Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 88

—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—


Mira had replaced Lilia and really got into it.

「Yeah really. I’ll take in your children as well. Is there a problem?」

I asked again, but even so it felt a bit forced.

I’d already received my answer from Mira.
An answer that came from the bottom of her heart.

She gave a strong positive answer.

「Uh-uh! I want it to be like that! Please allow my daughter to be with Master as well!」

The way these Eternal Slaves were speaking was pretty risky…

But, it wasn’t bad. In fact……it was good.

I thought so at least.


Mira made a guh sound.

I wondered what was wrong and peeked at her face.

「…….ue, ueeeee」
「My kids too, Me and my kids will be with Master, 2 generations…」

She held her face as she grinned.


It seems she was really happy, Mira was grinning so hard.

In fact it was so hard that it made you want to back away if you saw it in the middle of town.

But, it was just me here so it was fine.

「That’s right!」

She came to her senses and drew closer.

「Master what about everyone else?」
「Everyone else?」
「Yes everyone else!」

Mira said strongly.

Her glittering choker entered my line of sight.

Ah, she meant the other slaves.

「Of course I’ll do the same.」
「You are all mine so it’s obvious right?」

—Magic has been charged by 2,000,000—

「You girls are so good.」
「No, just talking to myself.」

Her face said she didn’t understand, but accepted it.

「I see, so everyone will be the same.」
「Yeah, Risha, Yuria, and Lilia. It’s going to get lively.」

I could imagine how lively it’d get with so many more, it should be fun.

「Huh? What’s wrong?」

Mira looked dumbfounded.

She was looking at me with eyes wide open.

「Umm Master, what……did you just say?」
「It’ll get lively?」
「Before that….」
「Before that? I said the names Risha, Yuria, and Lilia?」

Mira looked a little down.

Maybe it was because I didn’t bring up her name?

No, she should be able to understand with how the conversation had gone, that it would be her plus the other three.

「Umm, Master?」
「What? I’ll tell you right now that you are a part of it.」
「That’s not it.」

My magic didn’t get charged, she looked at me seriously.

「What about Raisa?」


That’s what it was.
Evening, I was standing on the sandy beach looking at the sea.

As the peaceful waves lapped at the shore, I thought about the matter with Raisa.

Raisa, my tentative fifth slave.

Her matter was a bit difficult.

「Menu Open」

I took out my DORECA opening the menu.

The status said that I had 5 slaves and my magic increased by one every second.

If you think of it normally, Raisa was also a splendid slave of mine.

But there was one thing that I had been trying to not think about.

She was Seiya’s slave…

I hadn’t given her a choker yet, and honestly it felt like I was temporarily caring for her.

I looked at my magic amount.

Eternal Slaves’ children will be Eternal slaves.

Just by promising them I had gotten 4,000,000 magic.

Magic from a smile.

The happier they are the more magic.

Though it may be magic, it was the same as their 「degree of favorable impression」.

Following their Master’s orders to the point of overwork was honorable.

Having their daughters serve the same Master was even more honorable.

That——should be true for Raisa as well.

I remembered what she was like when she was with Seiya.

She could only charge a few hundred at best.

Just like that, he squeezed as much as he could from her, leaving her in tatters, then finally abandoning her.

It angered and disgusted me….it made me so angry.

He disgusted me.

「Mira, Lilia.」

I called out to the two who had appeared at some time during my considerations.

「Yes desuno」

I placed a magic circle.

「Can you go get the materials for a choker?」
「Of course desuno!」
「Do it.」

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—
—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

As I heard them depart, I received a magic charge.


As I gaze at the peaceful waves, I quietly declared that I would take his everything.

「It seems that I’m more fit to be a Master than you.」

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