Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 82

「This was the third one…」

A distance from the town a dragon’s giant body crumbled before me.

I released Yuria from True Eternal Slave. I had brought her just in case things went poorly.


I could hear the amazed Svetlana speak up from behind me.

The just in case scenario was because of her.

I could do something if things went badly with Yuria there.

I can foresee things to some extent while Yuria is inside True Eternal Slave.

It was a power that was unexpectedly good at protecting others around you.

「And…what do you do with this?」

I disassembled the dragon and got its blood.

I took out my DORECA and placed down a magic circle which then engulfed the blood.

Then rolls of money appeared.

Rolls of 「Yen」 which my country used as currency.


Again the amazed Svetlana.

「If you’re amazed by this every single time it’ll never end.」
「But still……..」
「Anyways, hup」

I tossed a roll of money to her.

She panicked trying to catch it.

「This is what you wanted right?」

Svetlana nodded.

「But…….this is…hmm…」

She seemed troubled.

「What’s wrong?」
「I did ask, but isn’t this very precious? It’s made using a dragon after all…」
「I see.」

I could understand what she was trying to say.

The letter she brought from her queen requesting for trade was mostly for money.

It appears that after they created the country they tried making money.

The type of money were the ones used in the middle ages gold, silver, and copper coins.

Making those were all well and good, but since the world was still in the midst of being restored, making the currency carried a very high cost.

Comparatively—–one copper coin would be worth 10,000 yen in my country.

They couldn’t be used in large trades and most of it was simply sitting and rusting in the citizens’ homes.

Despite the high cost in mining and casting the coins, they were practically useless. It became difficult to apply value to them due to a lack of circulation.

They didn’t have any money to spare.

But then they heard of my country’s money.

Right now it was the only one with plentiful resources and money, one that survived on a cash economy.

「Don’t worry, as you can see hunting a dragon poses no issue. It’d be best if you can use this to buy some of you guys’ things.」
「That’s right…….」

To help improve trade, they wanted to introduce my country’s currency into the market.

That was what they 「petition」 was about.

「Thank you. This helps.」
「It’s a trade after all. I give you money and you will give me goods from your country. That’s all.」
「Yeah, thanks you.」

Even so she still thanked me.
The next day, the palace in Ribek, inside the office.

Lilia entered the office and reported.

「Onii-chan, that woman left desuno.」
「Svetlana huh?」
「That’s right desuno, as Onii-chan ordered we sent the elite guards to accompany her.」
「That’s good. I gave her 100,000,000 yen so if something happened it’d be bad.」

Lilia stared at me.

「What is it?」
「What will Onii-chan buy with that money desuno?」
「It hasn’t been decided yet.」
「It hasn’t desuno? And you still payed in advance……this isn’t a charity desuno. It’s not a matter of being nice or not desuno.」
「You think so?」
「Yes desuno. Onii-chan is a big softy desuno.」
「……not necessarily.」

Lilia tilted her head looking doubtful.

It appears that she didn’t understand how bad it was if a country was unable to mint its own money itself.

If I felt like it, it was possible to begin a secret invasion via the economy.

Actually……I was wondering if I shouldn’t do just that.

「It’s nothing. I was thinking that it’d be good to import some clothes and food.」
「Necessities desuno? I see, that’s just like Onii-chan desuno. I’m relieved.」
「It’s that…..」
「Should I invade them with money…should I purchase their country….those are choices as well.」

Lilia stared blankly for a moment.

「That’s good desu!」

She grabbed onto it.

「It would be their happiness to become Onii-chan’s people desuno! Yup, no doubt about it.」

I smiled wryly as she further latched onto the idea.

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