Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 73

The next morning I made a piece of paper and drew a ladder lottery.

I made four lines down and drew the suitable horizontal lines before folding it.

I made it so that even I couldn’t figure out where they would trace down to and wrote some words at the bottom.

I showed it to Risha.

「Choose a number from 1-4.」
「I’m choosing?」
「Yeah, this will determine what swimsuit you’re wearing today.」
「Then number one……..wait what?」
「Ok number one, got it.」

I started to do the lottery but was stopped.

「P-please wait a moment Master. What do you mean by swimsuit?」
「I mean the swimsuit you’re wearing today. Menu Open.」

I showed her the DORECA list.

「See, there are four different types of female swimsuits right? This is a lottery to determine which one you’re wearing.」
「Th-a swimsuit for someone like me——」
「The beach is off-limits without a swimsuit.」

She seemed like she was trying to be reserved with an odd excuse, so I forcefully said that.

「Ok let’s go! First one first one!」
「W-wait please Master!」

Risha stopped me panicked.

「What’s wrong?」
「Umm…..which type of swimsuit is the first one? It can’t be……this one right?」

Risha asked timidly.

The video from the DORECA played displaying a swimsuit.

What appeared there was a V-neck swimsuit that was practically made of strings.

The exposure was high… was a pretty good swimsuit.

「That will be determined by this ladder lottery, just like this.」

I traced the number 1 that Risha had chosen downwards.

「You keep doing this till you reach the bottom and one of them will be chosen. By the way even I don’t know where it’ll end up. It’s random.」
「That can’t be…….um Master, what are the other types of swimsuits?」
「It’ll be fun to see when we reach the conclusion. Ah, don’t worry the other three have a lot more cloth than this one.」
「Is that so……….」

Risha seemed visibly relieved.

As I thought she was worried about the amount of skin showed.

「Fumu, do you want to choose again? Either way it’ll be random.」

The first time I had done it almost as if tricking her.

I can afford to give her another shot.


Risha thought for a bit but shook her head.

She calmed down as if she hadn’t been panicked a short while ago and smiled.

「This choice was the favor Master bestowed on me, so I will continue as is.」
「I see.」

I smiled back at her.

As always she’s such a good girl.

「Ok then, I’m starting.」
「Do~wn the ladd~er, Do~wn the ladd~er……」

I hummed and traced down with my finger.

Slowly I approached the folded crease.

I heard a *Gulp* from behind me.

Finally, I reached the goal.

「How is it Master?」
「Be happy Risha. You chose the one that covers the most skin out of all of them.」

Risha sighed in relief.

「Ok let’s make it.」

I picked it out from the DORECA and created it with just magic.

The women’s swimsuit with the most cloth…… swimsuit.
Blue sky, white sand.

I was wearing swimming trunks and made a parasol.

Thanks to the modifications we’d made to the beach, the bleak atmosphere had completely disappeared. Instead now it felt like a popular southern beach.

It felt good. All I needed was some juice and relaxation.

——-and one more thing.


Risha called out to me.

She called out timidly with a voice overflowing with bashfulness.

I turned and saw her.

Her appearance was quite risque.

She was wearing an oversized shirt. I had confiscated her usual green dress, but it looked like she had grabbed one of mine to wear.

Also, it was mostly hidden but every now and then I could see a glimpse of the swimsuit underneath.

It was way more erotic than if she had just worn it normally.

「What are you doing?」

Risha squirmed and fidgeted… incredibly embarrassed reaction.

「I-it’s embarrassing…」
「I see」

Risha sighed in relief.

「Ok, take off the shirt on top.」
「That’s my shirt, I didn’t give you permission to borrow it.」

I said a bit more firmly.

Of course I wasn’t angry….basically the opposite.

I wanted to praise the sight of Risha hiding her swimsuit underneath and oversized shirt but……that was that….this was this.

I stared at her.

Risha bashfully removed the shirt and revealed her swimsuit.

It was a deep navy blue with her name 「Risha」 written on a white patch of cloth sewn on the chest.

It was a perfect and glorious school swimsuit.

The imbalance from Risha’s stylish body proportions and the school swimsuit was quite good.

It was a glorious sight that made me wish I could watch forever.

「P-please don’t stare at me like that.」
「I can’t look? Your Master can’t look at you?」
「Th-that can’t be…….」

Risha blushed and hung her head.

Usually using my status of 「Master」 like that would immediately cause her to reconsider and listen……but this time it seems like her shyness surpassed that.

This was a fresh and fun feeling.

「Ok, let’s start.」

Risha nodded.

With these words we flopped to the ground and laid there.

The dry and silky sand felt great.

I rolled around a bit, closed my eyes, and listened to the sea.

This was relaxing.


As she watched me roll around and relax on the sand, Risha looked confused.

「Aren’t we……starting?」
「Yeah we’ve started. We’ve started resting.」
「We’re not doing anything?」
「Nope, we’re going to stay here and rest.」

Risha looked like she didn’t understand.

Then I’ll have to help her out.

「Risha, sit there.」

She sat down.

I shifted my body and placed my head on her thighs.

It was a lap pillow.

「Stay there.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Risha was smiling gently. I wonder where this embarrassment from before went?

As I lay there I asked.

「Is that swimsuit embarrassing?」
「Umm, a little bit…」
「You want a different one?」
「Umm…..if possible I’d like one besides this one or the string one.」
「I see. Menu Open.」

I looked at the menu options.

I thought about which of the two remaining swimsuits would be good.

On one side was a standard bikini…and the other one was a pareo—–the one with a type of loincloth.

Both of them were nice…….but which should I choose.

「Oh a shell.」

Risha’s was looking at the edge of the water.

There was a scallop like shell over there.

I got up.

「Risha go get 3 of those.」

Risha took her doubtful thoughts with her and went to grab them.

As I waited I made the string swimsuit.

「Are these alright Master?」
「Give them here. Yep, just right.」
「What do we do with them?」

I poked holes in the shells and threaded the strings through them. Before long I had a shell bikini in my hands.

「Here, I’ll give this to you.」
「Thank you very much.」

Risha accepted it.

At first she looked at it blankly…looked at it once more and her face started to loosen.

「Something Master made special for me………」

She whispered and hugged it like it was precious to her.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

「You seem happy.」

Her face of course, but the magic charge really drove it home.

「It’s the first thing that I’ve received from Master…..without being made by the card.」

Hm? Was that true?

It might be.

「Well if you’re happy then it makes the effort worthwhile.」
「Thank you very much!」
「Ok then, go change.」

Risha said puzzled.

I pointed at the shell bikini and said…

「Into that…it’s a swimsuit after all.」
「I took the trouble of making it so I’d like to see you in it.」

Risha hesitated but finally accepted and changed into it.

「Master made this for me…….」

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

It was more erotic than the school swimsuit…but Risha was strangely happy with it so it was alright.

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