Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 72

Risha and I advanced through the wasteland.

I steadily walked in front and Risha followed behind me.

Besides for True Eternal Slave on my hip, we had nothing else….it was almost like we were just going on a walk.

「Was it really alright for us not to bring anything Master?」

I turned my head to ask Risha.

「Well…it’s a vacation after all…..but we didn’t bring any luggage…….」
「Menu Open」

I took out my Black DORECA and chose juice from the menu.

The magic cost was 2,000 and I chose to make it using magic only.

The cost without using materials was 20,000.

A bottle of juice appeared nearby.

I grabbed it and tossed it over to Risha. She reached out her hands in a panic to catch it.

「Even without luggage we can get everything locally. There’s no need to specially bring things.」

Risha looked at the bottle of juice like it was extremely valuable and wasted on her.

「With this the magic is…….」
「You’re saying it’s a waste of magic?」
「Yes…….at least if we gathered the minimum materials…..」

I stopped and faced her.

She stopped right in front of me confused as to what was going on.

Then…..I flicked her forehead.


Risha held her forehead as her eyes slightly teared up.

I placed my hand on her head and ruffled her hair.

「You guys are the ones who told me to take a vacation. What’s the point of a vacation without any luxury?」

That’s right……right now I was heading off to take a vacation.

The one who brought it up was Mira.

On the evening of the day where I had nothing to do, she had told me that I should rest a bit more.

Then all my slaves got on board with it.
Using Yuria’s high secretarial and management abilities, they shifted the responsibilities around so that it would work even if I wasn’t there.

By the way I hadn’t been involved in this process. All that was asked of Yuria was 「Can you do it?」

Yuria said 「If there are three of us then somehow.」

That was trust. The belief that they wouldn’t try to fool or trick me.

So I decided to go out on vacation.

I left three of them behind and took Risha along.

「That’s true…..if it’s what Master wants…….」
「By the way…」

I ignored the reserved words of Risha and continued.

「….On this vacation I plan to use up all of my magic power.」

That’s right. Since I have the opportunity, I might as well go all out.
We walked for a bit more before arriving at a small hill.

From there we could see the sea.

There was nothing around here…just a secluded area with a view of the beach.

It wasn’t cold, and you could see the sea.

「Let’s do it here.」
「But…..there’s nothing here? A place like this for Master’s vacation is…..」
「Menu Open.」

I selected something from my DORECA’s list.

I chose something that’d been added by the Black Card 「4 story house」 and created it using only magic.

It cost 1,000,000 in total…but I still built it.

I went inside, walked to the top floor, opened the windows, and looked out over the sea.

The view was still a bit bleak, but the feeling of looking out over everything was very good.

Then I turned my attention to the interior.

I made a bed, bath, and dining area.

I created the things I needed for my vacation solely with magic power.

The cost of everything needed to live comfortably in this four story home was approximately 1.5 million magic.

「This should be alright. Let’s continue.」
「Oh, ok!」

I took the bewildered Risha with me outside.

We walked down the hill and reached the beach.

「I don’t like how bleak it is, so let’s do this.」

I chose something that seemed like a palm tree from within my menu and made many of them.

「Risha, line these up along the beach.」

Risha began moving according to my orders.

She acted all wishy-washy but at the end of the day an order from me drove the doubts from her mind.

Those points were truly like the Eternal Slaves, lovable and adorable.

「Hmm next would be…….oh this is nice.」

I found a dock within the list of things I could make.

I didn’t have anything to use with it….but it really matches the beach scene.

I walked into the distance to get a look at the entire scene.

Thanks to the docks and palm trees, the view had become considerably better.

The bleakness had disappeared and it felt like a resort instead.

What else would be resort-like?

After walking around the house I decided to cover the surrounding area in green grass. Greenery would definitely improve the looks.

I also wanted something like a beach-side clubhouse…..I should partially disassemble some things and make it.

That’s right, I should use that raised house that Nina thought up.

With that made it would immediately feel more like a resort.

I made one thing after another.

A resort spot from my memories…a swimming area, a private beach, everything I remembered I made.

Then, half a day after we’d arrived.


Risha said amazed as she beheld the finished resort.

Well then…….let’s get to having fun.

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