Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 90

Before I’d realized it I was above the clouds.

Above me clear blue skies and below me unending white clouds.

At first I was surprised, but I soon became used to it.

After all, it was my second time here.

「As I thought, it’s you.」

The one who appeared before me was the Goddess.

The one who summoned me to this world and gave me creation magic —the DORECA—, the ringleader.

「I thought you’d summon me.」
「You expected it?」
「Yeah, it’s about Seiya right?」
「That’s correct.」

The Goddess nodded.

I had thought this would be coming.

After all both me and Seiya were summoned here at the same time. Then, Seiya had been sent on his way………by my hand.

I was wondering if something would happen…

「You really did it.」
「Is that so?」
「Could you not have done anything differently?」
「It’s possible.」

I nodded, as she had said, it was possible that I could have done differently.

But…I didn’t.

「I wanted Raisa, and so Seiya was a hindrance.」
「I see……’ve become strong haven’t you.」
「You have the face of a person with power. One who has become used to wielding power and does not doubt your power.」
「That’s not a compliment is it?」
「No no, I am praising you. If you were not such a person then reviving the world would not be possible.」

Indeed, I had been given that task by this Goddess.

The task to revive this world that had been torn to shreds by an evil god.

That was her command and my goal as well.

That’s why I predicted this too.

I thought that she would not kick up too much of a fuss about retiring Seiya who hadn’t put any effort into restoring the world.

「The look in your eyes. Normally, those with power would become arrogant and selfish.」
「I am selfish. I forcefully made his slave my own.」
「You are not extorting the people, and you are making things not solely for your own enjoyment.」
「Well I haven’t needed to do such things. The DORECA is much more efficient than extortion.」

Also through the process I get to love my slaves and see their smiles.

It was doubly delicious. There wasn’t a need to extort the people with this.

「…….I’m glad I summoned you.」

I don’t really get it, but the goddess was gently laughing.

However, since this is her reaction I don’t need to worry.

「Then…about this.」

I took out the DORECA from my pocket.

It had been Seiya’s and now it was mine, a Normal Card.

I showed it to the Goddess.

「What should I do with this? Give it back to you?」

Honestly I didn’t need it.

I was thinking about giving it to my slaves, but in all honesty their slave cards was enough.

There was no real need to carry a second card.

「Take it with you. One day it will be of use.」
「Is that so? Ok, I’ll take it with.」

I placed the second DORECA in my pocket.

I didn’t have a real reason to take it with me, but I also didn’t really have a reason to refuse doing so.

As long as it will be useful eventually, I’ll take it.

「Is that it for today?」
「You have made a country. The citizens of which have exceeded 10,000.」
「Yeah, that’s right.」

Roughly 10,000.

If you think that 10,000 was good enough for a country, then it was indeed a splendid one.

「Once you reach 100,000 I’ll give you something good.」
「That’s still a secret. I’ll call you once more once you reach 100,000.」
「I guess that’s that then…….」

100,000 people huh?

Even if she says I’ll get something good, it strangely doesn’t fire me up. Anyways, I’ll still continue doing as I have been, and when the time comes, I’ll accept it.


The goddess looked straight at me grasping my hands.

Straight into my eyes she requested.

「I’m depending on you.」

The Goddesses entreaty.
It wasn’t a bad feeling.
Before I realized it I was in my room.

Inside my room in the Royal Capital Ribek.

I got up suddenly, but felt normal.

「That was…….a dream?」

I couldn’t help but think.

However, it seems that wasn’t the case.

I could still feel the sensation on my hands.

The sensation of the Goddess gripping my hands.

「It was really soft……..and she smelled good.」

The remaining sensation convinced me that the visit to the goddess was true.

Actually, it was a bit exciting.

The part where she gripped onto my hands at the end.

It was…a weird feeling——.

There was a knock at my door.

The door opened immediately after. There I saw Risha peeking in through the cracks.

「Ah, Good Morning Master.」
「Good Morning. Come in.」

Receiving my permission, Risha entered.

「Good morning Master.」
「Yeah, morning. What’s up? Is there something going on?」
「Your face says it all.」

Risha touched her face as if trying to feel what kind of face she was making.

「Umm…….rather than something I want to say, there’s something I want Master to see.」
「Something you want me to see? Where?」
「Umm, inside the office.」
「Got it. Help me get ready for the day.」

Risha nodded and grabbed my clothes.

I looked at her hands that were holding out my clothes.

Unintentionally I reached out and took her hand.


I wordlessly grasped her hand.

「Please grab my hand.」

I let go and ordered her.

Risha tilted her head but still obeyed.

She grasped my hand.

「Wh-what is it Master?」

I took back my hand and smelled it.

It was an unknown smell…something that couldn’t be compared to anything else.

But it smelled really good.

「It smells good.」
「Smell of a Slave…」
「That’s……..because I am a slave after all.」

Her face seemed to ask “So what?”

「It’s nothing. Now, let’s get to work.」

Risha nodded with a smile, her choker’s gem seemed to sparkle.

I was convinced.

I like my slaves more than any Goddess.
I arrived at my office and saw Nina waiting there.

Nina saw me and ran over.

「I wanted to see you your Majesty! Look look! This is a new blueprint. This is a blueprint I worked on with your First Slave for your sake!」
「Calm down, calm down…blueprint? First slave…you mean Risha? What is this all about?」
「Something we made for your Majest—puu——-」

As she was speaking her excitement reached the limit and her nose started bleeding.

I had somehow or other…predicted this and dodged a direct hit on my clothes.

「Ok ok calm down. Explain it to me with Risha. You can change in a bit.」

After all she would probably need more than one change.

Risha nodded and began her explanation.

「Umm, you remember when you told us about the battleship before right Master?」
「Hm? Yeah I brought it up, but I only drew it on the ground to show it to you. You copied it down right?」
「Yes. She and I worked together to make it into something possible. The results are on this blueprint.」

Risha said pointing at the paper on my desk.

I peeked at it.

There was a blueprint that was much more detailed than the simple drawing I had done on the ground.

It was so detailed that I couldn’t really make sense of it.

It was only at the point where I could recognize it as a 「ship」.

「Fumu, so this is…?」
「A battleship that runs on land and—puu——」
「It’s fine, just let Risha explain.」

I got my explanation from Risha.

However, from Nina’s single line I could basically get the gist of what was going on.

It was large with many nitoka attached and an improved one as the main battery.

Yep, it was definitely a battleship.

「I see. You did well thinking of this.」
「Master is very strong so you don’t need something like this though.」
「No, very good job. Thank you too Nina.」

Her nose exploded and she collapsed.

She had a face that looked as if she’d ascended.

「Ok then, let’s make it.」

Risha was surprised.

「Why are you surprised?」

Risha fidgeted restlessly and seemed to not want to say.

「Tell me.」
「Ok. Umm, the needed magic to construct it……..would be around 10,000,000.」

10 million? That was quite a number indeed.

「And of course, Master is strong so you don’t need something like——」

Surprised, she straightened her spine.

「I’m giving you the responsibility of building this. You may use the magic.」

She hesitated for a moment, but as my loyal girl…Risha did not refuse and accepted the responsibility.

A battleship huh? I can’t wait.

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