Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 138

I made the dungeon along with Origa.

This room would use a nitoka as a trap that would throw invaders out of the room.

In fact I had leapt onto it to test out the trap……..since I had finished up I headed back to Lyra.

「With this things should mostly be finished.」

Origa nodded, her young face was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

「All that’s left is maintenance………Origa every now and then come here and repair it. You can come together with Svetlana too.」
「Roger that desu. But Master…」
「Master made this dungeon to protect her right desu?」
「Yes, that’s right.」
「Then I think it would be alright to give her a Slave Card too desu.」

Little Origa said.

Slave Card, the DORECA’s sub card.

It had some restrictions, but it was imbued with similar powers to mine.

「Certainly it’d make things easier. She could do the maintenance herself. She could also expand and add things.」
「But that’s no good.」
「Why desu?」
「That’s a special card only for my slaves.」
「Only for your slaves?」
「Yes that’s right.」
「For Origa and ours…only?」
「That’s right.」

I nodded.

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

Origa was deeply moved.

She was so young, but her face was overwhelmed with emotion.

I spoke out once more.

「This is something special I only give my slaves. I haven’t given it to Maya and the others right?」

Origa opened her eyes wide and nodded vigorously.

In truth, I couldn’t give it to Lyra.

It’s name was 「Slave Card」. It was something that could only be given to my slaves.

It was a physical restriction.

However that didn’t matter, even if I could…I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t be giving my power to others besides my slaves.

From the bottom of my heart I wanted these adorable slaves to be 「special」.
「Ah, Lord Emissary.」
「It’s fine, stay there.」

Origa and I had returned to Lyra.

When she saw me she had begun to rise, but I stopped her since she was still warming the egg.

「The dungeon is mostly finished. This is the map.」

I said and handed her a rolled paper.

It was special made paper from the DORECA.

「Each rooms details, usage, and necessary things are written here. When you have time read it.」
「Thank you very much!」
「It’s awkward to say myself, but this dungeon is difficult to beat. Normally thinking it wouldn’t even be worth conquering it. Most will leave halfway. Only those who are truly greedy will try to continue.」
「We’ll come back to do maintenance and update it.」

「…………….um, are you leaving already?」

I nodded.

「As expected I left my country for a little too long. I need to return.」
「Is that so……..」

Lyra became despondent.

「Don’t look like that. I’ll come again. When I do the child will——」

At the moment I looked……


Lyra raised her voice.

「What’s wrong?」
「Umm, leaving…」
「Leaving? Me?」
「No, the child.」

Lyra said and pointed at the egg.

Leaving…….leaving the egg?

So it’s being born!

Yes the egg she had been warming this entire time was changing.

It was shaking and bit by bit it was cracking.

It cracked open and from inside a small——snake girl emerged.

Her baby-like features and smooth scales.

She was charming…….in fact she was adorable.

The child looked around and first looked at me.

「So you can speak immediately? No I’m not.」

This time she turned to Origa.

「Origa is a slave desu」

Origa said without hesitation.

The child snake finally turned to Lyra.


She called out once more and leapt onto Lyra.

Lyra hugged her child and warmly stroked her head.

「Un, I’m your mother.」

They hugged each other with love.


From the distance was a thunderous roar.

「Kya! Wh-what was that?」

Lyra cried out covering her child.

「It’s an invader. That’s the sound of the ceiling falling.」

Lyra was surprised.

We waited for a while, but the next trap didn’t sound off.

「I see. If the trap didn’t activate and was cancelled——Origa.」
「I’ll be off.」

Origa leapt from the room.

After a while the paper I had given Lyra lit up.

「Origa has now lifted the trap. If the trap does not activate and is lifted then it will be shown here. If this continues to give off light then take shelter.」
「Amazing… this can do such things.」
「I’ve thought of everything I could. With this you can relax and raise the child.」
「Thank you very much! Umm, Lord Emissary………」

Lyra seemed to want to say something…she looked as if she was about to beg.

After hesitating for a bit she continued.

「C-could I have more eggs from you Lord Emissary?」
「Yes, that’s alright.」

Lyra’s face lit up and she rushed over to hug me.

I kept her company all day.

Then the next day she had 10 eggs before I finally parted with her.

I decided in my mind that I’d come to see this new Queen again.

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