Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 85

Town of Ribek, the first park.

The person I had gone there to meet was already there.

「I wanted to see you Your Majesty pu~~」

Nina trotted over to me once she saw me, but partway through she got a nose bleed, fell, and slid head first.

It was so sudden I didn’t even get a chance to react, I looked at her face down on the ground, nose still bleeding.

「Everfing’fs awlright, Your Mafjefty!」
「No…you’re not alright are you…..for now take this.」

I handed Nina a panacea I had prepared.

She took it and drank it all at once.

It was an item to cure sickness and injuries all at once, Panacea.

Of course Nina should know what it is as well.

「Thank you very mu-puuu~~~~」

The instant after she was healed her nose started bleeding and like a whale it scattered into the air.

「I’m sorry your Majesty, it’s been a while since we’ve met so it just keeps happening.」
「Ok ok, for now calm down alright?」

Her nose was bleeding again, it’s not ok at all is it?

「For now take some deep breaths.」

She took a couple deep breaths.

「…..have you calmed down?」

It doesn’t look that way at all, but at least her nose had stopped.

「Ok then, I heard from Mira, but you developed an item for firefighting?」
「What is it?」

Nina handed me the item.

It was a small square box with a round red button on it.

And a skull mark on that button.

「…….this is?」
「The firefighting item.」
「No…no matter how you look at it it’s…」
….that right?

「You do this with it.」

Nina took it and ran to a nearby house.

She knocked on the door and said something to the people who came out.

She pointed at me.

The people nodded…did they agree to something?

Nina knocked on the next house over and talked to the people who came out of that house.

What is she doing?

After a while she returned.

「The negotiations are complete your Majesty.」
「Negotiations? What do you mean?」
「Look at this.」

Nina ran over to one of the houses and attached the box with the button on it.

Then she——lit the other house on fire!

Nina ran back to me.

「Oioi, what do you think you’re doing?」
「Firefighting, I thought it’d be easier to show with a practical demonstration.」
「That may be so but…」

I looked over at the people Nina had spoken to.

When they met my eyes they smiled bitterly.

Well….of course they would.

I’ll have to fix things up afterwards.

As I thought that, the house burnt brightly. It was now completely beyond saving.

The other house was about to set on fire as well.

「I’ll go do it now.」

I turned to face what she had set up.

Now then, I wonder what the switch will do?

I was looking forward to it a bit as I looked on.

Nina pressed the button.

In the next moment the house was completely destroyed.

Light particles went from the bottom up, destroying the house completely and utterly as if nothing had been there in the first place.

The people who had been evacuated went 「Woaaaaaahhhh」.

Nina came back.

「How is that your Majesty!? It’s an item fit for a King!」
「Umm, what is the meaning of this?」
「Look! Now the fire can’t spread!」

She said proudly as she pointed at the burning house.

Yeah, I see, destructive firefighting huh?

「I heard from the third slave-sama that if none of you are here you wouldn’t be able to do this.」
「……..yeah, I did say something to that effect.」
「So now with this it should be fine! I tried it on various things. It is an item that only breaks things that your Majesty and your slaves make! It won’t break other things! If we make a lot and hand them out, then we won’t have to worry about fires!」

I forced a smile.

I see, so that’s what the item was used for?

Just by looking at it, the item’s appearance described its use.

Even so I couldn’t stop smiling wryly. It appears my expectations were off.

「How is it your Majesty!?」

Nina looked at me with glittering eyes.

They were eyes that said, I worked hard, praise me praise me!

Well for now, it was amazing and useful in and of itself, so I should praise Nina who had discovered it.

「You did well Nina.」
「Was I…useful to you your Majesty?」
「Yeah, you did well.」
「—-Yaaay, I was helpful to his Majest-puu~~」

She got excited and her nose bled.

Looks like this is a girl you can’t lightly praise.

Nina managed to get it under control and spoke up once more.

「Umm, your Majesty?」

She fidgeted while looking at me.

「What is it?」
「I, did well right? I was helpful right?」

There’s no doubt about that.

「I want one of those medals….too.」
「Un, the reward medal…..」

She said in a vanishing voice.

「This thing?」

I took out some origami medals..

At that moment Nina’s eyes glowed.

「Yes those!」

….just these?

「Then, here.」

I gave one to Nina.


She was very happy. She took the origami medal and danced around.

Was that something to be so happy about?

「Thank you very much! Your Majesty I’ll make this my family heirloom!」
「O, oh.」

If you’re that happy it’s a bit troubling.

It’s not that big of a thing.

……but it doesn’t feel bad.

「You don’t have to make it into an heirloom.」
「Ehh, but——」
「Instead, invent more things. If you come up with something good I’ll give you another.」

Nina nodded with a huge smile on her face.

「I’ll try much much much much harder pu~~」

It seems she got too excited and her nose…bled again.

But, somehow her appearance right now seemed quite cute.

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