Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 80

I called Raisa to the office and placed a magic circle in front of her.

It was for the Slave Card (Normal), the item that needed a slave’s DNA to be created.

「Put a strand of your hair in here and see」

She seemed curious as she placed a strand of her hair inside of the magic circle.

The circle burst into light as it consumed the hair and a card was produced.

It was just like the ones that my other slaves had.


I grabbed it and held it out to her.

「This is…..a DORECA?」
「It’s called a slave card. I have given them to all my slaves. It has a similar function to the DORECA, but you can hear the specifics from the others.」

Raisa didn’t take it. She just stared at it looking lost.

「What’s up?」
「Is it… it really ok to give this to me?」
「You don’t want it?」
「No for such a thing as me……to have the same thing as the others——」

I pushed the card onto her without listening to her objections.

「such a thing as me」 probably meant ‘as Seiya’s former slave’.

I don’t care, in fact that makes it more important that I give her this.

I don’t want to be seen as a person like Seiya.

I don’t want to be——-and the slave in front of me said 「thank you very much」

Raisa held her card preciously.

The card lightly shined and

—Magic is charging—

「What’s wrong?」
「No….I just heard something different.」

Raisa tilted her head confused.

I was feeling more confused than her.

Magic charge…
Until now I’d be given a number representing how much I was given…but for some reason this time it didn’t.

「Menu Open」

I was looking for an explanation as I opened up my DORECA to check.

I looked at the numbers. It hadn’t changed much from before I had created the Slave Card.

In fact it had increased.

It was going up by a pace of one per second.

It was the so called 「slow recovery」 from RPGs.

I looked at my menu then back at Raisa.

She caused this?

Most likely.

As I looked at how preciously she held her card, I felt that was the case.

I was confident.

Raisa may be that kind of slave.

Even thought this was the first time something like this had happened, I felt like it was understandable.

Thanks to the different circumstances of my previous slaves I could come to accept this.

「Thank you very much Master.」

Raisa said….calling me 「Master」 has become much more natural for her.

The door opened and my other slaves appeared.

Risha, Mira, Yuria, and Lilia.

All four of them.

「Did you call for us Master?」

Risha asked as she walked into the room.

I was thinking of giving Raisa her choker and dress as well, so I called for my other slaves to help.

They all came in.

Every single one of my slaves was arranged in this room when suddenly…

The cards began glowing.

All of them——the one in Raisa’s hand, the ones in my slaves’ pockets…they all started glowing.

The 5 cards glowed and created a light bright enough to make it difficult to see in the room.

「This is….could this be the card’s evolution?」
「Doesn’t that mean the things we can make will increase?」

Risha and Mira said.

I understood and so did they.

Whenever the cards glowed like this, new things would be available or they’d rank up.

「Master’s isn’t glowing.」
「Oh, that’s true desuno…」

Yuria and Lilia said.

I looked at my DORECA.

Just as they had said, my card was not shining.

Their cards were letting out blinding light while mine was sitting there doing nothing.

This was the first time this had happened.

Finally the lights settled down.

「Check if anything changed.」

I ordered and they all began checking their cards.

「Master, the list has increased by one thing.」
「What is it?」

I checked my DORECA while asking, but it looked like nothing had changed.


Risha hesitated and the rest of them looked at each other.

What? Was it something hard to bring up?

That bothered me.
The next day.

In the middle of town at the public square.

The slaves gathered.

All five of them had taken out their cards and created a single giant magic circle.

They all stood at the points of a large pentagram which surrounded the magic circle.

Then many arrows appeared and went flying off.

By the way…I had no idea what they were making.

They set off running.

They all went off to the various arrows.

By the way…they wouldn’t tell me when I asked.

They all spoke in unison saying 「look forward to its completion」.

「I guess it’s fine.」

I was looking forward to it as requested.

Something that didn’t appear anywhere except their slave card…something only they could make…I was looking forward to it.

By the way…it didn’t cost me any magic.

Until now the things that haven’t cost me magic turned out to be interesting so I was looking forward to it even more.

My slaves came back carrying various materials and put them inside the magic circle.


Yuria walked over to me.

She was carrying the giant umbrella that Maya had brought with the signatures on it.

It was too large for the diminutive Yuria to carry so it was wobbling a lot.

「Can we use this?」

I looked at it more carefully and the umbrella was glowing and an arrow was pointing at it.

「I see….so that’s a material?」

Yuria said looking apologetic.

「Don’t look like that…」
「But—–this is the thing the citizens made for Master.」
「Don’t worry about it, it was simply going to waste as a decoration. If the magic circle is asking for it go ahead.」
「You can decide things like this on your own from now on.」

Use things that you need to.

Yuria should understand what to do.

Just as I thought, she understood quickly and was surprised.

「Is that ok?」
「If it’s you I can trust it will be done properly.」

I trusted Yuria with this type of thing.

After about ten seconds she calmed down and timidly nodded.

—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—

「I’ll do my best.」

She trotted off with a blank facial expression.

That’s just like her.

After our exchange, the materials were gathered.

The final material to go in would be the umbrella Yuria brought.

Before I realized it the citizens had arrived and were looking on.

They seemed excited, wondering what was going to be made.


Risha called to me. They all turned to look at me.

「So that’s the last thing?」

Risha nodded. My slaves looked more excited than the townspeople as they looked at me.

It was too hard for Yuria alone to carry it so she got some help.

I understood what they wanted me to do.

「Do it」

I said and they nodded.
They moved and placed the umbrella in the circle.

It was enveloped in light.

The usual sight….what came out of it was……a bronze statue.

「………it’s me?」

More precisely it was a bronze statue of me.

It was me wearing my crown and mantle…and striking a pose.

……..that was the statue.

「So it was something like this?」

I never imagined it would be something like this.

「We were surprised too.」
「Un! But we said we definitely had to make it.」
「I felt that way…..too.」
「That’s right desuno. It gives more of a sense of security than a Fountain of Ilia desuno.」

My slaves said.

I felt it as well…the moment the statue was completed.
The protection from monster invasion that I felt from the Fountain of Ilia……I felt it even more strongly from this statue of me.

I didn’t understand the specifics…but it was either an additive effect to the fountain of Ilia or it was an upgrade.

The citizens raised a cheer.

They probably felt the same thing as I did.

The statue, my slaves, and the citizens…….

They were all smiling.

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