Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 83

「Is anyone there?」

I called out from the office.

I thought one of my 5 slaves would come in or someone…but no one came.

「Hey, anyone here!?」

I called out once more but no one came.

How rare. Usually when I called someone would come in.

I opened the door and walked out into the hall.

I called out once more, but no one answered.


No I could feel a presence.

It was only one but I could feel one of my slaves.

「Is she sleeping?」

I had something that needed doing so I went looking for her.

Relying on the presence I walked down the hall.

I arrived at the furthest reaches of the building where the sun’s light barely reached.

There I could feel the presence and someone creeping about.

I looked closely, staring.

「……….Raisa huh?」

She started in surprise.

She turned and it was indeed Raisa.

The one slave that I had yet to give a choker.


As I was wondering what she was doing she suddenly had a pained look on her face.

「What’s wrong?」

She held her throat and smacked her chest.

It seems like she had something stuck in her throat.

I looked and saw pushinee by her feet.

So that’s what it was.

「Menu Open」

It was faster to make it than it was to go get it.

There wasn’t any water so I made juice in this emergency. I handed it to Raisa.

She grabbed it but hesitated with the same pained look on her face.

「It’s fine, drink it.」

I ordered her more strongly and she finally drank timidly.


She finally let out a sound after drinking.

「Don’t worry about it. I was the one who suddenly called out from behind you. It’s not your fault. Actually…..」

I calmed down and looked at the situation once again.

There wasn’t just a single pushinee by Raisa’s feet, but five of them lying around.

「Why are there so many of them?」

Raisa’s face turned red. Turned red instantly like a boiled octopus.

Was it embarrassing? ………Wait…maybe

「T-to eat.」
「……..all of them?」
「Five of them?」

She said and shook her head with an apologetic look on her face.

「I’ve……eaten half already.」
「10 of them!?」

I was really surprised and Raisa hung her head in shame even further.


It was basically a model example of making things with magic, it was a strategic resource for me.

The taste was really bland and bad, however the extremely low production cost and the fact that it could stand in for a meal for a normal person made it very useful.

At the very least everyone had said 「It’s gross!」 but among them not one had said 「It’s not enough!」

「I’m sorry, I used Master’s magic to make these and eat them」
「Hm? I don’t really mind.」

It couldn’t have cost more than 10 magic so it wasn’t a problem.

「…….for now bring those with.」

I started walking and Raisa grabbed the remaining pushinee and followed me.

I returned along the path I had come down and went back to the office. I sat down on the sofa and said…

「Sit there.」

Raisa sat down opposite to me without a word.

She looked like a child that had been caught doing something wrong.

「Menu Open.」

I made one more cup of juice and placed it on the table.

「Eat slowly while drinking, make sure you don’t choke.」
「Is that alright?」
「Just eat.」

Raisa nodded nervously and began eating the pushinee.

She left the juice, abstaining from drinking.

「Drink the juice.」
「You’re a slave and you’re disobeying? Hmm?」

I said a bit more strongly.

I wasn’t really mad, just this much wouldn’t anger me.

In fact I was having a bit of fun…making her give up on her restraint.

Sure enough when I framed it as an 「order」 Raisa reacted differently.


She said and took the juice in a panic, drinking it all at once.

I kept myself from laughing.

If you drink it all at once it doesn’t help.

「I drank it.」
「…….eat the rest.」
「O-ok! ——-ngu!」

She ate in a panic but once again started grasping at her throat.

I took out my DORECA and made three cups of juice.

I left them in front of Raisa.

She hesitated for a moment before drinking it.


She calmed down a bit.

She looked at the pushinee, the juice, then at me. Her face looked like she was about to cry.

Crap….this is kind of fun.

I took out my DORECA and placed a magic circle.

「Raisa go make this immediately.」

Raisa stood up and ran out in a fluster.

As she ran out the office I caught a glance of her face, it seemed a bit relieved and happy.

It was the happy face of an eternal slave that had been given an order.

I waited for a while and Raisa returned with the materials.

She put them in the magic circle and an item came out.

「This is……..a cake?」

Cake covered the table in a smorgasbord.

Raisa looked on blankly.

I confiscated the pushinee she had been eating and replaced it with cake.

「Here, eat this.」
「This is your Master’s what…?」 (he’s leaving the sentence hanging but the last word is obviously ‘order’)

Raisa hurried and sat before eating the cake.

There was quite a lot of cake.

There were 4 pushinee left and there were 4 portions of cake.

Raisa ate it while glancing at me worried.

Once again she looked apologetic.

I took out my DORECA and checked my status.

Normally it increased by one per second…but right now it had increased to 3.

Good good, she’s happy.

Her face looked a bit miserable but in truth she was happy.

The thing to reward her….I was starting to see what made her happy.

「Ah, so you were here Master!」

Mira said opening the door.

She seemed panicked.

「Raisa keep eating. What’s wrong?」

I stood up and looked at Mira.

「There’s a fire! A fire in town!」
「A fire?」

That was truly a problem.

「What’s going on?」
「The people inside escaped but the house was too close to others so they started on fire. What should we do Master?」
「I see…….I can take you into True Eternal Slave and……wait.」

I thought to use the water sword’s power, but I thought of a different method.

「Go put it out.」
「Eh? But it…..」
「Use 「Dismantling」. Everyone has been evacuated? The ones around the fire too?」
「Then also dismantle the surrounding buildings to control the spread of the fire. That should make the fire go out after it loses places to spread. Once it goes out we can remake them.」
「I see! Ok I’m going!」

Mira ran out of the room with the same energy as when she came in.

A fire huh…this time I could take care of it like this…but we need a better way.

I thought about it and turned around.

What I saw then made me speechless.

All the cake had disappeared but Raisa was clutching at her throat again and was smacking her chest.

She had pushinee in her hands.


I made juice quickly and gave it to her.

Raisa took it and drank. Then she gasped.

「I-I’m sorry!」
「It’s fine…but it wasn’t enough?」
「That’s not the case but….」

She bashfully hesitated to speak.

She glanced at me once and then again before speaking up.

「Dessert goes in a different stomach……」

I couldn’t hold my laughter.

My fifth slave Raisa seems to be quite amusing.

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