra hadn’t answered so I wondered what was wrong and looked to my side to peek at her.

Our eyes met. Lyra had coiled herself up and was looking at me with a hot gaze.

She wasn’t saying anything…just looking at me with an enraptured gaze.

I waved my hand in front of her face. As expected, she didn’t react.

What was wrong? Was she sleeping with her eyes open? But her eyes were staring at me.

I moved to the left, her eyes followed me.

I moved to the right, her gaze chased me.

Un, she’s awake.

She’s awake…but what’s going on?


At that moment my body shone.

It wasn’t only shining, from the distance an arrow pointed towards my body.

It was the light from a magic circle.

After a short time I heard footsteps. A small Eternal Slave appeared wearing a maid uniform.


Origa, my slave, had arrived.

Her hand was holding a Slave Card. So she had come searching for me using a magic circle that needed me.

「What’s wrong Origa?」
「Master, I was wondering where I should sleep?」
「It’s about time to go to sleep you know?」
「Ohh, so it’s that late already?」

I hadn’t realized.

Since I was underground I had no idea that much time had passed.

「So it’s already night outside?」

Origa nodded up and down.

「I see. Then let’s go to sleep tonight. Origa you can rest here as well.」
「Master I brought you a futon desu.」

Origa said and ran back. Then a short time later she returned.

She was carrying a futon larger than her body. She was using the DORECA function.

「Ok then, let’s sleep. Lyra what will you do——」

I asked, when I realized.

Lyra’s gaze was getting even more heated.

What was going on?

「L-Lord Emissary」
「Oh, you finally spoke. What’s up?」
「Th-that child is, could that child be?」
「Un, she’s my slave.」

Lyra blanked out.

「Slave? She’s not Lord Emissary’s child?」
「That’s right too. Un, she’s my child as well. She’s an Eternal Slave so she’s my slave along with her mother.」
「Ah, yes!」

Lyra seemed to accept it. It seems she understood Eternal Slaves.

Then she began looking at me once again with moist eyes and a heated gaze.

The increasingly heated gaze was not my imagination.

「Lyra…what’s wrong?」
「Ummmm….Lord Emissary.」
「Umm, I’m here to become independent, make a new community, and give birth to children.」
「Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m helping you build it right?」

What about it? I said with my eyes.

「Umm, if you’d find it agreeable….」

Lyra said with frantic appeal.

「Would you please allow me to bear your child Lord Emissary?」
「Yeah, that’s fine.」
「Really!!? Thank you very much! I’m so happy!!!」

Lyra said with deep emotion. Oh, so that’s what this was about.

In fact, I had a feeling it might end up like this part way through.

Lyra was cute after all.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised and could give her a clear answer.

I wonder how we’ll make that child.

I looked at her lower half. She was a snake woman.

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