Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 74

Evening, Meal time.

I descended from the fourth floor with Risha.

I was wearing an open shirt and swim trunks and Risha was wearing her shirt and swimsuit combo.

By the way, her swimsuit had been changed to a standard bikini. Both her school swimsuit and shell bikini looked a bit dicey once a shirt was put over them.

「I’m sorry I’m not helping Master.」
「Don’t worry. You don’t know how to cook after all.」
「I will learn starting today, so next time please leave it to me.」

Risha was quite enthusiastic.

「Don’t get so worked up. It’s a vacation, enjoy yourself. It’ll be fine if you remember to learn later.」
「Got it!」

She nodded but she’s still quite worked up.


We walked down to the second floor.

I’d remodeled the wall into a window. It was opened, displaying the beautiful sight of the sun slowly setting towards the sea.

Inside the room was a table lined with many different plates of food.

「Is this a…..buffet?」
「Yes a buffet….more accurately and all you can eat.」

I walked briskly to the table next to the window and sat.

Another chair was prepared there as well so I pointed to it and said.

「I’ll explain so sit down.」

Risha gratefully sat down.

「A resort will usually contain an all you can eat buffet. You may pick what you like to eat from those dishes and eat as much as you please.」
「As much as I want?」

I stood up, walked to the buffet table, and grabbed a white plate.

I put several things on my plate and filled a cup with juice.

I took the stuff and returned to my table.

「Just like that. You take as much of the things you want to eat.」
「You get some too.」

She stood up and walked over before turning back and asking me…

「What would you like to eat Master?」
「I’ll get it myself. That is the custom. You should choose what you want for yourself.」
「I understand………」

Risha walked to the buffet table, took a plate, and began vacillating.

I picked at the food I’d brought and looked out the window.

The place, the view, the clothes, and the food.

It was exactly like a resort. By making everything I wanted with the DORECA it had become a wonderful resort.

It was quite fun.

Risha returned and began to eat reservedly.


She stopped eating and snapped straight up in her seat.

「Don’t be so rigid, keep eating. Did you have fun today?」

Risha nodded. Her response made me feel like she was avoiding saying something.

「It wasn’t fun?」
「N-No! It was fun.」
「Is that so?」
「Yes! I got a swimsuit from Master, it was fun, yes!」

She insisted. If that was the case…then alright.

I stood up again to grab a new plate of food.

Brought it back and ate.

Once I finished, I went back for more food.

Took it back and ate. Went back for more food.

Grabbed food, ate it, went for more.

As I continued doing so, I talked to Risha about random things.

It was a pretty standard vacation.


Risha had gone to grab more food when I heard her voice.

「What’s wrong?」
「Well, we ran out of this food.」
「Hm? Oh wait a bit.」

I took out my DORECA and opened my menu.

「You’re making it right now?」
「Yeah. At the same time I’ll let you see the new features I received with this Black Card.」

Risha looked excited.

Once my card turned black it gained two new features.

Save and Load.

Of the two functions, I had already utilized Save earlier and now I was about to use load.

Magic lights engulfed the buffet table.

The food on the table was replenished.

In fact it had been returned to the state it was in when we first entered the room…as if it had been saves.

「Th-this is?」
「I record what I made with the DORECA and restore it back. I have tried various things and confirmed that it works with replenishing things and returning things back to working order.」
「Basically I can save things that I’ve created as a set. For example if I saved our palace, I could load it and create another one exactly the same. The forest as well.」
「That’s amazing……」
「It is convenient.」

It may be called save and load……but honestly I feel like I’ll be using it more like copy and paste.

「Leaving that aside, here.」

I put some food on Risha’s plate.

It was the previously finished food.

「Thank you very much.」
「Take as much as you like.」

I said as I filled her cup with some sake.

I was at a loss for words. In front of me Risha laid there…her face crumpled, disheveled, and teary eyed.

Next to her pile of empty dishes was a single wineglass.

I thought that since it was a special occasion I’d give her some but….

「One mouthful and this is how it turns out…….」

That’s right….it was only a single mouthful.

Just a single mouthful turned Risha into this.
「*Sniff*…….Mashter is a meanie……..」
「Mean? What is?」
「Lemme doo some work!」

She suddenly snapped and flailed her arms and legs.

「Werk… W.O.R.K. Mashters that don’t give dere slavesh werk ish a failure!」
「We’re on vacation right now.」
「That’sh jusht Masshter!」

I see…I understand what she wants to say.


Now she started laughing.

「Haha ha………..haa…」

I thought but she sighed and fell flat on the table.

She’s very busy it seems.


Now she’s crying again.

Crying, angry. Crying, laughing. Crying, complaining.

Most of what she was doing related to one request…..give me some work.

「Tell me what to do!」
「……go get me that cake over there.」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

Risha stood up with a big smile.

She staggered to the buffet table.


On the way she fell flat on her face….but stood up and continued to go get the cake.

Then she unsteadily returned.

「Mashter, please enjoy.」
「How is it Mashter?」
「Ah, it’s good.」
「I’m glad……」

She said and tottered again before collapsing on the table once more.

Is she depressed again? I thought when…


It seems like she’s sleeping.

She had a happy smile on her face.

It seems like she was satisfied with being given an order and being allowed some small work.

To the end she was such a good girl.

「I’ll allow you to work to your heart’s content」

I murmured and slowly sipped my sake while looking at my DORECA’s menu.

I watched as my magic power sometimes decreased—–proof that my slaves at home were doing their work.

The night slowly passed.

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