Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 137

I returned to Lyra’s room.

There I saw her warmly gazing at her egg.

She had wrapped the egg she had given birth to carefully with her tail.

Her appearance fascinated me.

I could feel the holiness of a mother exuding out from her.

「Lord Emissary.」
「It’s fine, you don’t have to move.」

I stopped Lyra from getting up.

「How is it?」
「I think it’ll be born soon. I can feel it inside.」

I nodded and looked at the egg.

I couldn’t tell from looking at it, but she was the one warming it so she would probably know.

「I’ve made some things. I made three block rooms with fruit trees in them. There are various fruits, an automatic watering system, and proper lighting. I think they should continue to bear fruit unless you cut them down……do you like fruits?」
「Yes. I like them more than meat or fish at least.」
「Well, cause I swallow them whole.」
「Oh, so you’ll get bones and stuff stuck…」

I didn’t realize that.

「Also I left a treasure chest in the other room. There are valuable but bulky things in it. Once someone grabs it they would need to leave with it since they have to carry it with both hands. They’ll probably leave satisfied so don’t go near that place if you can.」

Apparently Lyra was quite valuable for invaders.

「Thank you very much.」
「Also, on the opposite side I made a fake Queen’s room. I dismantled some things and broke some regular things in there. I left them lying around to give the impression that it had been attacked before and destroyed. It is supposed to give the idea that it had already been attacked and looted so humans should just leave. It’d be best if you don’t approach that room either.」
「Thank you very much.」

I explained them one after another to Lyra.

I hadn’t made her a town, I’d made a dungeon.

I hadn’t prepared things too only repel enemies, I’d also prepared things to fool them into leaving on their own.

Unlike my own towns I couldn’t have guards around this area.

That’s why it focused more on getting them to peacefully leave than it was for destroying them.

Even if I say so myself, it was quite roundabout. By some chance I might end up forcefully making a law using my authority as King to protect Lyra and the others…….but for now this should do.

「Lord Emissary is…..」
「Lord Emissary is an amazing person as I thought. You made things we couldn’t even think of in the twinkling of an eye.」
「My family. My mother, her mother, and her mother’s mother. Each of them dug a deeper and deeper hole to try not to get entagled with anyone. They hid themselves away.」
「I’d also like to get that know-how as well.」

Lyra was surprised.

「I-it’s nothing that great you know?」
「I understand that it may not seem like that for you, but it is pretty amazing to be able to dig so deep.」
「Is that really so?」
「Menu Open.」

I took out my DORECA and made an ice cream with magic.

It cost me 50,000 magic.

「Can you eat this? It’s called ice cream. It’s delicious and cold.」
「Delicious and cold…..? It is! It’s delicious. I’ve never eaten something like this before!」
「This is one of the things considered ‘nothing much’. It cost 50,000 magic power.」

Lyra seemed to understand what I was trying to say and nodded.

「Plus, even if it really isn’t nothing much…as long as we pile up many small things, it will become a big deal. It’s the basics of manufacturing.」
「I see. I understand. I’ll teach you about mother’s nest.」
「Yes, please do.」

Olga arrived.

「Invaders have arrived desu.」

Lyra’s body stiffened.

Her face paled and she moved her body even more protectively and hid the egg behind her.

「How is it?」
「They went to the fake Queen Room and left deus. 『Damn, it already got done it』 they said and broke the room some more desu.」

After hearing that the invaders had left Lyra was visibly relieved.

「So they were venting their anger. Leave the room as it is, don’t fix anything. I’ll accept their realistic destruction with thanks.」
「Yes desu」

Olga finished her report and set off running.

「Lord Emissary is amazing.」
「If it were me I would’ve fixed it up a bit.」
「It’s just using what they gave me. It’s nothing amazing.」
「Yes, Lord Emissary is amazing.」

Lyra said and looked at me with more admiration as she warmed the egg.

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