Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 75

I laid Risha on her bed.

She was well and truly drunk. She couldn’t walk under her own power so I carried her in my arms.


I thought she’d woken up, but that wasn’t the case.

She was smiling apparently talking in her sleep.



「More…..give me more work……」
「Come on!!」

I unintentionally reacted.

A sleep talk situation completely devoid of erotic dreams.

In this situation shouldn’t it have been a bit more amorous?

「You can’t do that………」


「30 hours of work is………it is……..」

Again with the work!

You’re happy about it!?
I was fed up…I was fed up, but it was a bit entertaining.

I guess you can just say that this is an eternal slave being an eternal slave.

They work themselves to exhaustion for their Master.

That was the kind of adorable and praiseworthy things they were.

I knew that…but even their sleep talking confirmed it.

Their actions more than their words, and their sleep-talk more than their actions.

Once again it reinforced how precious Risha was.

When she wakes up I’ll give her some work and affection.

I thought as I left the room.

I then left the building and walked to the beach.

I thought back on today.

Many things happened…but it was fun. Risha was a slave and so might have been holding back…but I thought she had fun too.

I started thinking about Mira, Yuria, and Lilia.

I wanted the three of them to be able to be here enjoying this too.

Just like Risha.

I truly thought so as I took out my DORECA.

Using the Black Card’s new function I saved the entirety of this resort.

This way even if we didn’t use this location next time, we could move to a different sea and copy it with some minor adjustments.

Anyways, the next time I would bring the other three as well.

I put away my DORECA and started to head back inside.


But I stopped.

I felt a strange presence.

Like the wind or the atmosphere becoming strangely unsettled.

Something’s here……and it’s something big.

Whether it was an enemy or a monster, either way I would have to go and check it out……but I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have my sword.

I had left it in my room.

I was wearing my open shirt, swim trunks, and no Eternal Slave at my hips.

I was about to go and grab it when…

「It’s here.」

Before that, they appeared before me.

Huge spiders. They were about the same size as humans, but their long legs made them seem much larger.

Their bodies and legs were covered in hair making their appearance pretty gross which gave off a lot of pressure.

Furthermore there was more than one.

One in front of me and one behind.
The beach had been surrounded by them.

I thought and thought.

What should I do…that thought revolved around my mind.


With a wordless cry the spider in front of me charged.

It attacked with speed not befitting of its size as I dodged to the side.

As I dodged I began dashing with all my strength.

I headed for my room.

The building was surrounded by spiders as well.

「Menu Open!」

Using the new function I created 10 swords all at once. They had been one of the things I used to test the new function.

I threw all ten of those swords instantly.

Ding Dang Ding Dang Dododododododo!
The swords stabbed into the spiders.

In the momentary gap created by them flinching, I leapt through and entered the building.

I dashed up the stairs.


A spider which had entered through the window, had cornered Risha.

「Menu Open!」

I threw ten swords at it causing it to stumble to the floor. In that moment I disassembled a section of the flooring.

The hole opened up beneath the spider sending it crashing down through the building.

「Are you ok?」
「Ok…….we’re going up.」
「Up? Then we won’t be able to run away.」
「We don’t need to run.」

I took her hand.

「Eternal Slave is upstairs.」

Risha smiled and nodded.

I took her and dashed out of the room.

The spiders entered from the front entrance to chase us.


I destroyed the stairs as some spiders were climbing them, sending them falling back to the lower floors.

BANG! The building shook.

「Did I break too much to fast?」
「Is everything ok Master?」
「No problem!」

We continued upwards.

We dashed to the top floor and my room in one fell swoop.

There was True Eternal Slave leaning against the wall……with a spider in front of it.

A spider standing in our way.

「Don’t look like that.」

I faced the spider.


The spider raised a strange shrieking hiss.

It raised its two forelegs and slammed them towards me.


I heard Risha cry out almost screaming, I leapt beneath the spider’s body.

I leapt between its legs and pointed my hands at its stomach.

「Menu Open —Load—!」

At that moment swords 「sprung up」 in the spider’s stomach.

Ten swords sprung up as if they were plants right in the middle of its body.

The spider looked like a hedgehog now as it crumbled to the side.

「Amazing… can even do that…」
「Well I did test various things.」
「As expected of Master!」

Risha’s unwavering trust warmed my heart.

I stepped past the spider’s body and grabbed True Eternal Slave.

I touched the red jewel and sucked Risha into the sword.

Flames engulfed the blade.

I looked out of the window and saw spiders covering the beach.

Altogether there were a few dozen.

However, that was all.

I gripped Eternal slave in my hand.

「Ok, Let’s go.」

I placed my foot on the windowsill and leapt out to battle.

I battled the spiders until they were no more.

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