Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 76

I defeated the last spider.

The burning spider corpses littered the sandy beach.

「There aren’t any more?」

Risha asked after returning from the sword.

「Not any close by.」
「Thank goodness……..」

Risha appeared relieved.

She looked relieved but she staggered a bit.

「Are you ok?」
「Yes I’m fine.」

She answered immediately but I couldn’t feel any spirit from her words.

By looking at her I couldn’t see any obvious wounds but…


She suddenly screamed.

One of the burning spiders had a leg spasm.

Risha had seen it and screamed.

「Are you afraid of these guys?」

I see.

Well, they were practically human sized with long spindly legs…giant spiders.

Risha’s reaction was expected.

「Ah, but Master’s here so I’m alright!」

Risha said in a panic. She felt the need to follow up.

「Don’t push yourself. This time was my mistake.」
「I didn’t set a Fount of Ilia. I thought that since it was just the two of us and not a town, it would be fine.」

Risha looked around restlessly.

She looked at the buildings, palm trees, and beach.

We’d made many things, but not the monster blocking Fount of Ilia.

「Well, that’s how it is. Anyways, Risha take out your card.」
「Ok, what are we going to do?」
「We need to fix everything that’s broken. Also, we’re going to place a Fount of Ilia right in the middle of the resort. We’re doing it all with magic.」

Risha nodded and set off.

She placed a Fount of Ilia first before running here and there repairing things.

I took care of the spider bodies.

I split them apart and burned them completely.

After some time, our handmade resort was repaired.

「I’m done Master.」
「Good job.」

I took out my DORECA and saved the resort.

「This will end it.」

Risha answered promptly.

「What’s wrong…your tension is so high. Haven’t you sobered up already?」
「Sobered up?」

She asked blankly. It seems she didn’t remember.

Well that’s fine too.

「Well, you seem happy…」

I settled on saying that and inquired once more.

「Yes. It makes me happy to fix and make things with Master.」
「You want to work more than take a vacation?」
「I’m an Eternal Slave after all.」

Risha answered instantly. I see.

That was just like her.

This cuteness made me want to tease her a bit.

「I see. That’s troubling……」
「You’re not enjoying the vacation huh? I was going to ask your opinions on what to do to make it more fun but….I guess I can’t really ask someone who’s not having a good time……」
「It can’t be helped…guess I’ll have to ask someone else…..Martha or Maya maybe…..」

I turned sharply and started walking away.


Risha called out, bringing me to a stop.

Holding in my laughter I turned.

「Wh-what do you think of a sand pit?」
「Sand pit? Like the one we put in the park?」
「Isn’t this place already covered in sand?」

Risha looked around quickly.


She thought harder and groaned.

「That’s right! A lake for swimm—-that’s no good either is it….」

She realized it on her own before I said anything. After all the sea was right in front of her eyes.

She was depending on the experiences she had making the lake and forest with me.

Risha groaned a bit more and thought harder.

I started walking again away from the pile of burning spiders. I walked leisurely towards the sandy beach.

Risha followed me while still thinking desperately.

「H-how about a food and snack store?」
「We already made a snack hut.」

Risha continued her groaning and moaning.

It was as if she was trying to think of every single thing we’d made before.

As expected of my first slave, she came up with idea after idea before discarding them as unsuitable.

Having her talk to me like this while walking felt pretty good. It felt like this was the first time she’d been so proactive in speaking to me.

I felt like this vacation was already satisfying as it was.

I stopped and looked at Risha.

I looked at her still plugging away and was about to bring this to a close with some praise.

「A bath……is no good right…」
「We’re already at the sea, there’s no reason for us to purposefully go into a small bathtub…….」

I stopped Risha before she started to groan again.

A bath….something that I had made sure to make in town to keep up clean hygiene.

I looked around and saw a large rock.

I climbed up it until I reached the height of a normal person.

「Master? What are you doing?」

I took out True Eternal Slave and sliced the rock. Then I utilized load and placed a bath there.

「Un, good. This is nice.」
「The sea and an onsen…..they have good compatibility.」

It wasn’t an onsen though.

「Getting in an onsen while watching the ocean feels pretty luxurious.」

It was night time, but thanks to the light from the burning spiders I could see the sea.

「Risha, good job.」

Risha seemed dumbfounded.

I took out one of the medals I’d folded.

「Good job thinking of that.」
「……thank you very much.」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

Risha held onto the medal preciously.

I took out my DORECA and overwrote the resort save with this new one.

Then I looked at the bath.

「……..might as well get in.」

It was a good occasion so I thought I’d get in and watch the sea.

「Umm! Master!」
「Hm? What?」
「Is there anything I can do?」

She asked looking expectant.

Looks like she really wants something to do.

Instead of relaxing she wants to work more….

「Then go get me some sake. Then come back and wash my back.」
「Ok! Thank you very much!!!」

Risha leapt down off the rock and sped towards the main building.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

I could see how happy she was just from her stride.

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