Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 136

「Master I’ve brought some water desu.」

Origa appeared and said as she unsteadily carried a pitcher of water.

The jug had been created by the DORECA, but the water inside was natural so it was heavy for her.

「Be careful.」
「I’m Ok desu——Hiyaan!」

She tripped on a rock and the water was spilled all over the cave floor.


Origa used her hands and stood up.

She was covered in mud and her dress was dirtied.

「Are you injured? Did you scrape your knees or something?」
「I’m ok desu」

She said firmly….but I could see a new scrape on her knee and it was bleeding.

「Here have a panacea.」
「I’m sorry………..」
「Don’t worry about it. Just go draw some more. Go slowly this time.」
Origa set off running.

After a while she returned with a full jug.

It was definitely heavy for her as she moved unsteadily.

She fell once again but…

「Good job.」

I foresaw this and moved to catch both her and the jug.

Maybe Origa didn’t realize that it was too big for her? I thought as I supported her.

「Put it inside that magic circle.」

She poured the water into the magic circle and the watering hole was completed.

It was underground, but there was now a semi-permanent watering hole.

The water continued to gush forth and overflowed. That went through a pre-constructed gutter and flowed to the end of the room.

There was a hole there where the water gathered.

Once there, there was another magic circle.

The magic circle pointed an arrow at Origa’s dress pocket.

「Put that inside.」
「Got it!」

Origa was carrying a type of mineral called a Zunka.

It was something that we had begun to use recently.

When we put it in, the magic circle turned into a small black mass and fell in the hole.

Once the water touched the black mass it soundlessly disappeared.

「Master what is this?」
「Erasure equipment, called an Eraser. It’s an item that erases things made by the DORECA.」
「Waaaa! With this taking care of trash would be fine too desu.」
「It does erase things, but it takes time. If there are too many things it will not be able to keep up with the demand. Look, you see the water is slowly accumulating right?」

「Ah, you’re right desu.」
「For that reason——Menu Open.」

I took out my DORECA and created one more of the same magic circle.

With two of them the water wouldn’t overflow like that.

The magic circle arrow didn’t point at Origa this time, but in a different direction.

「Go grab one more zunka.」

Origa dashed off.

She was a child, but as an Eternal Slave she had an industrious spirit that never died.

I saw her off and then——

I called out to Lyra who had been sticking close to my back this entire time.

She was completely clinging to me. Her human upper half was warm, and her lower snake half was cool. It was a strange sensation.

「You still need to do this?」
「Sorry Lord Emissary, I still need to.」
「Fumu, so it’s something that takes this long?」
「My mother said it took her 10 days.」
「Ten days!? that’s amazing.」

I was surprised.

In truth, this was part of the process to create children.

Lyra’s species would entwine with a male’s body, touching skin with skin taking energy and using it to give birth to a child.

When I heard she wanted a child I was wondering what we would do since her lower half was a snake….but it looked strangely easy to accomplish.

My body felt sluggish so I could clearly feel the reality of her using my life energy to create the child.

「I’ve heard from other people, but those with especially weak life-force won’t create a child no matter how long we do this, so sometimes they needed to eat them to complete the child.」
「Eat them!? Oioi, you never told me that.」
「It’s ok! If it’s Lord Emissary then you’ll be fine! Furthermore…….」

Lyra’s face blushed as she fidgeted.

「Lord Emissary…….I could never do that to you.」
「I see.」

I nodded.

As she said that, Lyra clung to me even further.

It looked like we were coupled together. It felt like I was being wrapped up by a snake.

I started to think once more.

I felt that this was how it was. It appeared like how snakes mated in nature.

Snakes would entwine each other completely and mate for days. Some varieties would act like a praying mantis and eat their partner after mating.

Her lower half was a snake, so I guess this was very similar.

「U-Umm…….Lord Emissary.」
「Hm? What?」

Lyra fidgeted for a bit and blushed before suddenly giving my cheek a kiss.

Then her face turned completely red as if boiling and hid behind my back.

「T-this makes it go…..a little faster.」
「Is that so?」

It was hard to tell if it was a lie or the truth.

It might be that Lyra was too embarrassed and made an excuse.

But either way…

It seemed like she wanted it.

「Show me your face.」
「Come on.」

She timidly showed me her face and I swooped in and gave her a kiss on the lips.

「Awa, awawawawa」

She was panicking and Origa had returned and was watching with sparkling eyes.

Lyra completely hid herself behind my back.

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