Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 84

I accompanied Raisa to the scene of the fire to restore order.

There were a few burnt buildings in the center while the area around them was empty making it look like a large doughnut.

Mira had followed my instructions and 「Deconstructed」 the surrounding buildings, effectively lowering the victims to the lowest amount possible.

「Yeah, go ahead.」

Raisa nodded and ran off.

She approached the waiting citizens and placed a magic circle at the place they’d determined.


The magic circle was soon completed because there were seemingly prepared materials next to it.

The ones who had done so were not my slaves, but those citizens themselves.

It seems as though they’d prepared for this.


Mira came up to me.

「Tell me the situation.」
「Ok! The fire started from that house in the middle and the fire spread to the other 3 houses. Besides that, I did as Master ordered and the fire went out after not having a place to spread to.」
「I see. Any injuries?」
「No. They all ran out immediately.」
「I see.」

That’s good.
Well, the houses right now are quite simple and there isn’t anything in them that would keep them from running out.

「And…what was the cause of the fire?」
「Eh? Umm………」

Mira’s eyes swam.
She hesitated for a while and answered.

「I’m sorry, I don’t know.」
「No, it’s alright.」

I patted Mira who had become despondent.

That should be the job of the police or a detective, you’d need a bit of specialized knowledge to figure that out.

That was a bit too much to expect of her.

「But still…..」
「What is it Master?」
「It’s just that now that I think of fires happening like this, I feel like I should make things for fire-fighting. There’s no way we can just destroy everything around a fire like this every time.」
「Take this for example, what if a fire happened and neither me nor any of you were here…what would happen?」

Mira was taken aback, it seems she’d imagined that situation.

「The things that can’t be immediately removed would catch on fire and…」
「if that happened…’d be really bad!」

Mira said looking around.

The buildings around here were packed pretty closely together.

When the fire happened, if the decision to dismantle the surrounding buildings wasn’t made quickly, it would have an extremely high chance of everything being lost to the fires.

「Then what do we do?」
「You’re here aren’t you?」

Mira blushed.

「That’s right.」

I stood right in front of her, grabbed her shoulders, and looked into her eyes.

She blushed an even brighter shade of red.

「Mira, there is something I’d like you to do.」
「——Leave it to me! I can do anything for Master!」
「I see. Then go to Nina’s place now.」

The blush on her face immediately faded into paleness.

It made me feel a bit of pity for her, but afterwards I’ll reward her plenty so it’ll balance out.

I hardened my heart and said,

「Go to Nina’s place, talk to her about the fire, and tell her to develop something for this. Tell her she can use up to 2,000,000 magic for this purpose.」

For research costs it was considerably high, but this was necessary.

「Will you do this?」

I peeked at her face when she didn’t answer.

「Is it no good if I don’t go?」
「Yeah, I need you to.」

Mira became teary eyed.

This was a rare reaction from an Eternal Slave who would usually do anything their Master asked with joy.

She hated it that much.

I thought it’d be fine if I rewarded her plenty, but now that it’s come this far I might need to think a little more.


As I was hesitating Raisa returned.

「Oh, what’s up?」
「I have finished my work.」

I looked behind her.

Just as she had said, she had placed the magic circles here and there. The citizens were carrying the materials into them.

「Good job.」
「Is there anything else you need?」

Raisa requested more work. Just as eternal slaves do.

…….that’s right.

Since Mira was afraid, maybe I should send her to Nina’s instead?

「Sorry Raisa, but I’ll have to have you go to——」

Mira shouted out.

「I’ll go!」
「Didn’t you hate it?」
「I do but…..I really hate it! I hate it so so so so sooooo much!」
「That much?」

She emphasized it that much…

「But if it’s for Master I can do anything! I can go through hell or high water! I can walk into hell!」
「So it’s at the level of Hell….」

You hate it that much!? I thought but…if she says she wants to go herself…then alright.

「I got it, then Mira go to——-」

As I started speaking again, Raisa interrupted.

「I don’t know where she’s going…..but it’s dangerous right?」
「More than a dangerous place it’s…..」

The person who’s dangerous…

「Then, I’ll go!」
「I must return the grace that Master has bestowed on me!」
「It’s not at that level though…..」
「Master, I’ll go so…」
「No, let me go instead.」

They continued to interrupt each other saying that they’ll go.

「I can do anything for Master!」
「Me too, I can go anywhere, do anything!」

Neither of them would back down.

I was moved by how lovable they were.

「I got it. Mira, you go.」

Mira nodded a little happily and ran off.
She disappeared as if trying to get away before I changed my mind.


On the other side, Raisa looked sad.

「Don’t look like that. I have a different job for you. An important one.」

Her expression immediately brightened.

「That’s right.」

Raisa nodded with a big smile.

It wasn’t a lie, it was an important job.

「Then for now, let’s go eat.」

Raisa was puzzled.

Mira and Nina would be using a lot of magic to develop the fire-fighting tools.

To supplement the magic power that would be used, I needed to reward Raisa lots.

That’s right, I’d reward Raisa lots to make up for the 2,000,000 magic.

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